Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{Wordless Wednesday... for me} Bambanani

Bambanani sent my kids a little card for their birthday.

We could use it for a little treat, they said, within their birthday month.

Unfortunately for my kids we had their birthday, and then their party and then two weekends of me being away in the US.

D's inclination is to just accept "the rules" but I insisted he phone and ask them if we could come in Aug and of course they said yes. So we went on my birthday weekend.

I have a thing for fathers with their kids - D helping K take off her shoes
"what do you want?!"
all recent pics with Connor look like this
my camera bag made by Mandy (the red and brown one is a reversible tote bought at Sainsbury's in Liverpool four years ago)

reading letters
I am very boring and order the same thing every time I'm here... but each time I read the whole menu and pretend to think of something else. Oh, this is a chicken curry.
looking at a kitten at one of the shops on the main street
my "famous" shoe pics - Kendra
that's half the chicken - I always take it home and have a whole other meal with my own rice
Which is your favourite?

What are you like at restaurants? Do you try a new dish every time or do you stick to your favourites?


  1. I love the last picture with K running towards her dad.
    I tend to stick to my favorites. Very seldom I will try something new but mostly unlikely.

  2. Oh I absolutely adore that first picture!
    I tend to stick to favorites too but now and again I try something new and then always feel sorry I did not do it sooner.

  3. Lesley12:51 pm

    That curry looked so lovely, i could almost smell it! I tend to stick to things i've had before, unless i see someone eating something that looks like i will like it then i have that!
    Loved the picture of K looking at the letters - LOVE to see children learning!

  4. Finally catching up on posts --- with no Google Reader. ;)

    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE these pictures. They are awesome. I agree, curry makes me want to eat it. Pictures of kids --- precious.

  5. You know I always love your shoe pictures! And the one of K looking at the menu is priceless. :)

    Since we go out so much less often these days, I'm probably more likely to stick with my tried-and-true favorites. I miss experimenting sometimes, but if I know I'm probably not going to be at X restaurant for another six months, I might as well get something I know I love. ;)

  6. It depends where we go. If it is a new place I will look for something new. I am gluten and lactose intolerant so it does make most menus limited for me.

    I always order the same sushi though :)

  7. My favourite is the last pic.
    I always order something that I don't make at home. I don't EVER do chicken in a restaurant - I make that at home. I also don't order anything with mince in. I mostly order a rare fillet or fish or seafood and always sushi.
    Also, I don't do starter or even dessert - just a main. I MAY order a dessert to share if I'm having a long, long, long restaurant date, but it depends on the mood and the company.

  8. All the pictures with K & C are lovely. Each with a different story :) And that baby finger reading the menu - priceless

    I hardly go to the same restaurant 2ce since I'm not so big on eating out, but when I do I usually order different things, though I'm most likely to order fish. I'm that person that'll go to a steak house and look for fish on the menu :) ;)

    1. Oh yes and D helping with the shoes, only Marcia would take that but I love love love it ;)

  9. All these pics are gorgeous!

    I usually have a few favourites, and I cycle between them depending on my mood or how hungry I am. I like trying new things too. That Tanya friend of mine that works where you work has the worst luck when it comes to trying out new things on menus. Ask her, she'll tell you all about it. As a rule when i go somewhere with her, she has to eat what I'm having or otherwise it turns out terrible!


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