Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our photoshoot and some conversations with Kendra

So we had our photoshoot today.

I tried to do the gray/ black/ purple thing but it was just too much schlep so we went purple. As a result I have a lot of clothes to take back because I just couldn't remember what K and C had in their wardrobes that was still unworn.

Of course I'm also 3.something kgs heavier than I've ever been. Shall I shock you? I'm only 3 kgs away from my "just before the babies were born" 32 weeks pregnant weight. Yes. I need to do something drastic.

I was all ready with my purple umbrella but alas, no rain. Although plenty of gorgeous grey skies so the most beautiful light.

I just had a look at the 302 pics I took (!) and even if we get nothing else that's good, I am SOOO happy with some of mine :)

The photographer was just lovely - she listened well (unlike the last Groupon lady) and very patient with my kids. She came prepared by printing out my Pinterest photoshoot inspiration board so we got some of those cute poses too :)

Here are some pics from my camera.

after chasing a peacock, D said something and they ran away. And yes, some people were working on a lovely Sat morning.
are you tired of these yet?


the photographer showing my kids the pics she'd just taken

I just love taking pics of other people taking pics

I bribed them with lollies...

but they were only allowed to have them for about 5 minutes
MandyE, I had to get a pic or two in these chairs
D - he's smiling while watching the photographer take pics of the kids

So that was a million times better than the last one!


(all these converstions happened in the space of about 1.5 hours today)

Me: Kendra, you must stop picking up things in shops and on the ground

Kendra: You do know I love those things?

Me: Kendra, what should I make for supper tonight?

Kendra: Spaghetti

Me: Oh, PASTA?

Kendra: No, spaghetti!

Me: Okay baby, but spaghetti IS pasta. In any event, I don't think we have
any spaghetti.

Kendra: In that case, I'll have peas!

Kendra finished her food but said she's too full for her veggies. Connor finished his food, veggies and so he got a mini chelsea bun.

I hear them talking.

K: Connor, please can I have a bite?

C: Go ask Mummy for your own one.

K comes into the kitchen.

K: Mummy, please can I have a chelsea bun.

Me: Kendra, you said you're too full for your veggies so there's obviously no more space for a chelsea bun.

K: There is.

Me: There is what?

K: There is space for a Chelsea bun.

OH man! Adorable.

But... still no Chelsea bun. I am not swayed by cuteness.

So how was your Saturday? Are you swayed by your kids when they're being cute?

PS I need to tell you a tiny bit about the parenting course D and I are on.


  1. These pics are lovely. Gosh, I remember how that photoshoot rattled you last year. So glad that the 2012 edition was way better.
    I AM swayed by cuteness - in fact, I am swayed by ANY kind of talking seeing that we had to wait so long for it.
    My Saturday was busy and I am exhausted and too tired to blog. Am off to bed in a bit - both Joel and I are under the weather so tomorrow it's going to have to be a day of medicating and resting.

  2. If the pictures you got are anything to go by, I can't wait to see the real deal. That picture of D is lovely. And I love the shoe picture (especially the kiddie ones, so adorable).

    Saturday 5km walk at Sunset through beautiful PTA (got lots of pictures), mid day nap and finally backed up my 2 years worth of pictures (thx to your organising blogpost).

    Marcia, your kids are just too smart. I would have been swayed a little by Kendra's cuteness (truthfully, I'll probably have given in), because sometimes I refuse to eat the "good part" of my meal just so I can have dessert :)

    Best I knock off now doing 8km walk tomorrow morning

  3. Lesley12:51 am

    The photos are lovely and the conversations were very articulate AND cute - but no I wouldn't have given in to the cuteness either :) Have to finish dinner to get dessert in this house :(
    Had a lovely time with kids all being very 'arty' this afternoon.
    Then went to our monthly church youth club - involves cooking, games and a bible 'thought'. I was doing the cooking tonight and in the middle of the demo i broke a glass bowl! The Shame!

  4. Oh I love the pictures - I am sure these will be great.

    Kendra certainly is just the cutest. I have to tell you a little family anecdote about H's brother W who told his mom he can not eat his peas as he would then have no space for desert. How's that for cuteness. But still, it did not work too.

  5. Glad you had a good shoot :)

  6. Im glad you went with the jacarandas and beautiful Hollard building! Happy that the shoot went well too.
    And no, I am not tired of the group shoe pics. I especailly love the little shoes, very cute! Where did you get C & K's tackies?
    Yay for the lollipops, but shame on you for not letting them finish them. I love Kendra's cuteness. Yes, I give in to my kids often! What can I say, I am a push-over!

  7. I never had a chance to photograph another photographer doing his/her work. Would do that if I get the chance. I love it though to see other do it. So interesting to see a photographer at work.
    I love how your whole family wear the same shoes. So cool :)

  8. These photos look great - can't wait to see the official ones. I'm glad you found a photographer that you liked this time around after last year's fiasco. Kendra is very cute, mwahaha @ You do know I love those things? (sounds very grown up). Good for you on standing your ground with the chelsea bun. ;-)

  9. I love the pictures of your tennis shoes...keep them coming!

    And thanks for the picture of the chairs. :)

    My favorite is the one of D...such an awesome emotion to have captured. (And I hope you don't mind me saying, he's a handsome fellow!)

    I REALLY try not to be swayed when my girls are being super cute. It's hard, but I'm all about precedent, ya know? ;)

  10. Oh goodness me that is too cute!!!! Jack is also uber cute right but also I am not buying it. He will do something naughty - I reprimand him and then he tries something cute to distract me.

    My saturday was indulgent - I DID NOTHING!!! It was glorious!!! I was supposed to go on an icing course but it was postponed so we had no plans - I was in bed until 11h00, popped into PnP on my own then we watched DVDs!

  11. Oh I love that you went with purple- and I am happy to hear that the photographer was good this time!


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