Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Thoughts on election day

We're doing our funny faces self-portraits again and yes, it's the heart of summer but we were wearing winter clothes

Hello hello. There was some misunderstanding about me closing the comments on my organising blog.

No, there were no trolls. Ever actually.

The person who commented was genuine and I certainly took it as a well-intended comment. I just don't agree with what he said.

I just got tired of writing and writing with little feedback. Like it or not, I need something back and by closing the comments, I removed my expectation because now I don't have to wait expectantly anymore.

However, my Facebook plugin has been there for over a year so there is a means to interact with me.


And on the job thing. I'm definitely not taking it (not that I've received a letter from them yet...) but I've now had many conversations and they all confirm what I felt. Our PA, also a Christian, said she felt that this wasn't right for me but said nothing because she didn't want to annoy me :)

My work colleague said she didn't think it was stupid of me to have some issues reporting to that girl... "at some point you want to stop taking orders, right?" RIGHT!

Also, I'm just not excited about it. If I'd seen it come up on our internal portal, I wouldn't even click to read further. That's my excitement gauge :)

So there we are. My very level-headed colleague said to wait for the letter and then have a mature conversation to say where and how I thought I could have fitted in and be upfront that the position doesn't excite in its current state.


Now, the elections.

Did you know in South Africa we get a public holiday to go vote? It's glorious.

Did you vote?

If not, no complaining :)

I've been checking the internet the whole day and will check first thing in the morning again.

Are you very political?
I'm soooo not and it annoys me to some extent when 1) people assume that I vote a certain way (no, I don't vote for the two major parties) and 2) agree with them in blanket statements.

I actually need my own party for how I think :)

What about you? Is it easy for you to decide who to vote for?
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  1. I wouldn't say that I'm political but I do enjoy current affairs and am reasonably up to date with it. Assumptions about who I vote for also annoy me tremendously. I DO vote and I take it very seriously. After all, I'm essentially making a decision that will affect the future of my kids. I see my vote as a kind of job interview - Can you do the job? Are you equipped to do it? Are you sensible? Do you have good people skills? Are you educated preferably with a degree in Economics? Are there any indications that you are racist? Or ageist? Or sexist? What does your past experience show and how can your skills be used at this moment etc.- this is how I decide who I will vote for.
    I don't vote morally (I am not interested if my chosen politician is pro life or pro choice or a Christian or a Buddhist) and I don't want my politician to decide what I can and can't do with my body. I DO want my chosen political party to create infrastructure and jobs, work HARD to eradicate poverty, make significant improvements in health and education, I DO want my chosen politician to put my country on the world map - an NOT by being an embarrassment. In other words, I vote practically.

  2. Btw...I was quite bummed last night because I was planning to comment on about 10 posts and I couldn't! I do understand though and I really hope that this is temporary.

  3. So how do they tally voting in SA? We have the electoral college and as a result, my state has always swung democratic. That being said, I don't go for the majority parties and feel my vote doesn't really count. Then I get caught up thinking that by taking my vote away from the majority, I let the major of two evils win. I clearly know who I want to vote for, I just know they won't win.

    The president is more of a figure head than anything else, it's congress that cannot accomplish anything. It's all about party lines, and it prohibits any progress from being made. I could go on for DAYS! It makes me sick. So I try to focus on the propositions, do my part to control what immediately effects me.

  4. Lesley12:33 am

    I'm not political (my husband is political enough for both of us and then some!) but i am into justice and fairness.
    When i moved here i read the policies of all the political parties so i could make my mind up on who to vote for. I also am not blinded by any political party, if i think something is right i will support it regardless of who is saying it.

  5. I'm very political. I like politics, to see what every party brings to the country and how they make those promises real or not. According to my hawk eye on politics every single day, I find it easy to make a vote.
    I'm glad that you now have an answer towards this position.
    Why are you two wearing jerseys in the middle of summer? Was it taken last week when we did experience a cold day on Thursday?

  6. I really feel in South Africa being political serves very little purpose - the overpowering majority is just too major. That being said, I do vote and vote where I feel it could make a difference.

  7. Gosh I totally get the closing comment thing. My comments have dropped dramatically recently and it is actually knocking my confidence a bit to be honest :(

    For the first time since I started blogging (5 years ago) I actually started wondering if I have reached my sell by date!

    Re the voting - if I was American it would be pretty simple and actually it is an easy choice for me in SA as well :)

  8. I also vote where I feel my vote can make a difference. Go on start a new party...one with good morals and that brings God back into life in general.


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