Saturday, November 03, 2012

Hello November

So I did fairly well in October - 83% of my goals completed. Actually, a very good month! 
The main highlights....
  • first month in 3 I was well the entire month :) :)
  • HUGE progress on the job front
  • salary increase :) :) :)
  • gynae and dentist appointments done! And all tests clear.
  • booked holiday and did lots of great family things, including another "fun mom" thing which was window painting and the family photo shoot
  • 5 friend socials
  • all house stuff done and I'm ahead on the decluttering of bookshelves
  • all personal/ create stuff done except I didn't buy the Seinfeld DVD because I can't find them anywhere (the usual places don't have it - any ideas, South African friends???)

Onto November...

this month I want to keep it light... for me ;)
  1. get Vitality fitness assessment done
  2. work out 10 times
  3. good performance appraisal preparation (this is for increases!)
  4. continue with new job networking
  5. blog 10 times on K & C blog
  6. make 31 days book and put up for sale
  7. make brunch date with LAD and SU (cancelled in Oct due to 3/5 sick kids amongst the 3 sets of friends)
  8. take nice pics of the kids' baby books and toys, and then donate! I pinned something on Pinterest ages ago which I want to try
  9. finally put my USA pics in a photo album (I finally bought one I'm 99% happy with)
  10. engage fully in Love Languages training
  11. declutter last two shelves - woohoo - can't wait!
  12. start thinking about business direction and goals for next year
  13. make Christmas card list and start writing out the cards (I want to print pics when our photo disc is ready)
  14. write and read blogs for only 2 hours a day
  15. read 5 books - including 1 non-fiction
  16. make a craft for Christmas gifts
  17. buy 2 seinfeld dvds
  18. two dates with D
  19. four friend socials
  20. sort out new computer - completely
What's on your list for November? 
PS Connor just told me to go buy bleach because this kitchen is messy! I howled with laughter
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  1. You did great! I should post mine - maybe tomorrow. This month I have a smallish list - I can actually finish it all in over two weekends if I REALLY apply myself. I don't know what your regular places are but I usually buy DVD stuff online - specifically here ( because they are way cheaper than Kalahari.

  2. You did very well....maybe I should rethink this "lists" thing;-)

  3. That's a huge list for December!! Well done on the salary and job front!

  4. Mrs FF7:37 pm

    Marcia 20 goals is still a lot, though for you that's not too many. I am just going with the flow this month goal wise. Though I do want to read 3 books and do a few crafts (might just join up with you monthly craft linky, if I can get my A into G) ;) :)

    Did you check kalahari and take a lot or one of the numerous online stores. They definitely would have Seinfeld, though might take a week or 2 before you receive it.

  5. I actually got mine posted ... sort of on time.

    October Results ....

    November New Goals ....

    I'm hoping to also get a better handle on "setting goals" for December - and do some deep thinking/praying/planning for the rest of our school year's goals.

  6. This time of the year is so bsy I do think I need to make a list and try and keep to it

  7. I love the goals you have for November. 20 things is a lot for me but if it's light for you, then go for it :)


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