Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{Wordless Wednesday} My last day being 37 at a Jeffery Deaver lunch

D sent me a mail advertising a Jeffery Deaver lunch to see if I wanted to go and I was like "YESSSSSSS. What a great birthday lunch for me :)"

MIL came over to babysit and the two of us went to have a very nice lunch and listen to one of our favourite authors.

my notes... with a borrowed pen, Julia :)
beautiful hands! For this pic, I just said to her, "G, I have to take a pic of your hands because they're beautiful!" She laughed and that was that :)
it may be weird but there is such satisfaction in rolls of hand towels :)
cushions on patio furniture - I love the green and the print! and of course, TEXTURE!
my D :) this went in my "faces" folder
The camera pic wasn't doing it justice so I used Boost in Picasa and then scaled it back about 30%
my last day as a 37-year-old
Which is your favourite pic?


  1. The last three pictures. I have a thing for close up pictures and beautiful scenery :);)

  2. What a wonderful way to spend your last day of 37!!!! You look beautiful!!!!!

  3. Lesley12:25 am

    Lovely pictures of both of you, and the hands are AMAZINGLY beautiful!

  4. That was such a great idea for a pre birthday celebration. BTW I have one long sleeve and one short sleeve red striped T a lot like yours. Love them

  5. Seems me and you both like to photograph hands. Like my photo on my blog today :)
    I don't know the Author you two went to listen about but I'm sure you two have enjoyed it so much.

  6. It sounds lovely and these are all beautiful pics. :-)

  7. mean you didn't have a single pen in your bag?
    Pics are lovely. I have never read a Jeffrey Deaver btw. Must add him to the "new authors to try" list.


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