Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Is taking pics of random strangers weird?

Announcement - this Saturday is our photo challenge link-up. The theme is RED. And only 5 pics please. I found that the limit on the pics really forced me to choose my favourites for one or other reason, and I loved working within the boundaries :)

I'll make a quick badge and share later this week.


I'm going to set the timer and get this one out in 15 mins, okay? :)

Right, so I've had many more in-person comments and emails aside from the comments on this blog post so it's time to talk about it.
I think that I'm good at seeing beauty in things but also in people. I think this is one of my strengths actually.

And the bottom line is that this is why I take pics of random strangers who technically mean nothing to me except for the fact that I see something in them, or I liked the tilt of their head, the way they smiled, how they put together their outfit, etc.

And that is the real reason some of the comments bothered is because I don't think it weird of me at all. Most of the time I don't even take pics of the people's faces.

I certainly never get right up in their faces unless I know them (!) and then I definitely delete everything unsuitable. I actually also have high photo standards these days so tons get deleted.

I do realise that a lot of people don't like their pics plastered over the internet - I get that. I also don't like non-flattering pics of me plastered everywhere so I'm sensitive to those issues. I would never put a non-flattering pic of you on my blog.

If the person is not a blogger who posts pictures, I first check if they mind me putting a pic on here. Otherwise I generally don't. If I'm not sure, I always ask the person first.

Now on another note, one week on Superhero Photo we had to take some pics of other people. As in go up to them and ask them if we could take a photo. Actually I'm not sure if that's what was meant but the type of pictures would have meant a stretch.

I found it uncomfortable too but it's still a lot easier saying, "I'm doing a photo course. Can I please take a picture of you for one of my assignments?" rather than "can I please take a pic of you because you have a beautiful smile?"
And now, of course, I can't leave you without some random pics of strangers :)

Enjoy seeing the world through my eyes!

streets of Charlotte
our tour guide
my favourite pic on the tour!
Bryant Park
top of the rock
streets of China Town
Did you like any of these? Which was your favourite?
PS I told Mrs FF she's 10 times worse than I am. No shame :) At least I try and hide my picture-taking.
PPS I'm about to tackle the rest of the July photos - the holiday is sorted, blogged and printed. As for the rest...
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  1. LOVE the China Town pic. Someone took a pic of me a few years ago. I was smoking. At Kirstenbosch Gardens. Under a no-smoking sign. The person thought it was hilarious. She asked if she could take my pic. I asked her where it would be going because I would NOT like my parents to see a pic like that pop of me in some media. She assured me that it wouldn't be published anywhere, that she was a photographer and that it was for her own collection. So I said yes. I LOVED that she asked. I should have taken her details and had her mail it to me. I was so nice and thin back then. I get that you see beauty in things and I think that yes, it's probably safer to do it in such a way that they don't know.

  2. It's called street photography btw, and you should really get permission, especially in the US and UK, but if you're not showing faces it should be fine. Privacy laws are very strict overseas.
    If you're keen on street photography and you're on G+ then check out

  3. Love the picture of the woman's hands!

    You know, I've always said that there's the same amount of God in everyone. Some people, I think, are more tuned in to seeing God in people. The things you find beautiful in people, I'd like to think that it's you seeing God in them. I think it's lovely that you sit back and find "beautiful" in people, Marcia.

  4. YaY, looking forward to a Red saturday :)

    I like them all, each with a different story and of people just going about their daily lives. Maybe because I could have taken them too, but really I'm not worse than you (wink, wink). Randomness adds spice to life ;) ;)

    Is it weird? My take: it's seeing the beauty in normal everyday things, that others wouldn't notice :)

    Ps: I like the new profile picture.

  5. Did you succeed in getting the post out in 15 mins? More realistic than 5 mins :)

  6. We were told ont he course I was a while ago that you should ALWAYS ask if you can take a picture and then also if you want to post it somewhere on the internet. I find that very very difficult to do.But I do think hands and feet and so on should be fine as well as people in a general street scape.

    After having saiod last time that I do not do it, on going through my pictures I have to admit that I do sometimes. Notintentional though

  7. I don't know what the big deal is, I take pictures of people ALL the time. They don't see it though, since my phone's on silent and I might not use the flash. Well, actually I take more photos of people's cars than of them - but as far as I'm concerned if you have a funny numberplate that says "look at me!" then don't be surprised when somebody does. On the slutwalk I went round asking people if they mind having their photo taken and no one did...same reason I'm guessing. Outfit says "look at me!".

  8. I saw Jeanette did give it a name - I thought there was a name for it. I this there is great beauty in capturing normal every day moments - I love people watching and in turn looking at random pics of people :)

    BUT I am hesitant to do it because people get a bit touchy about it and not everyone wants themselves on the net or even in some random persons photo folder and there are so many laws and rules about it.

  9. I too like the one of the old lady's hands. Tells years and years of stories.

  10. P.S - My post for Monday, will be photos which I share from my lens too :)


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