Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas presents for 3.5 year olds?

This pic was taken before their party in July so it doesn't look like this now.

But this is how I like it - not a lot, streamlined, organised, etc. Zen :)

In fact, I freaked out a bit last week and tossed a laundry basket full of toys into the laundry area so they could see their things to play with.

My kids have too many toys. And yet they have about half of what other kids have (that doesn't bother me in the least).

My children also have too many books (if that's even possible).

Actually it is possible because we, their parents, are perfect examples of book crazy.

I decluttered 52 books recently and I still have over 100 left on my shelves, 84 of which are unread. That was at the time - I've since read two and another two are on my bedside table.

Also, not counting Kindle books.

Back to the kids.

We have two shelves full of books that they read plus a ton stashed away because they are either too young or it's a really special book (like for a birthday/ Christmas).

When we went to Sandton on Saturday, we were also kind-of looking for present ideas. Everything I saw was wildly inappropriate for my parenting ideals (granted, I'm very old-fashioned)

I told D I give up - we need to buy them a trampoline and that's it. Let them get outside every day, use that thing, tire them out (I confess this is the main attraction for me) and it doesn't take up space in my house.


He's not convinced.

I did say, "if you can find the space for more stuff, then by all means". I really am not one of those people who believes our houses are too small and we need to move bigger.

I think we need to get rid of more stuff!

Anyway, this is my very long-winded way of asking you for suggestions for presents for children who are 3.5 years old.

Ideas please!

I love the idea I see on SimpleMom and similar blogs where the kids get 3 gifts each (Jesus got 3 gifts).

What are you doing for your kids' presents?


  1. My MIL gave my boys those boards that you draw on and wipe clean - they love it and it is great to keep them occupied int he car etc. But I think the trampoline idea is stunning - we are also considering that or scooters.

  2. I like the trampoline idea - they will love it!

    My kids are older so we are getting them both a Wii - one to share and then a few smaller things for them each. D's mom tends to go totally over board so I am not doing too much for Jack - he will probably get Toys R Us delivered to our front door :-/

    I think toys have the ability to multiply some how!!!!

    Let D get them each something small that they will enjoy? My mom found a cute little cupcake decorating set for my 2 year old niece - I thought that was really cute!

  3. I actually wrote up a post about Christmas gifting for kids last week and at the last minute I decided against publishing it.

    Do they have bicycles? I would get them a bike each - one of those with trainer wheels? Or even a scooter. I like the trampoline idea or ANYTHING that can be used outside of the home. My friend bought her kid a tent for outside and another one is going to buy a swing ball thing. I like those ideas.. – you could even try some basic board games – those old ones like the snakes and ladders maybe?
    I don’t do the 3 gifts thing because it adds to clutter – my kids get loads of gifts from various family members so even if we declutter beforehand they still end up having too much. I thought I decided what my kids were getting but Lance and I can’t make up our minds either.

    Joel is getting the smallest set of zoobs – have ordered. And POSSIBLY a bike upgrade – I’m still deciding. Joshua is either getting an mp3 player or a really cool pair of sneakers.

  4. Looking back over the past year at what toys have been -- and continue to be -- most popular at our house...large magnetic drawing pads, building blocks, magnetic shapes, puzzles, pretend (mostly food and baby bottles), art supplies, games (Candy Land and Cootie and Memory).

    I posted about those magnetic shapes a couple of months ago. I think they are GREAT!!! And they don't take up much room. I bought the girls each a cookie sheet ($1 each!) to use them, and the shapes fit in a small container.

    This year we're doing mostly building blocks...a couple of new sets...and I'm getting the girls a cash register. They love to pretend "store", so I think that will be a huge hit. [Don't know what's for Christmas versus birthday yet.]

    I need to clean out some more of the girls' toys, but I think we're relatively lean (as I like it!). I decluttered a few of their books over the weekend, too.

  5. Oh it's summer time there, I would totally get them outside things. Playset, trampoline, swings, something! Do they have, and could you tolerate, a sand box? It makes me crawl, but the ladies do love it! Just make sure it can be covered some how.

    I striking out on my own kids, I just don't want anymore stuff. We have gifts still in the closet!

  6. We got the kids a trampoline a few years ago. They are now 8, 6, and 3 and LOVE the trampoline still. Great buy. I think we have had it for two years now and it is still going strong :)

    My kids are getting Tablets for Christmas. The older two are getting normal tablets- and my 3 year old is getting a kids version. Then they are getting bikes and smaller things. My oldest is getting a video game he wanted and my middle child loves cars so he is getting a car track, then my daughter a baby doll bed.

  7. An aunt and uncle are getting Rue a VTech InnoTab 2 Learning App Tablet - Pink. We settled on asking for it because she can watch videos / movies that we convert and put on it, and all of her favorite music. Plus it expands the memory with a 32GB card. And we can buy a cord for it so it doesn't use batteries. Plus she can do camera and video with it.

    Other things on her Amazon Wish List .... soaps and hygeine items, her favorite snacks, a good quality water bottle, items for her Innotab, a cupcake necklace, a few items for her play kitchen, and a magnetic set of building blocks unlike any of our others.

    My kids do have WAY too many toys.

    Rue loves her kitchen, dolls, stroller, Little People play house, and assorted animal toys. She loves tiny things she can carry around in her hands.

    She also loves to play with Joel's train sets.

  8. Actually, "WE" are not spending much at all on our kids, budget is far too tight. I'm grateful for a couple of relatives who are understanding, who are willing to give my kids a better Christmas by asking me what they want, and getting it for them.

    And my kids probably own way too much, but when replacing items is more expensive than storing an item, you just find a way to make it happen. Most of our toys are in containers, so they pull out one, play with that toy for days or weeks, then I box it up, shove into the back of the toy areas, and the next time they pull out the box - they have a "brand new toy".

  9. Get a trampoline, they will love it!

  10. I got Nicola a trampoline too! And a little play tool set so that she can "help" assemble it on the day. Other than that I bought a few small things for her too, like some new colouring books and pens, a sun hat and shades, a few new DVDs that were on special...and and get the idea. The more time I have the more I seem to want to get her. ;-)

  11. Have done similar post about 2 weeks back and I still don't know what I'm getting my kids for Christmas. Caren have the right idea. My kids have a trampoline and they love it. Kids stay active this way too.

  12. I think the trampoline is a great idea! J wants to get the girls one, but I'm holding off because they already have my old one at my mom's.

    A & M have requested scooters for Christmas. I have no idea where that came from, but it has remained at the top of the list. We browsed at the store this weekend, found the ones they liked, and I ordered them yesterday. Done!

    They are also getting the magnetic blocks Mandy recommends and I'm going to paint or fabric-cover a cookie sheet for each of them. I am thinking really ambitiously and would like to make a little magnetic fishing set with felt fishes, but we'll see how the time goes on that one! : )

  13. We got our guys a trampoline last year, and they loe it.

    This year, I haven't shopped yet or even thought about what to get them. They need nothing... we have too many toys as well.

    They would honestly be happy with a couple of toy cars.

  14. Hah, a trampoline must be THE gift for this age, as we just ordered one for our 3yo. But since we live in Seattle, it has to be indoors, so we got a small one.

    I'm sort of at a loss for what to get for my daughter, partly because she has so many toys already, and also because her grandparents and aunt SHOWER her with gifts at every occasion.

    She has requested a very small stuffed polar bear, and that's all she talks about. I love that she doesn't have a long list yet :D

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