Thursday, November 08, 2012

Eish - did I have to open my big mouth?!

Okay, I'm clearly not comfortable with all the political issues raised, especially because I don't have a handle on where each of the candidates stood on all the issues.

I do love that you feel so passionately and you're willing to share your opinions without going anonymous :) or keeping quiet.

But can I just say I'm so glad I don't live in America? :) My heart can't stand the stress. I think I would have just totally not gone on Facebook (I already don't go on Twitter), etc. because I can't stand the fighting... I even had it in my own facebook feed. I actually  unfriended one South African on Wed!

Did you unfriend any people due to vigorous political discussions?

By the way, I am getting SO annoyed with the bold and the beautiful's current storyline. Does anyone else watch?

Liam is so spineless he doesn't deserve any woman, let alone two. And it annoys me so much to see them chasing him!

okay, enough nonsense.

morning love letters to the babies

the board currently says "you're the best children in the whole world" :)

I am freaking out about this job thing.

The thing is this:
  • what is it that all these people (boss, ex-boss, wannabe boss, HR person) know about me that makes them think this job is good and interesting and exciting for me?
  • if they do think that, then what am I putting out there?
  • I really am battling with feelings of "am I thinking too highly of myself?" vs "maybe this is all I'm able to do?"
  • However I know I can do more.
  • D and I had a chat earlier before I freaked out again. He says my company hasn't really seen me be my awesome self. That is true definitely for the last 5 years. And so to be fair, they may think that this is good enough for me. Can you see why I'm freaked?
  • My boss and I had a chat today and she honestly think this will be good for me for at least a year or two. I made it clear that I'm not taking the first thing along just to do this quickly which she agrees with. Also, still not excited.
  • I know I'm not taking the job. I have to be seen to consider the thing properly though, especially because I have relationships with all involved so I need to do things professionally.
I've been asked to go there tomorrow to have a walk through, etc. These are the questions I want answered:
  • what grade is this job?
  • what did the other lady think of them wanting to bring me in? I'm a strong personality (no! :)) and she's a lot softer than I am...
What else do you think I should ask?

Has your career path been more or less as you envisioned it to be? Mine has been almost nothing like I thought it would.

PS when I get stressed, I paint my finger nails :)


  1. Lesley11:34 pm

    Marcia, please don't get freaked out about this job.
    You know what you are capable of - sometimes people don't see/receive this for their own reasons. Don't take this on board. They have their own agenda, don't over analysis it. Just be polite, as I'm sure you will be and say 'no thank you'- if you know it's not for you. Something else will come along that will suit you better. x

  2. This is why I'm giving up working, too much stress- LOL! I think you're over thinking this job business a bit. Things have a way of falling into place, regardless of when you think they should happen.

    I've really tried to veer away from all the political fallout. It's rather intense. What I find horribly entertaining is that people are taking media reports as absolute fact, when in truth many of them don't fully understand how our government works. So as a rule, during election season, I avoid talking about it in person.

  3. At least you don't eat when you get stressed :)
    Don't stress about this job too much. You know what's right for you and don't worry about what they think is right for you. You can say no for this job and you will find something else which suits you best.

  4. Just go with your gut on this Marcia. If it doesn't feel right then it probably isn't. And show them your awesome self! ;-)

  5. If you keep your peace it would mean the decision you make is right...if you lose your peace (and freak out) question what the Lord is trying to tell you.

  6. I do not unfriend, I just tick the option not to see them in my timeline on Facebook. A lot "softer" option and no come backs because they do nto know you do not "see" them.

    As to the job, I think you have it settled in your mind. Make them understand that you do not believe it is the right path for you.

    As to my career - I thought I would be an academic (everything was sort of in place for that), or maybe design houses or such an be a work at home mom. I did not consider the world of shopping centres etc and stumbled into it when I got retrenched from the "house type" practice I was working for. Now, I know it is what I do enjoy most and would not change it. But it does not mean that I would not have liked to work shorter hours and have more time with the kids or for myself.

  7. Dion is right. I think that if they STILL don’t know how AWESOME you are then the problem is with them, not you. Well, that’s what I say to console myself because my company also doesn’t see how awesome I am – hence the lack of rewards maybe?

    Anyway, I can understand how frustrating this situation must be – you REALLY want a change and the change being presented doesn’t suit you – instead it suits other people and THEIR ideas of you. Quite honestly, I’d feel insulted because surely they should KNOW you and your abilities and strengths by now? I mean seriously. You even wrote a book! How many of them did that?

    But seriously, in my book DOUBT = DON’T. In my book, DOUBT = PAUSE. In my book, DOUBT = WAIT. In my book, DOUBT = STOP. So, I think that you need to trust your gut on this one. The signs are all there that this is not for you.

    Oh my gosh. Career Path? This is something that I have struggled with all of my life and I am deeply envious of people who have an actual career path. AS far as I’m concerned, I have a job. I do some stuff, they pay me money and it covers a few (not even all) of the bills. Not a career.

    I probably wouldn’t unfriend someone for having differing political views (there are ALWAYS going to be people with differing views – that’s life) but I WOULD unfriend them for being racist. OR for making fun of anyone who is mentally and or physically challenged. Or for being disrespectful towards me. Luckily I’ve never needed to do this.

    Ps..lately when I get stressed, I go to bed and sleep. I know it’s not the best thing to do but it doesn’t feel so overwhelming the next day if I’ve had a good rest.

  8. I confess, I blog for a while then I read for a while, and blog, read, blog... so I'm not caught up on your job situation. That said, I'm really a "trust your instinct" kind of girl. My instinct rarely fails me.

    I was actually more open with you about the politics thing than I have been with anyone except maybe my husband. I am HUGE on my politics being a private thing. We had a mock election at the elementary school I work at and it was hard for me to talk about it. My coworkers ALL voted for Romney and made bad jokes about Obama (terribly unprofessional, don't you think?) and I said nothing. I just walked away and was determined to have some dignity and class.

    I defriended one of my facebook friends because he was relentlessly bashing my beliefs and I wasn't that close with him to begin with. But again, on Facebook I was pretty quiet.

    The only thing I can say about my career is that I have been happy and comfy teaching 2nd grade for many years, but I probably need to switch grades or schools soon to challenge myself. It would be exciting to teach another grade level with another content.

  9. I am a bit behind in my reading! Sometimes big corporates have a position open - they need someone compatent (I cant spell this word??) and so will choose someone who can do the job well regardless of whether that person is BEST suited for that position - does that make sense? It may explain why they want YOU for that job.

    Personally I am so cynical about big Corporate that I would stick your gun on this one Marcia!!! Do whats best for YOU.

  10. I don't unfriend, I don't get that upset over differing opinions.

    I agree with those who say follow your instincts on the job front.


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