Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October is kicking my butt


October goals
I've just had a look at my October goals list and friends, it's not looking good. So far I'm only on 60% of goals achieved with a week to go........

Best I really focus my time over the next week and get moving :)

Still ANYTHING is better than last year October with the emergency op, rest, etc. On the other hand, I was about 5 kg thinner then..... do you think my weight is due to my non-existent gall bladder? No? Worth a try!

See the photo above?

We went on a teambuild today - an Indian cooking class - and it was fabulous. I LOVED IT! And in a surprising turn of events, I didn't get lost going or coming back home!!!

We were only six so we were three teams of two people each. And because of that, we were flat out busy. Actually rather like work because we're under-resourced there too :) I only thought about it tonight but we all worked together really well - no fighting and we started pitching in with one another's dishes (stirring, etc.) if that team was busy. Just like at work.

Each team had 3 dishes to prepare. We did onion bhajias (please forgive all the spelling), a chicken masala and something else I can't remember the name of but basically a potato and cheese fritter with a creamy tomato sauce.

EVERYTHING was delicious.

Cooking class social

So here's the thing - are any of you Jhb girls keen to do something like this? The place does all sorts of cooking and there's a special at the moment. I asked her and if we pay this month, we can do the actual thing early next year.

Otherwise, I'm going to book D and me on a date night there. We work really well together in that kind of situation. I think my one 3 am friend and her hubby will be keen too.

Work stuff

In other news, the company who phoned me last week with the work options emailed me today to ask if they could do credit checks... which means things are hotting up :)

I'm so Zen about this it's frightening. I'm 100% convinced God's got it all taken care of.

And lastly, APOLOGIES! I didn't mean to freak you all out about Christmas. I was really just thinking aloud.

So I always have stuff around here I hide from the kids because I don't want them to feel entitled to STUFF all the time... we'll give them some of that and then D wants to get them tricycles. That's it.

I want a lens for Christmas (haven't decided which one yet) and possibly a camera remote too. I need nothing else (besides a house at the beach :))although I'm always partial to a cute handbag. I actually (seriously!) think I have a problem.

I've already told the kids we're going to start making a few Christmas cards this weekend. Since there won't be many, we should get through it all fairly quickly (a few weekends) and then when the lady tells me my photo disc is ready, I can just print the best one (if there's one... otherwise it's that one Cat took of us at Bambanani in April) and slip into the envelope. Sorted... at least in my head.

Over to you!

How's October going so far? Are you sending out Christmas cards? How many do you usually send? 

PS my computer is still not displaying pics when I blog in my old usual manner so these days I click on a pic, click Create in Blogger (or something like that) and it opens up a window to type. Here I can see the pics properly :)
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  1. Oh I would have loved to do a cooking class with you but sadly, driving to Joburg at night is not a great idea.

    I am so excited about the work stuff!

    And I think we will do cards, but I do need to get a photo soon!

  2. I agree with Cat. Driving to JHB at night is not such a good idea.
    I'm still considering sending out Christmas cards. I'm thinking of keeping a low number. 10 people.

  3. A cooking class....that sounds SO fun!!! J and I did a quick one (about 2 hours) in New Orleans a few years ago. It was a blast!

    I don't even want to think about October goals. I haven't even touched my September pics in over a week. It makes my tummy hurt to think about it! :/

  4. So exciting about the work stuff! A cooking class is a fantastic idea for a date night. My October is going OK. Except for some mundane stuff but yes, I'm going to send out cards. I don't know how many. Maybe 10 or so? I'll have to make a list.

  5. The cooking class sounds like fun! But is it only Indian food (not a big fan of Indian spices). And you know I don't find Jhb far seeing that I'm there at least 5 times a week ;)

    I can't believe October is almost over ! Exercise wise I've done we'll , did my shoeboxes but behind in my reading.

    I'll be sending out a few Christmas cards need to get my a into g though

  6. I never do Christmas cards (except the ones that are attached to my family's presents)...but because I know you have a thing for them I'll do one for you. ;-)


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