Thursday, November 29, 2012

{Create} Notebook decorating kit

I had four 12-year-old girls for the Santa Shoebox project.

One of the required items is a toy but what do you do for a 12-year-old?

I put a book in and then I also decided on these notebook decorating kits.

  1. Notebooks (I got mine from C N A - 2 for R15)
  2. Decorative tape (I got about 8 mini rolls for R20)
  3. My DIY paper tape
  4. Cellophane bags

Package up as you will, match the colours and so on, put a label (I used my 2 inch circle punch on white project board) on the front, and there you go - a gift that gives just a little bit longer than the time to open it :)

What are your favourite gifts for tweens?


  1. Very clever. Depends on WHO the tween is. If I know that they have a hobby like reading or crafting or whatever then it's easy. Otherwise I buy clothing or headphones or even funky stationery.

  2. This is very nice. I would never have thought of this. I am at terrible at gift for tweens (as most of them want computer games) but I usually end up buying them books - novels or devotional, clothes or shoes, pens depending on the budget

  3. These look great!

    I buy books as gifts as long as I can, and then I figure that almost everyone loves office supplies. :) I got a super-cool scrapbook kit for my step-niece (Dad's wife's granddaughter) last year, and I understand she squealed over it. A girl after your own heart, huh? ;)

    This year I'm giving her a how-to drawing book, maybe with a notebook and some pens. I hope she likes it as much.

  4. Tweens are SO hard to shop for. I think you did great- they'll love it. Ethan covered all of his notebooks this year for school with colored and patterned Duct Tape, it's apparently the thing to do :)

  5. I'll be the one to admit that they hit double digits, I'm guilt of handing out cash. They're so hard to shop for, especially once they become full fledged teenagers!

  6. What a fantastic idea my friend! A loved her similar kit so much - and where do you get that tape? A chinese shop?

    1. Yes, a shop at Asia City. I wouldn't even know where to find it again. At the time I bought two sets and I'm on my last 4 rolls now.

      Laura, it's normal tape (like sellotape) but just decorative. Not washi!

  7. That is so awesome!!! Kiara would LOVE something like that! Think I may do it for her for Christmas!!

    Ditto to Rinas question - I found plain tape at my Chinese store but never decorative tape so cheap!!

  8. I think this is a great idea and you are also inspiring them to be creative. Well done.

  9. Very clever...I love it.

  10. These are all lovely Marcia.

    My only experience of tween buying was for my brother and a couple of cousins. He always wanted a pretty calendar (when he was older swimsuit ones haha!), and for my cousins it was usually something like bath goodies, pretty candles, or one year a collection of imported herbal teas.


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