Sunday, October 07, 2012

Photo organising craziness

So this is the type of thing I want to do with some of my NYC pics. These are all pics taken by me (if landscape/ detail pics and by D if city shots :)) It looks gorgeous in a full-screen format and I've actually now got a black and white photocopy above my desk.

What do you think?

I bravely put on my list this weekend "finish posting August pics to C & K blog".

When I went into blogger to see what I'd done there were posts from July and August.

I had a "funny feeling" so I checked June properly. I knew I'd done May thoroughly because I'd printed pics up to end of May.

Well, my drafts were a mess so I posted everything already in drafts (10) and then sorted June properly. Another 7 posts to go. Posted.

So it was about an hour and a half of photo organising which I'm very happy with BUT I now have 3 months to sort for the kids' blog.


I find it a bit more difficult to keep up with the photos these days but 100 times more satisfying because I'm not deleting everything like I used to.

My current system - 
  1. Delete duds on the camera when I see they don't look good.
  2. Download weekly.
  3. Make folders and pull photos in (this feels strangely satisfying)
  4. Try to be ruthless and delete some more.
  5. Post to C&K blog drafts
  6. Post to organising blog (in drafts)
  7. Post projects created to this blog (in drafts)
  8. Copy pics to my year in review, best of K, best of C, M & the kids and favourites (could be any arbitrary pics but these are the ones that always make me smile BIG - like that one pic of Melville I've overused on this blog :)) folders

Am I mad to go into this level of detail???

Look -  I have 900 pics to sort just for September - and that was after a lot of deleting the duds already.
How often do you download pics? Tell me about your system.

PS I must say the one saving grace is Picasa (free from Google). I love it with somewhat of a passion. I can do very small edits quickly and easily, and it's not overwhelming in the least.


  1. oh man. i get palpitations looking at this. first, great pics....but i can't remember the last time i downloaded. i know that b has recently, so they are on the external dard drive, but i'm sure we have a TON of stuff to sort through. i need to be better. weekly seems like it should be reasonable, right?? :) i'll wait to see how you handle it!!

  2. I am all over Picasa! LURVE IT! In fact, it's all I use anymore. I just leave them as Picasa organizes them, by date, but I'm pretty good at remembering when things happened so it's always been easy for me to find things.

    As for downloading, I always download after I shoot. So it's every day or other day.

  3. Oh gosh, it is one thing I keep yup with regardless. I download at least once a week, often more regularly. Then I have year folders and then by date week folders using the Sunday as the date. Under that I may have categories like birthday party etc. I have used it for years and it works well hand in hand with my photobook system.

  4. Oh gosh that made me tired - my photos are mess - up until Jan they are simply in folders with the date I downloaded them. I am now saving them with the event that happened like "bird park" or "first triathalon" - I delete duds as soon as I download.

    I also have picasso but havent played with it properly too much!

  5. I love love love this picture collage so much and I have concluded b&w does look good. Very very nice pictures.

    On my system, I try to download my pictures at least once a week (just because I take too many pictures) and previously I had a small memory card (by my standards). Now that I got a much bigger card, I really don't have to download as often but I still try to do it at least once every 2 weeks. For October I already have over 200 pictures between my phone and my camera :)

    My new system is to download all pictures taken in a month into a folder called (you can guess) the name of the month and the year. Before I used to download based on events but now that doesn't work since I take just too many pictures to remember each and every occasion. If i have pictures from a special occasion then a folder for that event (eg dad's birthday 2012). I sometimes delete a few pictures before I download but most time I don't, just because every now and then things look bad on my small phone screen but when I download I like the way it looks.

    I recently downloaded picasa and I'm loving it, plus it's easy to use (I've used most of the effects on it just for fun to see how it works) and added bonus it only cost me the data I used to download it and the space on my computer :). Need to learn how to retouch pictures though.

    Thanks for making me feel better I had close to 700 pictures from Sept and I was wondering if that was normal ;) :)

  6. Wow, and I thought I took a lot! I do between 150 and 300 a month, depending on what kind of month it was. I have noticed when I'm not feeling chipper I take far less.

    I used to download once a week, now I do it once every two weeks or so. I delete duds off the camera/phone every night before I go to bed, so none of that. I load some to fb and back up all to picasa...or now called google+ web albums. I back up again to my external harddrive.

  7. Since my iphone last year, I find that I only take pictures with that :( . I do have a series of folders by year and month - but that's it. I wish I was better about taking more pictures (like at birthday parties) but...I just don't. Boo.

    P.S. Love the black and white collage! Have you seen where people get those printed as "architect/blueprint" copies (5x7 feet) for super cheap?

  8. I LOVE that picture collage. LOVE it.
    I download once a month - maybe even every six weeks. I put it into monthly folders. For now that's working for me - I can't add yet ANOTHER system to my life. Sjoe!

  9. I love super easy to make collages and stuff :)


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