Sunday, October 14, 2012

This weekend

  • there was a ton of rain in Jhb which was lovely for a Friday night
  • we had a power outtage on Saturday morning so we "had" to go out for breakfast
  • as a result, Connor and I skipped gym
  • we then did some shopping - I got the last items for the shoeboxes Mandy sponsored and I bought a new oven glove that is making me SO happy I can't imagine why I didn't replace mine sooner
  • faffed around a lot at home (tidied study, etc)
  • kids didn't nap so they forfeited going out with us for supper
  • Nanny S babysat while D and I went out for a very early Groupon supper. On second thoughts the area was a bit dodgy (pizza was fantastic though) so good that the kids weren't with us.
  • made it to church on time for a change. Connor told me the boy in orange cried for his mother a lot "not for his daddy" (I think because he mainly cries for his daddy :)). Great message on staying calm in the face of storms.
  • kids ate beautifully the whole day and actually napped (so I took pics).
  • I'd promised Connor that we'd go for a walk but we all ended up going for about 45 minutes. I took a few nice pics and D took some LOVELY pics of me with the kids (we sat on the pavement!)
  • I've just made 32 washi tape gift cards and they look so gorgeous (at least I think so) I actually don't want to stop... but responsibility calls.
  • also sorted all my August pics. I do think I'm a teensy bit obsessive about this but I do so love that I can go to one folder (say, K - faves) and find all the "frame-able" pics of her for this year :)
Over to you...
How was your weekend? Are you looking forward to this week?
PS pic taken at Montecasino (current 09 folder I'm busy sorting)
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  1. Weekend was good. Saturday did laundry, caught up on TV, bought remaining items for my SSB teenage girl. Sunday did a 5km in the morning, church (glad I went lovely message), cooked, cleaned and had a long nap ended with some picture organisation and processing. A full but still relaxing one.

    Hmmm, nah I'm not looking forward to the week, feel like I need a break ;)

    Have a great week ahead

  2. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Pizza...some shopping...breakfast out...a family many wonderful things!

    We had a great time at the botanical gardens yesterday, and then we went out for lunch today...the most amazing pizza, too. :) I've gotten some organizing done, a bit of crafting, now catching up on laundry. Oh, and I did grocery shop ALONE this morning. That was nice! ;)

  3. i absolutely love the saying "faffed around"! I'm going to start using that!

  4. We had a great weekend - the perfect mix of busy, lazy, fun, quiet, educational, creative and loving!

    Weekends like the past one make me smile!

  5. We did not have any rain this past weekend. It always such when there is a power outage but then again, you all had a great time as a family over breakfast :)

  6. Nice Posting and good job ...

  7. Yours sound like a good weekend. I think I need to recap on mine and feel that it was not as crappy as my head is making it at the moment.

  8. The rain was lovely wasn't it :)

    Sunday we pottered around the house - I turned our main study into a study for the kids - they each have their own desks now - it was actually over due and turfed a whole bag of rubbish from the toy boxes.

    Sunday we had the triathalon which I must say we are all starting to enjoy.

  9. Lesley7:34 pm

    Cleaned a lot at weekend, cleaned windows inside and out - how exciting, lol! Went to church and done Sunday school which went well.
    Going to craft group tomorrow - must finish SOMETHING soon!
    Wednesday we are all going for a meal to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, looking forward to that.

  10. We came back to reality this weekend. Came home from Plett on Saturday and DH left to watch the Kings play against the Pumas with his boys. Then we celebrated my oldest son's 33rd birthday.


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