Saturday, November 17, 2012

November photo challenge - black and white

Here's last month's photo challenge - red. 

This month our challenge is black and white.

Shall we do green for December?

What about yellow?

Here are my 5 pics - all from New York.

Here are the rules: 
  • 5 pics only
  • any method of picture taking - phone, ipad, point and shoot, DSLR
  • your interpretation of black and white
  • link up to this post
  • have fun!


  1. I like the Hudson theater on as well as the last one of the building. I have a feeling the second to last one is your I right or wrong?

  2. I really, really love the edge of the viewer with the building in the backdrop...awesome! They're all great!

  3. (I don't see your there supposed to be one?)

    Here's my link:

  4. I love the repetition of both the building shots. They're so busy!

    I'm torn between green and yellow. Here green would be a cinch with Christmas decorations, yellow would be more of a challenge!!

  5. I love B & W...

    My favourite is picture 4, I love the focus on the viewfinder and the blurriness of the picture in the background. I am guessing either that or picture 5 is your favourite,

    Either theme would be great for December, though green would be easier, so I would say let's do yellow :)

  6. Lesley7:03 pm

    My favourite is the lamps and the tee tops -lovely.

  7. Very beautiful my friend - second from last one is my favorite

  8. Ooooh, I love! The building, the lamp, all of it!

  9. I love all them, really beautiful. Most favourite is 4,and 2 I just linked up my post, pls head onto my blog and comment.


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