Monday, October 01, 2012

Hello October :) and photoshoot advice

October is one of my favourite months of the year in Johannesburg because the city clothes herself with a beautiful purple cloak.
Yes, the jacarandas.
While I'm on the topic of jacarandas, I want to ask you something.
We've had two photoshoots at this time of year and both times I've had them here at my absolutely stunning work property with the beautiful purple jacarandas as background.
One with Jeanette and one with a photographer that shall not be mentioned on the internet (I don't want to be attacked) but her customer service sucks big-time! Suffice to say I am still waiting for some pics that were supposed to be sent to me in colour (she randomly put some in black and white and those were the ones I wanted in colour) nearly a year ago. I've technically "let it go".
Nevertheless, I have a third one this year with a lady who i don't know well because I bought a groupon.
(I hang my head in shame because I know this is not the ideal way to "buy memories" but anyway).
We're still debating where to have it - she suggested my house, I said no because I don't have time to paint and such (!) and then I suggested work and she suggested Zoo Lake.
So on the one hand, I love new venues but on the other hand, it is a tradition for us to have some pics with the jacarandas :) Unless Cat, you want to trek out one Sat and we'll run around and take pics of our kids??? :)
In my heart of hearts I would love something grungy again (maybe train tracks and some nice textures).
Joburgers, what do you think? Do you know of a cool venue that suits my style? (I use the word style very loosely, trust me)

Onto the goals...
Big goals
To not freak out about all the little things that are undone in my life.
Stay well (last year this time I was about to have my gall bladder out)
Other than that...

  1. Bible
  2. Worship music in car
  3. Pray for big and small things, and opportunities to minister

  1. Vitality assessment
  2. Gynae appointment
  3. Continue with 2L water and a veg during the day at work
  4. Work out 10 times (there are actually 13 opportunities this month but I'm allowing for
  5. "life" stuff)
  6. Dentist appointment
  1. Take kids to dentist
  2. Take kids to Gillooly's for a picnic 
  3. Blog 10 times on C & K blog
  4. Two dates with D - watch Spanglish?
  5. Book the holiday

  1. Blog every day for 31 days
  2. Finish new book - content - and brief a designer to make a cover
  3. Edit 10 articles and get T to submit online

  1. Supper with R
  2. Lunch with L
  3. Lunch here - A & T
  4. Brunch with L and S
  5. Coffee with K

  1. Fix crooked photo frames
  2. Speak to paint guy about coffee table (I finally selected a gorgeous colour and after two coats, it's a horrible LIGHT shade)
  3. Declutter another shelf of bookcase
  4. Take the box of books to a 2nd hand bookshop
  5. Get V to fetch baby clothes & deliver girl stuff to church

Personal/ create
  1. Send out 5 cards
  2. Writing and reading blogs - max 2 hours a day
  3. Get handwriting made into a font
  4. Read a Michael Connolly novel plus 4 others (nf for this month Organized Simplicity and one of my physical books from the bookshelf)
  5. Make another craft with cards
  6. Make a canvas craft 
  7. Buy a Seinfeld DVD
 34 goals in total again, same as last month. Last month I scored 88% - 30 done.

What are the top 3 things on your list this month?

PS Lesley, I do read Marian Keyes (I think I've read all but 1) and that book is on my wishlist :) I generally wait a bit til they go off the new books list to save a few $. Let's be friends on Goodreads :)


  1. I would love to take pics for you with the Jacarandas but my October is hectic. The next 3 weekends are done for,it. Not sure until when they are around?

    Our Groupon last year really worked out well, so,who knows?

  2. Hope your shoot works out... but Zoo Lake? I dunno about that. There's just trees and grass and the lake and it's jam packed on weekends.
    Make her go to Delta Park rather... there's forest areas, veld, grassy slopes and also graffiti walls... and there's a play area for the kids as a treat at the end. There aren't jacarandas there though.
    Or, what about Wits? It's not grungy, but there's lots of texture
    Or maybe Melville... it's quite run down but has interesting buildings... and then you can go to Melville Koppies too for the view of the city? (it's quite a walk for the kids though)

  3. My October Goals will go up in a few hours ...

    I would go with a spot that you love and that makes you smile. If you want to make a tradition with the trees - go for it. Do they grow anywhere else? We did a park one year - I did like them, except for two things, first, we were overdressed for a park, and second, it was hot, so we look sweaty and droopy by halfway through the pics.

  4. You should get to take the photos where you want. I wouldn't go to Zoo lake for that either. Looks like October is going to be a crazy month for you when i look at the amount of goals you've set!

  5. What about the botanical gardens. The waterfall would make for a good backdrop and there are some rustic looking things there. Plus you can have a family picnic afterwards. Just a thought. But it's your pictures and you have a vision of how you want it to look. Your photographer should be able to make it happen.

    And if you want new jacaranda views a tour of pretoria might be good loads and loads of them and you can also stop by the union buildings, beautiful gardens with a lovely view of pretoria :)

  6. Lesley Simpson7:08 pm

    Your lists always inspire me. Top things this month for me are -
    finishing a needlepoint picture i started LONG time ago,
    finish book for book club,
    walk most days. I will be happy to do them.
    I joined Goodreads : )

  7. I hope you find some inspiration of where to go soon...because I want to see the finished pics;-)


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