Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A newsy post

When I don't get a chance to talk to you properly, I always feel like I'm behind.

Anyone else feel this way?

1. So tonight I got home at 5.45 from Eastgate (actually a pleasure - no crowds, etc.) after sorting out my iphone.

I can phone and text. Tomorrow I'll download all the apps from work (free wifi for staff) and then I'll be sorted. Do you know how happy this makes me and then on the other hand how amazed I am that I've been sucked into Apple?! But that's a post for another day.

2. I had a headache so I took two panados and the minute D walked in at 6.20 I put my head down on the pillow to take a quick nap.

I slept for about 30 minutes, got up to say goodnight to the kids and fell asleep on Connor's bed again... until 9.45!!!!

Awesome :)

And when I woke, I decided  my newsletter can wait til tomorrow. I'm going to finish this blog, wrap some gifts, write a few cards and then go read.

I want more non-pressure evenings like this one.

3. So the work thing - I had tea with the other company and told them thanks but not for me. He was lovely and tried to give me an out (if you change your mind in the next two weeks) but I was firm and I feel .... relief!

I also told my boss how I came to this decision and she is fine with it too.

One opportunity down, four in the pipeline.

4. I also decided I'm not going to schlep the company laptop to and from home anymore. I have strong boundaries and want to keep them that way. At the moment I technically should be able to do what I need in the office.

So it's been locked and there it will stay... mostly.

Now I feel like I wasted R550 on that rolling laptop bag because I used it for a whole 3 days. Oh well, I can always give it to Connor for Christmas - he loves anything with wheels.

5. I feel behind with the Christmas cards but then again, I'm cutting down so maybe it all evens out in the end.

I checked my spreadsheet last night and last year I sent 40 something. This year it's going to be about 20 :)

How many Christmas cards are you sending out?

PS these pics were taken while on a neighbourhood photo walk with the kids. I happened to move my body and squeeze my camera through a school's palisade fencing. I LOVE these pictures, especially the top one. Which is your favourite? 
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  1. When I get behind in reading blogs, I feel so out of synch with everyone's lives!

  2. If I get the chance to think clearly tomorrow I am going out for a new phone. With everything else going on I feel I'm entitled to a beautiful phone! Especially knowing my "spending money" is going to be spent on a car this weekend!

    1. I have no shame in saying that I am only handing out a handful of cards. I'm tired of sending and never receiving. I put too much time and effort into them for someone else to trash them in a month. I am soooo terribly bitter! Is it showing?! HA!

    2. Dearest Mandy, I 100% agree!!!

  3. My Christmas card list has close to 70 people on it, and I'm just not up for that. So I'm trying to figure out how to make it shorter :)

  4. Oh I also love the top one and I also feel like once in a while we should just "chat" on the blog - my bullet point posts mostly. I do not do many cards but I do love sending some.

  5. I like chatty posts...and I miss blogging on my regular blog...I just don't know what to do about it. Lately I have been coming home and by 8:30 I struggle to keep my eyes open...must be the time of year when we just feel tired. I sometimes go into a cardmaking frenzy and then everybody gets Christmas cards...but this year I will only be attaching my handmade cards to gifts. They take so much time to make that I can't bear the thought of them being thrown out with the wrapping.

  6. I was going to say you could give the bag to Kiara - she loves a bag and one with pockets and zips - loves it even more :)

    I am so bad with the Christmas cards but need to get myself sorted out because I miss them in the house and if I dont send I cant expect people to send to us!!!

  7. Mrs FF1:35 pm

    I'm certain everyone feels behind once in a while. I've been feeling like that a lot lately and it doesn't help that my phone seems to now have a love/hate relationship with blogspot posts hence reading but not commenting much.

    Good for you on the work thing. Sure you are relieved.

    The first picture is beautiful because of the leaves framing the sides.

    The rolling laptop bag will come in handy if you are going on a short work trip maybe ;)

    Christmas card still trying to decide. Like Mandy, I also send out quite a lot every year but rarely get more than 3 every year so seriously reconsidering. Might just send some ecards :)

    1. Mrs FF1:38 pm

      Oops I meant I like the 1st picture of the leaves framing the side. Both pictures are lovely

  8. I like the top one most.
    Good for you having a nice low pressure evening!
    I wouldn't get into a tizz about 20 cards if it's not even December yet. ;-)

  9. I'm glad you are drawing some boundaries with your work laptop. I will need to do the same once I start back. ;) I used to lug that thing home almost every night. Ugh.

    I've got a work question for you...am I reading right that your current boss knows you're interviewing with different companies? How does that work? Is that the norm? I've always worked in secret when looking for a new job, at least at first.

    I'm glad you're feeling a sense of closure on the one job...and I'm glad you have more to explore in the pipeline! My dad and I were just talking yesterday (on the subject of buying a house), that the best decisions are usually made when you're not in a rush for time. I'm glad you're weighing things so you can make the very best decision for you.

  10. Lance has been bringing home the work laptop for ages and a few months ago he had a lightbulb moment and clicked that it wasn't working and that there were no proper boundaries. Do you know how BIG this was for him? This is a guy who is a workaholic and would work for 24 hours if he could. So he asked for a desktop computer and handed the laptop back. It is the BEST thing ever to not have a partner who does work ALL THE TIME during MY time.
    Awesome that you have more work opportunities in the pipeline. I'm sending out 10 cards only.

  11. I refuse to bring the laptop home anymore... it's not worth the insurance risk ;) I leave it at the office, chained to the desk

  12. I love the photos you have in this post. How long did it take you to download all the apps you needed? It can take forever with one's phone :(


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