Thursday, October 18, 2012

So what's going on - photoshoots and such

So remember the photoshoot?

I think some of you misunderstood me/ I didn't communicate clearly but I'm not hell-bent on having the jacarandas. I was just thinking that we've had two years of jacarandas; should we make it a tradition?

Anyway, I took a walk around the grounds the other day after a meeting and went to see the parts that we still have not had photos taken in/ at.

And there are plenty.


I work in a beautiful, beautiful building - steeped with character and also beautiful surrounds.

I say that completely unbiased, of course :)

So I emailed the photographer and this is where we're doing it on Sat. I've also booked the nanny  to come help herd the kids.

On an aside... A blog friend (J, not sure if you'll mind if I link to you?) wrote a post once about someone with twins who didn't leave the house without someone with her. The people commenting got quite heated about it and I was the lone commenter who said "I completely get that woman because I was/ am like that". LOL

I know there are a lot of you very accomplished twin mothers but that's not me. I'm not my best chasing after two babies AND trying to carry on conversations or, in this case, look cute for the camera :)

Maybe it's part a South African thing but I honestly feel like I have access to the help; why the heck not?!

I even strongly debated about taking our nanny to a weekday party and then decided "yes! she's being paid anyway and I will enjoy myself more and be able to take decent pics".
I do think it's over the top to take a nanny on holiday with you... but that's me. I love our family dynamic. But I think it makes complete sense to at least even the child: parent ratio :)

Do you think it's over the top at this age? Be honest!

Back to the photoshoot.

So I've decided to wear boring black as I could use the slimming help. But basically our "colours" will be black, grey and dark purple.

I've been sticking to my no blogging/ reading blogs for more than 2 hours a day and... I'm getting lots of other stuff done like tidying my house!

How long do you blog/ read blogs every day? is it working for you?


  1. Marcia, I don't have twins (as you know) but even I understand why you don't want to go out alone with your twins. Running around after them, there's just no way I can see anyone doing that and interacting with other adults at the same time. I get you and this lady J you're talking about.
    I think what you're planning to wear will be good. It will be good in the photos as well. These days I limit my blog reading to 3 hours max. Can see how I'm getting behind on blog reading - I read the most important ones first.

  2. I do understand the twins vs adults ratio thing but for year I just had to juggle it, and so did H. We just thad to a he goes away often and I also need alone time. I could never have the nanny with me for full weekends that often. SO although I do think it a very nice luxury, one can manage without. Decent communication however, was often lucky. By now, things are way easier - I think from about 4 your thoughts may change.

    I love love your building - enjoy the shoot!

    I only do about an hour - hence I am really culling the blogs I am commenting and reading.

  3. When our girls were younger (up until about age 2), I wouldn't take them to have pictures made by myself, or to the doctor, or out to eat. Those times I needed one adult to one baby, in order to get anything accomplished / have any semblance of order and enjoyment.

    I will say that - for me - it's taken practice to get comfortable taking the girls places by myself. These days I think nothing of going to the doctor or out to lunch with them, but just six months ago, I still would have had some anxiety. :)

    Ultimately, you do what's right for your family...and that's different for every family. We have a mom of two-year old quads in our MoMs group. She brought her FOUR two-year olds to the orchard by herself last month! I would have been a nervous wreck!!! But she just rolls with the punches...gotta do what you've gotta do!

  4. Anonymous6:29 pm

    By all means, if you have help, take it! Gee, I have one 18-mo old and there are times I really wish I could have just another set of hands. Don't ever feel guilty about having help. You don't have to prove anything to anyone.

  5. I say if you have help then use it already! I wouldn't care what other people thought. I would totally take the domestic on holiday if I had one - just so Lance and I could have time-out WITHOUT the kids as well. Otherwise the holiday becomes hard work and you end up doing exactly what you would be doing at home - just in a different setting.
    I don't spend more than an hour or so online at night - maybe once a week I'll give myself a break. It simply means that I have to do batch commenting and unsubscribe to blogs that simply don't do it for me anymore. AT the moment this is working well for me.

  6. Lesley8:00 pm

    I only follow 6 blogs and i only comment on yours and Julia's regularly, and another one once in a while. I'm online for about an hour most days - that includes Facebook and checking emails.

  7. I definitely was one of those who thought you were looking for a new jacaranda spot ;)

    If these pictures are anything to go by you have not scratched the surface of the beauty your office has to offer. STUNNING. I would go picture crazy on those grounds ;)

    I'm not reading as many blogs as I used to these days. I spend about an hour to 2 hrs max reading and blogging. I've had to mark all as read on GR for 3 weeks in a roll. It's time for some blog weeding :)

  8. I have no idea how much time I spend online a day...very often I might read one or two posts while having a smoke too on top of a block of solid time I get to read during the day or night. It works fine though, I don't feel the NEED to comment on everything the moment it happens so if it takes me a day or even a week or two to get round to it I'm quite okay with it just cooling its heels in my reader till I do.

    If you have help and you need help then take the help! I only have one little person to run after but she keeps me busy enough on her own. My parents once took the cleaning lady along on a weekend fishing trip with friends. She was thrilled because she'd never even been out of the province before. Every morning she would do a quick sweep of the tents and sort out the dishes and then she had the day to herself. Now and then she would play barmaid and top up everyone's drink but for the most part she chilled. It wasn't their idea to take her along but they share her half day with one of their friends and she said she couldn't go without Ester. It actually was really funny at the time! ;-)

  9. I'd take an extra set of hands any day! and mine are 6 and 9!!

  10. I always have someone come with me to get the kids pictures made, though not everyone I bring is helpful. When we have family shoots at a studio DH and I can handle it ok, but on location (even at our own house), I need an extra person for family shoots. For all the other stuff, I go alone all the time. My husband works strange hours and the dynamics of most of the other family does not make it a good experince to take them most of the time to other places. So, it is figure out how to go alone or not at all. Some places are a not all, but I have figured out most places

  11. Wow, you really do work in a beautiful place, I am very jealous! I would get very distracted in a place like that, probably constantly daydreaming!!!

    I try to never leave home without someone to help me witht he kids, hubby or granny or grandpa! My twins are exhausting, and just a trip to the shops wears me out if I have to go on my own!

  12. I've always taken mine out alone, from the time they were newborns still on monitors. And I was dragging Mia with me too back then, she was 4/5 years old. But I didn't have an option, especially once Aaron deployed- because we live so far from family and a nanny is out of our budget.

  13. Just stumbled upon this blog and I Love it!


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