Friday, November 23, 2012

{Friendship Friday} Friendship highs and lows


I think I better clear up a few things because I was obviously just typing away and then pressing Publish :)

1) my friend has invited us to a Thanksgiving supper next year - it was way too last-minute on the afternoon of this year's Thanksgiving to get it all sorted. Especially since even finding a turkey in South Africa is a rare thing most times of the year.

2) Wednesday's iphone pics were of my old iphone (the stolen one). I have since ordered one online, had it delivered to MandyR who DROVE the phone to my ex-ex-boss who happens to be (God!) on holiday very near where she lives. He flies back sometime over the next few days and is back in the office on Tuesday :) Yes, I'm counting down the days. I'm sure S is not expecting the big hug and kiss I'm going to give him ;)


This morning I had a fairly terrible morning with the kids who completely TRASHED their bedroom (more on this in another post). All their toys were confiscated for an entire day which may explain why they're still awake now because even Thursday and Friday (their teddy bears) are in toy jail.

Anyway, I put on some Elton John in the car to cheer me up while I drove to work. Well, it did the job (Honky Cat anyone? Just listen to the opening bars and try not to do the Ally McBeal shoulders) but then I also started missing Heather because of Philadelphia Freedom. *sigh*

Got to work and there was an announcement of no more Facebook - that's really no problem with me. I love boundaries and need help with fewer distractions but I logged in quickly to check some things and saw that something awful happened to a close friend of mine. I still don't have details; they're physically okay but emotionally wrecked.

So I start crying a bit thinking "what if" thoughts about her kids (we all fought infertility for far too long) and am trying to phone her through all of this.

Anyway, left messages everywhere - Facebook direct message and voicemail and got a message back in the afternoon.

That's the friendship low.

But then I went to have lunch with Jeanette. The photographer who set the high standards :) for all others to follow.

We have lots of similar things going on - slash careers (full-time work plus another business), work stuff, etc, etc. so late last week I suggested lunch and we agreed on a time and place.

We went to Koi in Rosebank where I had a beef and green bean stirfry and she had duck salad. The food was delicious, the sun was shining and it was lovely to bask in the African sun.

But more than that, the company was just what I needed. I loved our time together and hope we can do that again soon because the time is never enough.

That was the friendship high.

So in a week where I had gastro, I actually had a really good week (and am 1 kg down!) work-wise, business-wise and now, friendship-wise.

By that I mean I got some important things done.

How was your week? Friendship or otherwise.

friendship friday for the rest of the year

blog along if you want to... these are the FF topics for the rest of the year:

30/11 when your friends do better than you do
7/12 how does a friend go to a BFF?
14/12 which is harder - friend dates or when you're dating for a spouse/ partner?
21/12 do you agree that these are the most important parts of friendship? intimacy, interaction, reciprocity and positivity (this is from MWF seeking BFF)
28/12 reflections - how was this year in friendship for you?

and then it's 2013!

thank you for those who sent in some suggestions!

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  1. Oh I am glad you two had such fun. I had a good friend week - lunch with Laura, a quick visit from a friend this afternoon - for me this is quite a lot

  2. I had a LOVELY friendship week. Lunch with friend L on Tuesday, dessert with friend E on Wednesday evening and yesterday a lovely telephonic catch-up with Friend N who I'm having lunch with next week.
    So sorry about your friend who's had a bad experience. Hope their hearts will heal soon.

  3. That's a terrible way to lose 1kg!

    I'm currently bemoaning being a car owner, but prior to today it was a great week! Everyone was happy and healthy.

  4. Honky Cat...yes, please!

    And so cool that you and Jeannette are friends! I knew you loved her pictures, but I didn't realize you got together...awesome! :)

    It's been a good friendship week for me. I loved that we got to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends. I got to catch up with my bestie on the phone. And I had a super-quick impromptu lunch with K&S on Tuesday.

    (And I commented on one blog post [ahem] for a dear friend...long overdue! Still owe another blog friend a thoughtful comment!)

  5. your posts always read like I'm listening to you talk...I love how conversational they are!

  6. I had NO friendship dates this is hectic at this time of the year and I want the world to stop so that I can get off ;-)

  7. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Toy jail, ha ha ha ha ha!!! Never heard that before but it's a good discipline, have the toys been released now :) My SIL used to use time out but soon realised it didn't work as her daughter was good at entertaining herself even when in time out. So toy jail might be a good one

    Hope your friend is ok?

    Had dinner with a friend, was good to catch up and give each other pep talks. Was a good friendship high for me.

    Week was ok, busier than planned but still a good week all in all.

    Mrs FF

  8. Loved our lunch :) it was exactly what I needed. I ended up getting so stuck in traffic though, that I was only at the office for a really short bit before having to leave again... I should've gone straight home!
    We need to do it again.

  9. I actually had a friendship date this week - havent had one in ages! So it was good!


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