Saturday, October 13, 2012

October photo challenge - RED!

Confession - I really have missed taking pictures with a purpose since the September photo challenge ended. I know only two people said they would definitely be keen but I"m hoping more of you will post some pics. Otherwise it's like Twitter/ Instagram for me where it seems I'm talking to myself :) So here goes - red pics. Just to show you how many I had to choose from... and I only looked at the US trip.

And here are my 5 pics, all from NYC

fire station

This is a place called Meatball Obsession!
Lady in red... in Bryant Park

yip, totally and unashamedly obsessed with them. In Ireland my obsession was doors, in Scotland, windows. Here fire hydrants!

This is Cartier on 5th Avenue

Which is your favourite?

Link up your 5 red pictures and let's have some fun!


  1. That fire station is pretty incredible, Marcia! You captured it beautifully!

  2. My favourites the fire station (looks to posh to be a fire station) and lady in red. Reminds me of the song by the same title ( I think I just gave my age away)
    ;) :)

    I had close to 20 pics to choose from but I stuck to the rules and posted just 5! That was the biggest challenge to choose 5 out of the lot :)

  3. Lesley8:57 pm

    LOVED the fire station! Very beautiful.

  4. Lovely pictures and love the fire station most of all. I do believe it is called a hydrant, not a sprinkler, which is the little head thing inside a ceiling. Unless in the US it's different from here.

    And a confession - I forgot, totally. But my week has been pure hell. Sorry my friend

  5. It's NYC....I love it all! I love the lady in the red dress, and I love the flag atop Cartier. Yummy!!!

  6. ^Ditto. It's a hydrant.

    Love the pictures. I think I love the vibrance of red, no matter what it always stands out.

  7. Fire station plus lady in red are my faves. Am finally sitting down - have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and I can finally breathe because winter is sooooo out of my house. Next weekend = project paint-the-lounge-yellow.

  8. wow. those pics all together are so nice. and striking!! :) love them.

    and now i want a meatball!!!

  9. Love the fire hydrant. All of them around here are yellow. LOL

  10. WOW, especially the fire station! You really have a good eye Marcia.

  11. Oooo, I like pictures with the color red in them. They come forth as so strong.

  12. A lovely selection as always Marcia!


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