Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas to-do list... and my wish list


So I was super inspired by Deanna's Christmas list. If I still had my iphone (okay, I really need to stop with this but I feel the loss more and more every day), I'd take a pic of my original list of 6 items in my notebook and post it.

As you can see I have fleshed it out a bit :)

What's one fun item on your Christmas to-do list?

Did you notice I don't have an advent calendar?

I didn't grow up with an advent calendar and I seriously considered it for this year but it just felt like one more thing on the daily list and I'm not up for adding but taking away from my daily to-dos.

I love things on my list that you can do and it's DONE! Once-off. Yip, I'm simple and lazy.

I know it can be easy but easy usually = sweets and chocolates which I don't do.

Are you doing an advent calendar?


And then the lovely Aimee is doing a round-up of wish lists today.

I loved her pie-in-the-sky wish list (she has patience as one item :)) so I decided to join in.

What I'm wishing for the next 3 months...
  1. turning my handmade Christmas gift visions into reality
  2. successful crafting hours
  3. happily wrapping gifts with brown paper and red/ green ribbon
  4. getting the cards out on time and getting feedback that people got them
  5. a really good increase next month (or iphone money as I've started calling it)
  6. a better version of last year's Carols by Candlelight
  7. healthy kids over Christmas and our holiday in January
  8. reading tons of good books
  9. no family drama over the Christmas day thing
  10. good times with friends (L, I realise I forgot one very important date under socials ;))
  11. a delicious lunch, even if it has to be cooked by me
  12. firm direction on a new job
What's on your wish list?
PS Julia, here are my famous oatmeal cookies.
PPS I really have to write a post on scrapbooking and project life soon...
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  1. My wishlist?
    Mmmm...no family drama. Period.
    New job directions
    No crying on concert day
    A possible carols by candlelight - we are mad enough to try this again - it's a fiasco every year!
    Good books
    Lots of quiet time
    Beach swims
    Lots of running
    Walks with the kids.
    Big chunks of alone time with my Boyfriend.

    No advent calendar - I'm waiting for an advent wreath that I ordered.

  2. love the no family drama wish!!! :)

    we have an advent, but i'm still not sure i'm going to get it out this year. the past few months the kids and i have hand crafted a calendar and have put it up on a door in the kitchen. we mark out what we are doing every day and i like the idea of checking it every day for december. although....now that i remember, i saw someone who put in fun things into the advent: go to hands on museum, visit with friends, make a holiday card, volunteer, donate some toys, etc. maybe i *will* get it out :)

  3. I love wrapping gifts in brown paper with vibrant ribbon! This year I may try color twine and large old buttons. I like having lots of things done then sitting down on Christmas Eve to make the packages special.
    Great list...enjoy your "socials"!

  4. WAIT! Christmas isn't about family drama?! Whaaaa?

    I really should list so that maybe, just maybe, I'll stay on track this year! I had planned to have my cards done by now... perhaps I should get started on that!

    So when will S be back with your phone? Did you tell him he's to run straight from the airport with it??

    I'm really torn, and running out of time, on the advent thing. I also didn't have one growing up, and I don't totally get them but they seem neat. We finished our thankful tree today and I really liked having a count down and theme going with the ladies. I refuse to make it into pre-Christmas with treats everyday, but I'm thinking I could just have it be something they have to do to get ready for Christmas? I'm sure that will net me therapy bills later in life! HA!

  5. Great list.

    I love Christmas Advents - we have a few we reuse each year, and the kids usually get a chocolate advent - they open a window each day and get a wee sweet or chocolate inside.

  6. Splendid lists! We do not have an Advent, yet, but would like to start the tradition for our son (due December 25)! I, too, like to reduce my to-dos but it looks as if a new baby will add to them initially ;) Thanks for sharing!

  7. No family drama seems to be a trending concern on a few lists...the holidays do seem to bring out the evil side of so many people. I hope you get your wish.

  8. Hope the kids with be well and you get all your wishes! Caroling by Candlelight sounds fun! {:-Deb

  9. I love advent calendars! Last year I made the kids each one - it was super quick and easy and can actually be reused.

    This year my mom made a huge big one for them all - it should be here by Friday - I CAN NOT WAIT :) We always had them.

    My wish list? To survive the season in one piece!

  10. A Christmas without family dramas - now that is on my wishlist too. I have my advent calenders ready to complete tonight and to hand out tomorrow. My kids really look forward to them. I got most of the non sweetie things one stop at CNA this year - little bangles, card games, key rings, etc. Last year I got most at crazy store. Also stickers in general are great for this

    HAve a great day!

  11. We have never done advent calenders and I don't think we will start now. I will probably scoff all the sweets anyway. We start decorating the house on the 1st of December. Still haven't made plans as to how and where we will be spending Christmas.

  12. Anonymous9:44 am

    Advent calendar??? What is that, I'm sure that would be my mummy's response. I definitely never had one as a child. Growing up there was no focus on gifts etc at christmas, we had the christmas tree, cards and the fairy lights, new outfits to wear to church and special meal as a family on Christmas day. And I have to tell you it was amazing!!! I actually didn't realize people exchanged Christmas gifts until I was much older (my tricky parents :) ;) )

    Drama free Christmas is a key wish, though I have mastered the art of ensuring no drama!!! And so far it has worked out well (wink wink)

    Fun things - trying to get my christmas cards and gifts out, meeting up with a few friends, working when the city is a ghost town :) and seeing the lights at Emperor's palace (missed it last year because it started raining as we got there) - PS where else are there good lights to see?

    Mrs FF

  13. I've seen the advent calendar but with my kids going to their grandparents each December, there's really no point for me to make it. But it's a good idea.
    I like your list for the following 3 months. I hope that all things on that list, will come to life for you.

  14. Your list is very organised - I have list envy now. ;-)
    (Ps! I know you won't forget)

    On my list is:
    Wait for payday
    Go buy the rest of the family's gifts
    Go buy and send secret santa person's gift
    Make a few cards
    Wrap, wrap and more wrap
    follow up with the non-responders and get numbers settled
    Go buy party things for Nicola's bash
    Plan birthday adventure day for Nicola on her actual birthday

    Try and relax a bit in between - NB!

  15. Now that our kids are grown, I'm happy to say we don't have family drama on Christmas (or any time) anymore. What a pleasure! Lovely to do list and I share many of those same hopes/wishes....my cards are 80% done - wonder if I'll get them finished to mail THIS year? :) Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  16. I recently saw a nice xmas craft idea in a magazine and immediately thought of you! Xmas trees made with strips of washi tape, for sticking on gifts, cards, decorations etc. I know you have quite a collection of washi tape, so give it a try.

  17. Glad I could provide a little inspiration! : )

    We haven't done an Advent calendar, but I kind of want to make one for us. If I do, it will be lots of simple activities, including several days of just "Read a Christmas book" and a couple of days with just small candies. We'll see if it gets done or not...notice, it wasn't on my actual list!

  18. ambitious and totally doable lists! especially love the delicious lunch and good books :)

  19. Hi Marcia! Enjoyed your list! Wondered: what are Christmas biscuits? Are they what Texans call Christmas cookies?


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