Thursday, November 01, 2012

It's addictive, I tell you

Let's just say I've been taken by surprise that it's the beginning of another month.

A person at work said she'd be able to deliver in the first week of December and I started thinking, "so long????" and then I looked at my calendar and realised it's only 4 weeks away. Crikey.

So while I'm slogging away at work, I'm dreaming about pics like this:

doesn't a beach umbrella just scream "summer"? :)

the babies look so small!

and this was only 9 months ago!

It doesn't help that it's ice-cold here and we're in jerseys, long pants and closed shoes. With electric blankets on. My toes haven't seen the light of day for weeks :)
I'll post my goals on Saturday but all things considered October was not a bad month. Actually it was great because I was not in the hospital like last year!

My brother's here for a few days on his way to PE from Korea. My mother doesn't know because he wanted to surprise her... but she hates surprises... He'll be home for 3 months and is then going to Japan for a year.

Tomorrow I have a lovely friend from the UK visiting for a very short 1.5 hours but we will make every minute count.

I decided enough is enough with my computer so I went to buy a laptop yesterday. Nothing fancy; I'm into functional at the moment.

I left my own computer there too so they could copy over all my data (all 70 GB he tells me :)) so last night when I got back from supper with yet another friend, there was "nothing" to do so I decided to tackle a bookshelf. I ended up doing two. Only decluttered 5 books overall but everything is beautifully categorised.

I'm on a roll now. I think I'll tackle the last two shelves tomorrow . My goal is to go from 5 shelves to 3 by Aug next year. I'm already down to 4 from last week when I decluttered 23 books and I had a glance at the other two shelves - I'm mostly unattached to a lot of those so it should be easy to let go of at least 10 - 15. But more than that I have (at the moment) 44 unread books - physical ones - plus about 20 on the Kindle.
Can you tell the last book I read was Organized Simplicity? :)

If you have a Kindle, do you still read physical books? I'm going to have to up my quota and make sure I read 3 physical books every month otherwise I'm never going to get through that stack... and they're all books I really do want to read. Oy!

Oh, I've nearly reached my reading goal for the year :) :) Will let you know when it happens properly!

What are you addicted to, at the moment?


  1. I do not think I will ever stop reading book books! I love them. My favourite place is our local second hand book store - LOVE IT! I can spend R100 and get 5/6 books!!

    I am on a bit of a organising frenzy at the moment. In an attempt to get the nanny to clean better I am trying to make sure the house is actually organised. Re-packed the tupperware, baking and crockery cupboards yesterday and bought some baskets and organised the toiletries in our bathroom - I LOVE it!!!! Decluttered my dressing table and drawer as well!!

    (Sorry for the long post)

  2. Oh I will always still read physical books too. There is just nothing that compares to a book, the smell, the sound of paging... Ok, I know I am slightly odd.

    I am on a bit of an organizing streak after reading your book and worse of all Mr L's glasses are gone. Just gone - for a whole week now

  3. I don't read physical books anymore. I'm all about saving trees, so the electronic ones are such a great thing for me.
    So cool that you're on an organizing spree. Enjoy it. Enjoy your weekend as well.

  4. I love printed books - don't think I could give them up for the electronic version. Congrats on the new computer!

  5. At the moment I am addicted to embroidery stitching. I have been practicing ALL these stitches. I LOVE it!
    I do still read physical books - in fact I read one a month. Usually I read the physical book (mostly it's the NF stuff) at work and all kindle books at home or while I'm sitting in the Drs surgery or whatever. I have been spending WAY TOO MUCH on paper books these past few months for both kids. Am going to have to frequent 2nd hand book stores with them - the mere thought makes me want to go out and buy rubber gloves. Having said that, I don't think that I could completely give up paper books - there are some books that one just DOES NOT buy to read electronically.

  6. Anonymous9:06 pm

    It's a good surprise so hopefully your mom wouldn't mind. At least I hope she wouldn't :)

    Yet to read a book electronically but for now I love my physical books.

    Addictions at the moment - chewing ice cubes (have always been addicted to it for as long as I can remember), Kettle corn popcorn (sweet and salty) and walking outdoors. I would rather walk 5km outdoors than 1km on a treadmill :)

    Mrs FF

  7. I've read one 'real' book since I got my Kindle, and I hated reading it like that LOL I won't go back.

  8. (Yup...when you said you're dreaming about pics like this...there isn't a pic. Ugh!) :/

  9. I totally agree with your love for physical books. I love the feel and the smell of them.

    Gorgeous photos of your beauties here;-)


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