Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I have 5 minutes!

I was exhausted last night, so much so I couldn't even string a thought together but Deanna inspired me with her 5-minute post so I thought, "okay, I have a quick 5 minutes before I have to leave" and so here we are.

I had the most wonderful weekend of connecting. 3 socials and 15 hours, to be exact! Friday night with a dear friend and then two sets of 3 am friends on Sat and Sun. It's not my preference to be so busy but we see the one set only once a year (unless we get down to Cape Town) so it's a gift!

When I asked the ladies at work how their weekends were, it seems everybody had a very social weekend. I'm sure it's the weather :)

Speaking of weather, today it's rainy and even though the weather app says it's still 27, it feels cooler. A lovely respite from the heat, nevertheless.

All the socialising does mean that my Sunday night ritual didn't happen - no extra cooking, no menu plan, no photos, no blogging for the week for the one blog.

A lot of that happened last night.

Hmmm, so what do I need to catch you up on?

1. I'm doing another 3 Santa Shoeboxes on Mandy's behalf. Paypal is a wonderful thing :) because now we get to impact some more kids. I was raving about this development at work and someone else caved and said, "fine already, I'll also do 3" YESSSS, one step closer to world domination :)

2. I decided to have the photo shoot at my work. Who knows how much longer I'll be there because I'm trusting God to start a new position anywhere in the new year?! So yesterday after a meeting, I took my little iphone and walked around a bit taking pics of areas we don't have pics in. There are TONS of nooks and crannies, and TEXTURE!!!!

3. My first choice pre-school has two spots for next year. I haven't seen it - this is all from the website and someone whose kid goes there. It's Christian and quite a bit more expensive so I don't think we'll do it... but I feel like I owe it to us to at least go have a look. So that's what I'm doing this morning on my way to work. Of course, as these things go, because I have low expectations, I'll probably love it and we'll have a little challenge on our hands.

4. I've logged 1000 books on Goodreads! It's not accurate because many of the books I've read (at least about 5 every year for the first couple of years) don't even appear on GR. But 1000 books is still a milestone. And do you want to know what number 1000 was? From Here to Maternity - Sinead Moriarty. Cat told me she's reading Me and my sisters. I loved that one :)

5. I haven't been commenting on some of your blogs. It's that darn blue screen on the work computer. So all the tabs are open to comment and the thing shuts down and then when I reboot, everything is gone and it doesn't give me that "do you want to restore your previous session?" message. Grrrr. Basically, I only remember to go to one or two afterwards.

And now I really must go! It's been 20 minutes :)

Are you enjoying the weather? What's one thing on your list for today?
PS I loveeeeee the pic in this post - the colours are gorgeous and so is the blur.....
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  1. Oh I love that picture too! And me and my sisters had me reading till 11 last night. I have registered for one 8 year old girl for a similar to the Princess. Our church also does a shoebox project for the inner city PEN mission and one in Nelmapius so I will do one each for small boys there.

  2. 5 minutes (ha ha ha ha). I had a good laugh. That would be one or no picture and like 5 lines!!!!

    I like that picture, how do you get the blur?

    Today, register for one more shoebox which I have done already YAY. A girl this time and it looks like the magic number is 3 as that would be my 3rd

    I love the cooler weather. Don't like summer because of the heat, feels like I'm being roasted in the oven :)

  3. I am LOVING this rain - wow it really made my day to wake up to a storm this morning! And a quick squiz at the weather app I have tells me the whole week will be looking this way. I am considering picking up some take out tonight and going for a nice long walk in the rain with Nicola instead of cooking. That sounds like so much fun, I actually feel giddy. If there's no thunder we'll do it - I don't do thunder with umbrellas and she doesn't have a rain coat yet.

  4. LOVING our weather! Chilly and overcast this morning.

    Glad I could be inspiring today! : )

    Interested to hear what you think of the school....

  5. I am a Santa Shoebox volunteer so will be donating and helping out on the collection days. I just dont have time for my annual Christmas Party but need to do something :)

    When you actually go to the school you will know - so go and see it!!!

    Our weekend was exhausting!

    I am loving the heat :) Summer wardrobes and open windows!! Loving it!

  6. It's been FREEZING in CT. Like icy cold. Still deciding on Santa's box. I'll see.

  7. It's crisp and gray, beautiful weather! Of course DH has been bemoaning how cold it is and how I "should really turn the heat on, for the girls." HA! Such a wimp about the weather!

    And now that I've been reminded, I'm heading to paypal!

  8. Got half way through and wondered if it really took 5 min ;)
    I feel guilty about it, but really don't have time for the shoeboxes. I barely have energy to keep my house running

  9. Gorgeous picture, for sure!

    The weather here is wonderful!!! I'm sure it would be cold for you -- the high is about 60 -- but it's the most amazing warm sun and blue skies. The perfect early fall day in my book!

    I already got the girls' closet cleaned out today...took the summer things out that I know they won't be able to wear next year. I made so much room! And I added quite a bit to my consignment sale pile.

    This evening I need to catch up on a few emails, work some more on my photo book, and I HOPE to bring out my fall decorations.

    I'm glad you found 5 (or 20!) minutes to blog...I was a bit worried about you yesterday! ;)

  10. BTW, our girls' school will be doing shoe boxes...made me think of you! ;)

  11. love the 5 minute post. i'm going to start to try it to get back into the habit. i can do it, i can do it.

    i love the picture. you have such an eye. and i love that you always have a picture in your posts :)

  12. Why aren't the IT department sorting out that Blue Screen for you? That is a Windows error.
    1000 books? Goodness! That's a lot.
    New adventures in the new year - now that's exciting.


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