Saturday, November 10, 2012

Now that I've calmed down a bit, I can tell you what happened

Well, last night I was just freaking out - crying, then I'd stop, then cry again, etc.
Some South African background...
  1. there is no point in holding out for a phone to be found. it will never happen.
  2. also no point in reporting to police/ mall security (the only thing that will accomplish is me getting more frustrated)
  3. no, the iphone wasn't insured (and I work in insurance!)
So what happened?

We were at Ackermans buying bedding for the kids. D had two kids hanging onto him plus one of the bales. I was about 10 m behind them with the other bale in one hand plus 3 pairs of shoes in the other.

I saw a really nice black dress on my way, stopped to look at sizes and felt someone brush up against me.

The shop wasn't full so I immediately looked down, saw the front pocket of my bag was now gaping open and my phone was gone.


Dropped the clothes there and ran about 5 steps to the nearest people, a man and a woman, and said, "did you see my phone?"

(I'm clearly in shock because I was not thinking at all)

He had this weird expression on his face and his girlfriend said, "does it look like this one?" which is an odd thing to say anyway because what would you normally say? I'd say something like, "where was it? what does it look like?"

I had a feeling then (but my mind hadn't caught up to my gut) and I know now that it's them who brushed up against me and took the phone.

I've been beating myself up but what could I have done? I was as vigilant as I normally am (very), the shop wasn't busy, by rights nothing should have happened.

You also can't shake them and say, "I know you took it - give it back"

I ran to D, shouted across the store (LOUD), MY PHONE's JUST BEEN STOLEN and of course, we lack empathy for these things in South Africa. No-one even blinked.

One very kind couple stopped and he offered me his Blackberry to make the necessary calls. I told him I don't even know where to start or what to do and they calmed me down and told me to go straight to the Cell C shop.

I did, we blocked the phone and this morning I took the iphone box with me and they blacklisted the handset.

My kids were SUPER awesome (as was D) and kept saying (Connor), "Mummy, I'm very, VERY sorry the bad people took your iphone" and Kendra, "I think you need to get Mr Smack for them" :) Lots of hugs and kisses and I'm sorrys.


So I sent Mandy my accountability list and since I saw something that could be done fairly quickly, I quickly made a disc for Cat of her boys' party pics, and I felt GREAT!

Action :)

And then I wrote Beth an email to tell her congrats on her Nate Berkus thing, and mentioned the iphone thing and then I realised, this is SMALL in the grand scheme of life. Beth's son was murdered for goodness sake, and I had some good old perspective.

Which is great!

I do want to say a BIG thank you to Mandy for being so quick to email me some links to lock and password protect and send a message to the person who now has a very nice iphone with an even nicer case (I almost love my case more than the phone).

So I wanted to buy a new iphone today but the istore doesn't have any phones in stock. I could get one from Cell C but I want my 20% cash back next month if I buy from the istore (on Discovery) so will wait. When I told them to phone Sandton, they told me there are NO phones in the country! It kills me to use savings for this (which is so unnecessary) but sadly, I'm now an apple convert and I can't go back (after only being convinced for two months).

They're waiting for the new iphone 5 to arrive (yes, I've signed up for notification). So that's where we are.

I bought a new SIM, did a SIM swop (I'm learning far too much about what happens when phones get stolen) and you can now phone/ SMS me again on what I call the pink phone) my old Nokia. I probably won't sms back because I hate that keyboard :)

And that's the long and horrible story.

Thankfully, I've completelly stopped the crying - I think the kids were worried!!! - and I'm back in problem-solving mode.

How was your Friday night?
PS I was supposed to do the black and white photo link-up today. I'll do it next week. Promise!


  1. gosh! so sorry all of this happened. isn't it crazy how vulnerable we all really are?? this kind of thing, no matter how small, makes me feel violated. i would never think to steal something from's crazy that people do this kind of thing all of the time. and i wonder what that couple would have done if you would have snached your phone back from them! :)

    we ordered our iphones last week and they've shipped...we should have them soon. we've been using dinosaur blackberries, so i'm even more excited. what is your case recommendation? i swear i've been scouring the interwebs to find the *perfect* case and i'm afraid that i've put to much pressure on this decision! :)

    i'm glad you're okay, but sorry that this happened!


  2. That is such a scary situation you described. The first time I read through, I had one thought about what you "should" have done...but I quickly realized -- as you said -- there was nothing really that you could do. Disgusting.

    I'm glad you figured out the technical stuff. (And just to clarify, that was thanks to Mandy H!)

    So sweet to hear how great K&C were, and I'm glad you were able to take some "action" last night and clear your mind a bit.

    So what did you say in your message to the person who took your phone?

    My Friday was pretty good! We had the girls' holiday pictures made yesterday morning. I don't know if we got actual smiles, though. The girls and I had time to run to Target, and then we went to lunch. They were so well behaved! No naps at home, though, which was challenging. Still, we met Daddy at the park after work, and that was so nice. The weather was gorgeous! The girls were fussy around supper, though, so I put them to bed about 15 minutes early. They went straight to sleep!

    Hope you have a great Saturday!

  3. So sorry about the Iphone. A similar thing happened to me a few years ago. I had my hands full buying school clothes for the Missions children and my phone was stolen right out of my handbag. Hoop die skelm kry 'n gatkramp;-)

  4. Oh noooooo!!!! That really, really stinks, Marcia. I'd be upset too.

    But as you said, it's about perspective, right? No permanent damage done, I hope. And now you get an iPhone 5! : )

  5. That is so AWFUL! People are so terrible sometimes, aren't they? I am so sorry. I know it is of little consolation, but it makes me very happy that the thieves won't be able to use the phone once it has been blocked. Hope you get your new one ASAP!

  6. This is so horrible! I'm sorry to hear that it happened to you - ick! I, too, get all out of whack when something like this, good job putting things into perspective.

  7. Agh no man!! How horrible! I would cry too if my iPhone got stolen and I would probably search everyone personally in the store!!!!

    I would still report it.

  8. Oh, that STINKS!!! So very very sorry!

  9. Still can't believe this happened. These people are so smooth - there is nothing that you could have done.
    My Friday night OK. After a rough start, we eventually all went to bed nice and early.
    Hope you don't have to wait too long for the new one.

  10. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Hope you had an ok weekend, despite all the drama of Friday?

    Have a great week ahead

    Mrs FF

  11. Hope you get the new phone soon end thanks for the pics!

  12. I am so sorry this happened to you.

  13. I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to you. It's terrible and sucks. Makes me so furious when something like this happen to anyone. Grrrrrr!
    I'm glad you blocked the phone and that strangers offered their phone for you to make the calls with.

  14. These things happen so quickly Marcia - I'm sorry it happened to you. My mom's been pick pocketed a couple of times too and the ways they go about it is sometimes nothing short of evil genius. I get super annoyed when i think about how little they're probably get for it when they resell it, and how much of a pain in the butt it will be for you to get everything replaced...and some things like photos and numbers just can't be replaced at all. Grrr!

    I must be honest, if I ever catch one of these skollies I will probably give them a proper ass whooping for their troubles.


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