Sunday, November 18, 2012

We finally got the disc from our photoshoot

1. Our photoshoot

I wasn't upset about waiting a month because at least she told me it would be that long when we had the shoot.

Unlike the other lady from last year who is just TERRIBLE at estimating time. Said one thing and delivered weeks later... all the time. Moving on...

I'm not WILD about them but it's because Jeanette spoiled me with lovely, natural, crisp, clear images for a few years. I'm not a fan of that soft focus look that is so popular.

That, and the fact I am so fat it's actually crazy. And of course Connor was acting up and doing the three-year-old face, which works well for self-portraits with me but not for stuff you're paying for!

Anyway, I told myself if there are a few I can use I'll be happy.

And there are definitely a few I can use.

We have 1 we can use for our digital Christmas greetings (!), and another 4 - 5 that are "wall print-worthy" so I'm happy.

Here are two pics - as I sort through more, I'll post a few more.

one of three pics of Connor genuinely laughing!
2.  My iphone

I am missing it dreadfully - I haven't taken one pic with the stupid Nokia in the 8 days I've been using it. Totally pointless to expend the effort for BLUR.

However, Mandy told me that it was delivered! So I should be getting it in about 1 - 2 weeks time, and I must say I can't wait.

I even had a dream about S (work friend and ex-boss) coming in straight from the airport to bring it to me at my desk. I know, pathetic!

3. Black and white challenge

oh my, I'm LOVING all the pics you're posting. I may not post many here on the blog but I LOVE black and white pics - always have. So classic and timeless :)

And this set just made my evening.

Today I tidied my bedroom so thoroughly Nester won't know what hit her when she sees it on Tuesday. I also sorted through more of the kids' clothes. It's a permanent item on my to-do list because they grow so quickly. I bought Connor two pairs of sandals about a month ago and he needs a new pair again!

But now, I really want to get those October pics done!

This week it's going to be blazing hot (29, 30, 31) and will then cool down to what is acceptable summer weather to me (remember I grew up on the coast which is a lovely temperate climate) of 25 degrees. But I said when we were in the throes of the cold weather that I wouldn't complain about summer this year and so far, I've been good :)

I'm looking forward to hitting that to-do list hard this week,  two defining work things happening... and finishing my ebook. Actually, if the ebook happens I'll be over the moon. Oh, and payday (iphone money) plus a lunch with a very special person on Friday! Yay :)

What are you looking forward to this week?

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  1. I would hate to be without my iphone - not sure how I'd cope ..... how sad am I?

    Wet, cold and windy here tonight - glad to be curled up on the sofa with the cat and a warm laptop!

  2. I'm flattered!

    I must admit I didn't think some of them were so spectacular until I put them in B&W. How pathetic is it that I mailed you from their driveway to tell you I delivered? I'm sure she thinks I'm crazy!!

  3. I'm glad you got the disc from the photographer. I hope you like all the photos.
    Almost time to get your iPhone :)

  4. Your photos are looking very sweet. I never take photos with my BB because it takes such awful photos, but I always have my Canon at hand.

  5. Glad you got some photos you could put on the wall. And thanks for the compliment ;)

  6. Can't wait to see more of the photos. So I gather that you probably won't be using this photographer again then?

  7. I am looking forward to the Santa Shoebox Christmas party on Friday - I am joining them at 2 of the hand overs of the boxes!!

    Those pics are cute man :)

  8. I'm going for a Vitamin B shot - my body is crying out for it. Right now I can't see further than that. Am thinking of taking a day off this week. Think I need a movie day or something by myself. Haven't had time alone in YONKS!

  9. Lesley8:55 pm

    Those two photos are beautiful!
    I was Christmas shopping today in Cork because on Thursday i am going to England for a long weekend - yippee!
    I will be like Santa arriving with a bag of pressies : )
    Looking forward to seeing my mum and dad and my 3am friends (as you would say Marcia).

  10. Love love love the 2nd picture!!

  11. Anonymous9:49 am

    Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Connor is a typical toddler. Love the funny faces,

    This week looking forward to exercising more and leaving work at good times (for me that is)

    1. Anonymous9:50 am

      PS: forgot to sign off

      Mrs FF


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