Monday, October 15, 2012

Just another Manic Monday

I know it's blurry but I love the one eye in focus (blue Jonathan Adler bag hanging on door from Barnes and Noble in NYC)

this is what I get when I want photos and she's not in the mood

this one is just so cute!

funny face

and crazy smile

I don't know what happened under her eye but it adds a touch of interest, right? These two are wild kids :)

My kids love "Manic Monday". I got the video for them on YouTube and they were hooked. On Sunday I played Walk like an Egyptian (complete with the hand motions) and Connor laughed like crazy at D and me.

Nevertheless, GOOD NEWS!

1. Since Thursday the kids have gone to sleep between 8:30 and 8:45, last night they had a record of 8:10 and tonight they went to sleep at 8:00 (and stayed there).

So my friend Caren asked me for my tips since she's also battling with her two. I will say it's simple... but difficult.

D and I agreed our non-negotiables, and we're being consistent.

We allow one "infraction" and first bears are confiscated, and then pillows. Tonight Connor WAILED when we took Friday but I distracted him with "Aunty Angie bear" (a lovely white bear my friend Angie gave them for Christmas - yes, they really call them Aunty Angie bear) and he went back to bed.

I think they get that we mean business because we're presenting a united front.


I'm realising that you can't let these kids get even a hint of relaxing the boundaries.

2. The second bit of good news is that I got a salary increase. I don't quite feel over the moon (why? I don't know because it is fairly substantial) but maybe it's because I'm so crazy busy I can't even stop to really think and appreciate it. I haven't been banging on and on about work because even I'm bored with the same refrain but really, the busy hasn't let up this whole year and I feel permanently behind with my work. I'm even getting used to missing deadlines. What on earth, right?!

Hopefully they'll get the increase into Payroll in time for Friday (pay day) otherwise they will backdate if they only manage to pay me next month.

Yayyy! I almost feel like booking a little trip to CT to celebrate. And then I remember a quick little trip to CT these days costs us about R10 000. Sigh.

3. There's movement on the job front. I had a call this afternoon from a potential company discussing OPTIONS they have for me. I love the sound of options.

Both are within my key skill set so it's much of a muchness.

D says I'm way too blessed in this area - increase and potential job. Yip, God's got His eye on me :)

How was your Monday?
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  1. Love the angle of that crazy smile picture! (And of course I love the subject!) :)

    So, so glad to hear things are settling down on the bedtime front. I KNOW how tough that can be. :/

    Congrats on the raise!!! And I am very glad to hear you're exploring some options on the job front. As I continue to say, you're so talented, and you deserve to be happy. :) :)

  2. Wow...between the weekend post and this one, you are having a GREAT start to the week! Congrats on the job stuff; it sounds excellent on all fronts. : )

    We had a crazy busy weekend--every one in October is--and a few bedtime issues of our own on this Monday night...but overall, not too bad!

  3. LOve that from the top down picture! A united front is most important - non negotionable.

    And yeah on the job stuff - I am also very crazy busy this year. Always behind - I find it totally messing with my stress levels if I do not feel in control

  4. Lesley10:08 am

    Well done on the sleep problem - united and consistent parenting - fantastic! Congratulations on the salary increase and other 'Options'. Good news all round! x

  5. Whoop! Congrats on the sleep thing, the increase, and the potential job offer. Secret place is also looking for some clever trevors if you're interested? If you send me your CV I'll make sure it gets to the right hands. ;-)

  6. Oh I get you with regards to a trip to CT. Is so darn expensive :(
    Congrats on the pay increase. That's wonderful news. Hope you get to being excited about it soon.
    Love the pictures of your daughter. They are all so cute.

  7. LOL, I often catch my grandchildren hiding behind their hands when I bring out the camera.

    Congratulations on all the good news.

  8. She's so cute and beautiful, lovely pictures all of them even the ones with her hiding and doing the funny faces. Actually those are my best ;) even the bruise under her eye just adds to the beauty.

    Congrats on all the good news work wise. And better sleeping babies.

  9. Congrats on the increase! Truly blessed to work in such a beautiful place and get regular increases!
    Thanks for the mention and tips. I am going to try them for sure.


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