Sunday, November 04, 2012

A few really quick things on a Sunday night

I underestimated what I had to do this evening and so I have to send my boss an email, check a few key things for an important presentation tomorrow and prepare my performance appraisal.

And it's already 10 pm!

I only got 1 out of 12 things done this weekend... largely because we decided to go to a concert at the last minute so scrambling to get the kids to MIL (yes, twice in about 6 weeks - a miracle - and it went even better this time according to her).

So dear friends, more tomorrow when I'm a little more caught up and rested!

How was your weekend?

PS Funso, this post was 3 minutes! :)
PPS this is one of my absolute favourite pics. Our theme for photo Saturday on the 10th is black and white :)


  1. Impressive 3 mins. You did it :)

    What concert did you go to? Sounds great. Love the spontaneity!!! My hubby would never go to one he can't stand the crowd and I don't do loud noise (at all). I use ear plus during classes at the gym (it's that bad). I'm sure we could go to one of those fancy sit down ones with a maximum of 50 people - makes me feel so old :) ;)

    Have the kids told you all about their stay at their grandmum? Did they enjoy it? You might be able to drop them more often (now that they are getting older) and enjoy some precious alone time with D

  2. Oh but the concert was all worth it I hear!

  3. Good luck with your performance appraisal!

  4. I am so bummed I never paid attention to the concert. I would have loved it!!

    Our weekend was good :)

  5. If you didn't get to everything on your list, your weekend must have been amazing...Yes?

  6. I had lots of "social" time this weekend, too.

    I TOOK A NAP (!!!!) on Saturday afternoon, and then we watched the ballgame on Saturday night. Sunday night I met two girlfriends for coffee.

    At least I got up at the crack of dawn (thanks to the time change!) and got a few things done this morning.

    Hope you have a great week ahead!

  7. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Hope your PA went well today. My weekend was really good.


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