Monday, November 05, 2012

What a day!


The thing I love about photography is how a picture can tell a story.

I wanted something to indicate rush and movement and found this one - I was in the taxi going into Manhattan.

And then there's a rearview mirror in it which is exactly what's been going on with me today, lots of reflection!


Today was hectic - I think I spent maybe an hour at my desk tops - and that was split up into 3 sessions of 20, 10 and 30 minutes.

So the performance appraisal went well. Not well like you'd think but well because I knew what to expect and how tough she is so I wasn't phased at all by the low marks :)

Also I'm committed to finding something more "me" so we didn't spend much time on a development plan.

Speaking of which...

I need to think some more about this but I had two hours of meetings with people from the new company and bottom line is I'm disappointed and confused and doubting myself.

I can do the job they're thinking of for me but it seems like a step back for me. But most of all, they seem to think like I should be happy... so I'm wondering is that all people think I'm capable of?

I was very composed in the meetings (of course) but inside I was all a-swirling.

There are some other pride issues going on with me too as the person they want me to report to is a lot younger than I am and I actually suggested her for a role there many years ago.

So going on my gut (I prayed in the loo before I went to the first meeting that God would show me very clearly whether this was for me and guide my heart - He did!) it seems like a no but I haven't seen any money offers yet so will keep options open til then.

Enough about me.

How was your Monday?
PS I'm also a bit sad because I finally closed comments on my organising blog - I knew it was coming but it's the finality of it - it just doesn't make sense to feel so battered all the time doing something that was a huge love for me.
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  1. You had a busy day yesterday. I love that you pray to God in the loo, I do that too :)
    I'm glad you got your sign from Him.
    And ... I can see the photo in this post :) So happy about that.

  2. Monday was busy and exhausting. I need to blog it.

  3. Oh good heavens, my MOnday was just crazy.

    I do think that your heart will tellyou what is the right choice my friend. And sorry about the comments - I could never comment there - heavens know why but I stopped reading comments there too and did not realize there is nasty things going on there. Really if people do not want your advice, why read there and be nasty. Lots of love

  4. Not sure why you closed comments but I see now from cat's comment it's about trolls. So sad that a few bad apples have to spoil a good basket everywhere they go. Sorry Marcia...

    As for the sign, it sounds like you got it already.

  5. Sounds like you're in a similar boat to me... except that you're further along. If you're doubting your fit there, don't go.

  6. LOL! I am so disorganised that I wouldn't dream of bashing you on that topic. So sorry that it is happening tho.

    I had a quiet productive day yesterday. Most of our office staff is on a course for counseling substance abusers...and I like the quiet.

  7. Oh - I opened both unread blog posts and read the newest one first.

    About the job - you know if it is what you want to do - regardless of the money - choose happy! Even it means waiting a little longer!

    I honestly find appraisals a little pointless to be honest. The ones we did at the bank were no reflection of our performance and capabilities at all :-/


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