Monday, November 19, 2012

Summer rain


What is it with kids and umbrellas?

My children are fascinated by umbrellas.

The day before the photoshoot I was randomly buying everything purple (!) and since we'd been having very rainy days I decided to buy myself a purple umbrella too.

I had this in mind :)

Those of you who have been to my work know that it would have worked PERFECTLY there :)

(If I ever leave I'm sure I'll miss the building and surrounds more than the work :))

Anyway, we had some grey sky but no rain.

But the kids wouldn't let up and kept wanting to play with my R100 umbrella. No way, pumpkins.

Kendra keeps asking me why I call them pumpkin. "I don't know, Baby. I just do"

So I promised them that I'd go look for umbrellas for them.

Fortunately we had a teambuild on the Tuesday following so I went shopping instead of back to work and found these lovely red ones.

The babies were over the moon when I got back with them and happily we had a few drizzles about 10 minutes later so we tested them out.

I do love Joburg's summer rain - a usually short thundershower, just enough to cool down and to clear the air.


I was very productive at work today and hope to continue this trend the whole week. The key is, of course, no meetings :)

I've prepared my eat the frog list so I'm hoping for a similar level of productivity tomorrow.

Of course this means very little email answering and much real work doing.

However, I must admit I acted like a bit of a toddler tonight and totally threw my toys out of the cot because I am being very clear about certain things and Nanny S is either 1) blatantly ignoring me or 2) confused and not wanting to ask.

I have a little problem with her - if she's unclear she either doesn't do anything or just does her own thing. But she NEVER sends me an sms. I freaked out two months ago because she didn't check with me on a medicine issue. Fortunately it was just Panado but it could have been an issue.

Just to be clear it wasn't an airtime issue because I put extra in her phone for these intermittent texts to me.

The issue is not the bags or the clothes or the toys (although in a sense it is because I seem to be the only one who bothers to organise and check if all the puzzles are there, etc) but the fact that I've mentioned this before and I want my kids to take care of their stuff with her guidance when I'm not there.

Anyway, I've made a note and we'll have a chat tomorrow.

Of course I spent about 30 minutes decluttering a whole laundry basket of toys, and then organising, and then because I was cross, I cooked another meal (potato lentil curry - mmm) and I sorted out a shelf. Being cross is very good for my house!

But now, friends, I need to get to bed seeing as I'm being responsible *ahem* with the internet...

How was your Monday?

In case you haven't realised, I love the rain. Love, love, LOVE it! The more dramatic (grey skies, thunder, lightning), the better :)

Do you like the rain?

PS I automatically think you're my kind of person if you love rain :)
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  1. I do so love rain. LOVE IT! The ladies are itching for umbrellas but I just see weapons. I never use one myself, I don't even own one, but still they insist.

    As for my Monday, I unexpectedly gained a nephew so I'm sulking like a teenager.

  2. Looooove the rain! I'm with you, the darker and nastier the weather, the better. Kids & umbrellas get me every time. A & M have matching umbrellas, coats, and rain boots that I desperately hope will fit for another year. We haven't had enough opportunities to use them yet!

  3. I love the rain :) Storms terrify me but the rain I love.

    PLEASE may you send me your lentil and potato curry recipe!! I have to find things for D to eat using lentils!!

    What is an eat the frog list?

    1. Hi Laura, I just linked the potato lentil curry post :)

      Here is the link where I talk about eat the frog:

      And the form I reference is in the welcome pack when you sign up at

    2. Thanks Marcia :)

  4. Oh my goodness, I adroe the rain. There is nothing better than summer rains. I had to smile - you remember my recent post about how much C wanted an umbrella - they LOVE them.

    I wish I could do like you when angry. I tend to shut myself in a corner and read. Not good for my house

  5. Your work would really work very well for that umbrella shot! I love the rain fact I'm wishing for some right now because it's so hot.

  6. I like the umbrellas you have bought for the twins. They look so happy with those umbrellas of theirs :) Yes, kids just love umbrellas. I personally don't use one and don't own one as well. I hate having to climb into my car and then to get wet while trying to close the umbrella outside the car while I sit in the car. Grrrr.

  7. LOL! I loved the rain too. That is until we had 14 days of solid rain that just wouldn't let up. Now, I am so over it.

    The photos of your two with the umbrellas are way cute. I love it that you get so productive when you are cross...I just get cross;-)

  8. I love the rain (as long as I'm not caught in it). Though considering the heat, rain would be such a welcome respite right now.


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