Saturday, November 03, 2012

{Friendship Friday} it's been a good friendship week

Well, this was a great week, friend-wise.

1. My one friend's birthday was last week and when I phoned to say happy birthday, we were talking and saying we need to get together - it's been a few months.

Immediately I said, "well, Wednesdays and Thursdays are best for me" and she said, "okay, are you free next Wednesday?" and I said yes!

I love that - the instantaneous plan-making and willingness on both our parts.

We went to a lovely Greek restaurant on Wed, both of us had two starters (this I learnt from a Greek friend of mine who said she never feels like eating a main course but she can happily have two starters) but most of all, good conversation!

It was FREEZING out (I'm really starting to get worried about the weather - my children are in tracksuits!!! In November!!!) but well worth it to make the effort to see one another.

2. And then this friend is out from the UK. I mentioned before that I see them more than some Jhb friends because we're both committed to making it work every time they're out. This is her 3rd time for the year :) but to be fair, one of those visits was coming to move her granny into an old aged home.

We literally had 1.5 hours together but made every minute count - a bit of small talk and then into the deep things. She brought me some lovely stationery from Staples (can your love language be stationery? :)). I made her a year in review book for next year and gave her a set of those washi tape mini notecards! Her love language is gifts so I always like to have something for her.
I really must post properly about my impressions of NYC. They gave me maps and metro cards (which I returned tonight) and we got to discuss our impressions as South African girls :)

3. I also had a coffee (French vanilla) with a work friend today and we caught up for an hour. I introduced her to (app on the ipad) so I'm her new bff ;) because they're going to redo their kitchen.
Can I just say R200 000 is crazy to pay for a new kitchen?! She agrees and has sent the architect back to the drawing board :) I'm very partial to green kitchens with islands... but no amount of kitchen satisfaction is worth R200 000!

What do you think? Would you pay a fortune for a kitchen? Why or why not?

So a very successful week for friendship.

How have the last couple of weeks been for you as far as friendship is concerned? On a scale of 1 - 10?


  1. Last few weeks of friendship have been so-so - in all fairness, I have been a bit distracted. I actually wrote up a post for last night about something that happened this week with a friend -I didn't publish it last night because when I reread it, it made me sound a bit needy.
    But this morning I met one friend for a run and then straight after I met another friend for breakfast at the market. And Monday I have dinner plans with another, so it's picking up slowly but surely.

  2. Vanilla coffee is so amazing. I love vanilla - LOVE IT!!!

    LOL I think stationery may also be my love language - lol - buy me some post its in bright colours and I am happy!

  3. So glad you had such awesome friend time this week! I know that just does your soul good. :)

    My friend time over the past couple of weeks has been pretty average...a couple of really good interactions, but then I've had little interaction with two other friends, which makes me feel a bit down when we can't seem to get together. I love how you and your friends made such good time for each sounds very reciprocal, which is always so warming.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your picture(s?) didn't show up in this post, and your spacing is far apart. Of course you know I'll read you, no matter how you look :), but I wanted to let you know something may be a little off. Now that I think about it, I think there were pictures maybe missing from yesterday, but I emailed you instead of commented on the post, and I forgot to say anything. I'll run back and check.

    Hope you have a great -- and productive! -- weekend!

  4. Your post just reminds me that I am not spending enough time with my friends. I must make the effort...I know.

  5. R200k for a kitchen sounds very steep but I guess it depends on the value of the house that the kitchen would go into. That would make a big difference.

    Mrs FF

  6. It is very easy to spend R200 000 on a kitchen, but you can for way less. It is all about the finishes and appliances.

    I had a wonderful friend date - last Sunday night I dreamed about a friend from school, sms her on Monday morning early that I dreamed about her and can we have lunch sometimes - she sms back, "What about today - I am in your area around 12" I made it work from my side and we had a wonderful time together. Why can it not always be this easy?

    My love language can totally be stationary - we have a TYPO opening soon - I can not wait

  7. R200 000 for A kitchen?! That's just crazy.

    Summer seems to be back with a vengeance today doesn't it? I'm quite happy about that since Nicola refuses to wear anything warm without me having to wrestle her into it.

    I don't really rate my weeks friendship-wise but I feel like I'm in a pretty good spot at the moment. Stretching to do a few things I haven't done before and getting enough me-time in between all the other-people-time. So all good as far as I'm concerned.


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