Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The house of grumpy kids


My kids were rather naughty last night.

And by rather I actually mean very naughty.

Jumping out of bed a million times and I seemed to forget that we then start taking away their bears.

Someone bit someone, that person cried and then the biter got a smack, also started crying and then they both fell asleep.

At 9.45.

I think they needed a good cry?

However, remember the phrase sleep begets sleep from the newborn days?

Yes, proved once again in our house because they woke at 5.45 this morning, very, very grumpy.

"No, Connor, you can't have a biscuit before breakfast" (they know the rules)


"Kendra, I don't know where Thursday is"


Yes, grumpy!

By the time I left this morning, they were in slightly better moods.

The little one even allowed me to take a pic of her in a skirt (she LOVES skirts and dresses and we have a total of 4, so it's a BIG deal when she can wear one) and told me, "tomorrow I want to wear my red skirt so I can show S because S hasn't seen me in that skirt"

(it's true - because it's been winter :))

On the bright side, we baked pumpkin muffins last night and on the not so bright side, the pin went to a error 404 but she still had the recipe on her site but I know it's been jinxed because it didn't come out as I remembered (so utterly delicious it could gladly be your last meal). These were acceptable but not pin-worthy!

So tell me, what do you do when your kids jump out of bed a million times? And how do you deal with grumpy kids/ people? (I laugh at them)

PS do you see the washi tape on their faces? Those are our plasters for fake injuries :) All I can say is... it's good quality stuff because they sleep with it and it doesn't even come off. Kendra wore that plaster the whole day!


  1. I wonder if the kids of the world, have decided that last night was one where they torture their parents? My two have also only went to bed at 22h30. A lot of crying, not being able to sleep etc. I think it have a lot to do with the fact that it's school holidays and my kids aren't as mobile as they should be.

  2. Clever children like yours quickly cotton on to stalling tack ticks when it gets to bed time. They are all the same...and this fase too will pass. Love the washi tape plasters...I think it is a brilliant idea for a fake injury.

  3. We have a no nonsense approach to bedtime, but somehow we find that the routine really works well. And I think they are really tired by bedtime, it's the before bedtime bit that sometimes get to me. Grumpy people, I try to ignore. Laughing sounds great though

  4. Lol...I'm giggling at the washi tape bandages! My girls do the same thing with cheap band-aids from the dollar store. (I save the quality ones for real injuries!!)

    M had a terrible time going to sleep Monday night. It was 9:45 the last time I went in for her as well. I felt bad because it seemed like she just couldn't go to sleep, but at the same time--after bedtime is MY time, kiddo! : )

  5. I had only 1 grumpy kid yesterday (out of a possible 3) who wanted Rice Krispie treats and tortilla chips for breakfast. Obviously he wasn't get those and he threw himself on the couch and cried about how everyone was angry at him. I just pulled out our old favorite Bumpy, Grumpy Road story and he calmed down fairly quick!

  6. Kiara went through a stage like that - it would take forever for her to fall asleep/stay in bed. Drove me MENTAL!! I would have to lie with her because it was just easier. Blergh! Glad she is over with that now.

    Both Jack and Kiara need their sleep - if you wake her up she is miserable!!!

    When they get grumpy I laugh too.

  7. Mmmmm.....I think there was something in the air yesterday. Joel and I started the day fighting about clean underwear and nail polish.

    I usually make him lie down with me or in my bed - seems to be the quickest way to help him along in the sleep department. And he is TERRIBLE in the mornings. Worse than me!

  8. Oh, and I wish that I could be like Lance. He speaks once and gets results. Maybe because he doesn't hesitate to dish out smacks, unlike me who is always trying to be kind!

  9. I must tell you, I really like that sleep begets sleep true! If Nicola tries the getting up a gazillion times thing, I usually at some point either just pretend to be asleep or really fall asleep. Usually she follows suit. ;-)


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