Sunday, November 11, 2012

The weekend... aside from the iphone fiasco


1. Well firstly, I'm having serious iphone withdrawal. I keep remembering the things I could do and now can't:
  1. text easily!
  2. taking pics
  3. check and send emails on the go (don't expect any of those immediate responses anymore :))
  4. taking pics
  5. checking the weather on my two apps (because I've become a weather nerd and I can't relax til I've checked at least two different sources)
  6. taking pics
Tonight Kendra and Connor were in the bath and she said, "Mummy! Please come take photos of us" I don't need a second request but then I remembered and I said, "aaarrggghhh! Baby, I don't have an iphone anymore".
Connor: "I'm sorry the bad people took your phone"
I really must stop thinking about it so I can move on... for now.
2. Aside from all that, we had a LOVELY party yesterday and I got to spend some time with two favourite friends. We love going to Caren's parties because it's like a play area - she's got so many things to do. I must also add it's our third party together (all our kids born within 4 months of each other!) and each party gets easier :)
The kids were all well behaved and I took the sweets from the party packs and STILL they were super chuffed with their toys.
I'd show you more pics but I want her to see all her pics first. And most of them need to still be edited (of course, in Marcia-speak that means a slight straighten, crop and maybe some increase in shadow).
3. I finally did a black and white collage of some NYC pics I'm happy about and will get that printed during the course of this week. And of course, I worked some on Caren's pics just so I could send her a few.

I also made a Christmas card list (need to double-check it though) and a "things to do with the kids" list - I want to make these into a nice, printed list and stick it up after Connor laminates it for me (he loves his job).
4. I have a SUPER awesome Christmas present idea for the two secret santas. The minute the first one happens I'll post the idea but I'm SO excited. I just hope it comes together in reality like it looks in my mind.
5. OHHHHH. The job. So I went over there on Friday afternoon for a chat with the CEO, MD and walk through the offices, and then lunch to a very nice place in the city centre.
Can I just say I was in HEAVEN and I took lots of pics with my iphone (!) in the city centre! Gosh, I will have to put on my 2013 list to go on a couple of photo walks in the CBD (the nice part) and get those and other pics again. I love the old buildings and it's so clean from when I used to work there 13 years ago..... showing my age..... have you ever worked in a city centre?
As for the actual job, I'm saying nothing... but just letting things unfold as they will and following the Peace.
6. This afternoon I should have done some work and may still do so if I'm alert enough after my shower but D and the kids were all sleeping (for 2 hours) so I read and read and read some more and I finished my Michael Connelly. Yes!
7. This week I'm looking forward to
  • finishing properly with the old computer and get new one set up with anti-virus and try get my address book moved over
  • my Brazilian - my hair is a mess. I didn't tell you but I had a colour and cut just before going to the USA, 4 days after my last Brazilian and the people didn't use sulphate-free shampoo even when I told them. So, yes, a mess. I bought a groupon and this Wed is the earliest she could fit me in. I'll confess - I begged, pleaded, but still, this is the earliest.
  • cancelling with the personal trainer. I just can't do it anymore.
  • last but not least, my Love Languages facilitation training. That's a full day out of the office on personal stuff but that leave day is well worth it!
How was your weekend?
Have you made your Christmas lists yet?
What are you looking forward to this week?

PS Louisa, JEALOUS that you work so close to all that architectural goodness. We were about two blocks from your spiffy new building!
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  1. Sorry about your phone, I'd be lost without mine. I also love JHB CBD and love any excuse to take photos there, especially in the old banking district.

  2. Ai Marcia, i only saw it now! So so sorry about your phone- truly I a, addicted to mine and jave insured it accordingly. Inner cities are beautfiful and yes, every year the parties get easier. Two secret santas? Are ther two going? Do tell

  3. Anonymous10:42 pm

    You definitely had a packed and fun weekend in spite of the phone issue. That's great.

    I've never worked per se in a city centre or downtown as Americans call it. My offices have always been in the "posh" wannabe office district! Quite a number of SA bloggers rave about the Jhb city centre, I usually only drive past, not sure I have the audacity to walk around!

    Hope you are happy with whatever decision you make regarding the job issue!

    My weekend was packed but started with a 5km walk at 6am through a farm and circuit at the gym (which always puts me in the right mood). This week looking forward to (NOT) a very full friday and saturday of work from 7 to 10pm both days.

    Have a great week and can't wait to see the pictures and hear about the secret santa ideas

    Mrs FF

  4. I had to scroll down and read what happened to your phone. That's horrible!!! There have been a lot of iPhone thefts around here too. Apparently, people can sell them on the market for a lot of money.

    I'm really sorry that happened to you.

  5. We had a great weekend - it was spent outdoors with limited internet access :) The boys had a race on at Sun City - it was really a great weekend!

    I am actually starting Christmas Shopping today - thanks to a SARS refund.

    PS - I am sure you are organised with this but every 2nd day I copy off the recent photos off my phone so if something should happen I do at least have most of them.

  6. Aside from the iPhone, I'm glad that you had an awesome weekend. Isn't it terrible how things like these can also affect our children? They feel so sad and bad for their mom/dad when things like these happened. I remember well when our car was stolen 2 years back. He was so freaked out and sad. Kept saying that he is so sorry for us.

  7. Sounds like you ended up having a really nice weekend. Mine was OK, I guess. I have made Christmas lists and quite honestly I just want to tick off A LOT of stuff on my to-do list for this week.
    Oh, and I used to work in CT. In Long Street. I LOVED LOVED LOVED working in the city and I used to spend my lunch-times people watching at St Georges Mall and walking around at Green Market square. I didn't like getting to work so much. Lots of traffic and trains that were ALWAYS running late. Being in Rondebosch has spoilt me though - I couldn't possibly work so far from home again.

  8. Thanks for the lovely party mention, and for the lovely pic of us!

  9. I used to be terrified of accidentally ending up in the big bad city before I started working here. It's actually pretty awesome except for the stupid traffic. As you know Marcia, I often go for a little stroll around town and not only are the buildings beautiful, but some of the gardens are just plain magnificent too! See you in an hour or so, then I can also ooh and aaah over your building. ;-)


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