Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Creating more spontaneity

Choosing a word for the year has been one of the best things I've done in my life over the last 4 years.

2009 - Simplify (the year of being pregnant)

2010 - Consolidate

2011 - Courage

2012 - Create

Hmmm, anything that starts with a C for next year? :)

For this year, I've been asking myself constantly, "what am I creating?" and "what do I want to create?"

It's given me the push to take chances, get messy, let go of my schedule more and create memories.

So one Saturday we had two hours and the kids were antsy and I said to D, "let's go to Gillooly's for a picnic".

Yes, he looked at me like I'm mad. (I am sometimes)

But I persuaded him by saying, "we're going to have lunch anyway. Let's just have it outside" and off we went.

We live 5 minutes from this lovely place and don't spend enough time here, in my opinion.

Also, anything to let these two run off some of that energy :)

Kendra. I love this pic!

the running around :)

It was perfect timing, really. The sky started clouding over just as we started getting ready to leave and it started drizzling while driving home.

How are you living out your word for the year?


  1. I am nurturing relationships - the friend dating is a HUGE part of this, and I'm making lots of one-on-one time with my kids.

    I am nurturing my body by exercising it - I'm running on the weekends - I could probably be doing more about this. And I am trying to stick to the basics like eating healthily and drinking lots of water etc. I don't get it right all the time but I do try as far as possible to remain aware of what I put into my body.

    I am nurturing my mind by reading NF. I have read more NF this year than at any other time in my life.

    I am nurturing my spiritual relationship by being aware of my relationship with God. I am making time to pray, I'm actually going to church and trying not to find fault with everything - and I'm looking for a new one. And of course I pray. I could probably be reading more bible - am not there yet.

    I am nurturing my finances by doing an actual budget and sticking to it. I am trying to save. I'm paying a tithe. I am constantly having the needs vs wants conversation in my head, hence the fact that I didn't get the iphone or the galaxy phones yet.

    And I'm nurturing my musical talents. I use it in ministry now!

    Lance and I actually discussed the word of the year thing the other day. He thinks it's a load of crap. BUT, we have agreed on OUR word for next year. Maybe I will blog it sometime.

    1. Lesley8:21 pm

      Julia, i love your choice of word and all you've achieved with it! Lx

  2. Lesley8:32 pm

    My word this year has been 'worship'. I didn't actively set out to 'plan' things to encourage this, but it has almost been prophetic. This I found true of the other 2 words i chose in previous years.
    This year i have begun to learn the importance of being thankful to God - it has been amazing.
    I might steal Julia's word for next year ; ) x

  3. I love how you're living your word!!!

    Although I didn't keep up my "AWARE" posts each week, I do think it's been an overarching theme for me this year. Namely, I know when I make a more concerted effort to be AWARE of how I spend my time...and what I need to do...I feel more productive, and just better all around.

    I also love the idea of being AWARE of what I really like...not (as Gretchen says) what I'm "supposed" to like. It's about being AWARE of me.

    I thank you for encouraging me to jump onto the word of the year bandwagon. I love it! :)

  4. I'm not even sure where 2012 went ... I have years like that.

    A C word that instantly came to my mind .... Compassion.

    And there is always Chocolate. ;)

    Love the pics of the kids at a picnic!

  5. My "Hope" has stood me well this year - believe me, at times I clung to it. But at times I really knew that living with Hope in the back of my mind changed how I thought of things that happened. Put a positive spin on things. In fact, I liked it so much I think I need to keep it as my slogan. Live in Hope!

    I have given enxt year's word some thought - it needs to be in the line of organizing, simplifying etc

  6. Good for you Marcia, that looks like a lot of fun! I didn't pick a word for the year, so I'm doing okay. ;-)

  7. I love doing that, just springing into action. I can't say that I've stuck to my action vow, but I've certainly made progress from where I was a year ago. I need to take some action over this car business...

  8. Love this! The pics and the impromptu picnic. I know my kids adore when we randomly do stuff like this and I am sure it's something K & C will be talking about for awhile.

    I think your word for next year should be RELAX! You are always so go go go, you make me tired just reading LOL

  9. My word for this year was Embrace...and boy did this year go by quickly...I don't know whether I even had time to embrace anything. I don't know whether I am going to choose a word for next year...maybe I am waiting for it to choose me.

  10. BTW...the photos of your two treasures are the close up ones of the hands.


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