Wednesday, November 21, 2012

{Wordless Wednesday} iphone love and gastro

i ordered this case from Amazon, waited sweet forever for it but I love(d) it. This is the one that was stolen

pics taken while my kids were running around at Gillooly's Farm recently

hate that message.... ugh!
my favourite nail polish colour - Walk of fame, Essence at Clicks - it's grey/ purple
not the same cover as above - fortunately I still have this one
Today I was sick, sick, sick with gastro! And it looked even worse because I kept track of the "incidents" :)

Thankfully I seem to be over the worst of it although I'm still weak if I stand around too much.

But friend S Facebooked me this afternoon to tell me when he'll be back in the office to give me my iphone so I am super-chuffed.

My US friends, are you all ready with the food?

It's soooooo hot in Jhb at the moment but remember I said no complaining this year so I'm not complaining!

What do you love about the weather at the moment?


  1. On the nailpolish topic - I bought a brightish purple today. Also still love my Spec see through iphone case that I customized with a pic of the kids. I am totally loving my new washi tape I bought from Pam - lovely designs. And for being on my way to sleep right now after not sleeping last night ( weel 1 and a half hours and then another say 1 and a half. A tough night - C had a small asthma atrack amd L a huge night terror

  2. I had a pedi today (escaped from the office for a bit), so I'm thrilled with my new purple toes :)
    As for the weather... my garden needs rain... I don't mind the heat, although my huskies are starting to take strain and we can't walk them in this weather

  3. Lesley9:29 pm

    Love the nail polish!
    weather here has been wet,wet,wet! When driving back from Cork on Monday had to drive through a flood! Bit scary.

  4. I love that polish, too! And -- although I don't have an iPhone -- I love that cover, too. The texture looks gorgeous.

    And I'm taking a mini break from the kitchen...cranberry sauce is done, cheesecake is in the oven, apple crisp (2 of them) are in the oven, and I'm about to make my creamed spinach. Then I'll just have the cheeseball to do, and get my craft kits ready for the kiddos. ;) Chopping fresh veggies and fruit in the morning. I'm so looking forward to spending the holiday with friends tomorrow! Last year we were by ourselves (by choice), but I think this will make the day seem more special, and definitely more fun for the kiddos.

    YEA for getting your phone soon!!!

    Oh, and AMAZING weather here this week! It's been unseasonably warm (close to 70), and sunny. So, so beautiful for the zoo today!

  5. I love the hot and humidity of the weather. I'm not a cold (Winter) person at all thus you will never see me complain about the warm (hot) weather.
    Love that cover for the iPhone. Very attractive.
    Sorry to hear that you have been sick yesterday - bleh!

  6. Get well soon. Nothing is worse than a stomach bug. Yay for getting your phone.

  7. Shame man, I hope you feel better soon. Our never-failed-so-far tummy ailment thing is Rosehip herbal tea. It stops everything in about an hour if you can keep enough of it down. I ALWAYS keep a few tea bags in the cupboard for emergencies.

    What I like about the weather right now: I love when it's overcast in the mornings when I drive to work so that I don't fry in my car without aircon. I also love love love if there's a proper thunderstorm at night that I listen to while I fall asleep. I'm very lucky that Nicola is not fussed about thunder and lightning at all.

  8. Did you get the phone? Hope you are all better now. I usually get tummy issues in summer - think it's all the different fruit that I tend to over-indulge in.
    CT weather has been DIVINE. Hot during the day (but not unbearable hot) and cool in the evening. We've had STRONG winds the past few evenings and on Tuesday we had a stormy day. LOVED it.

  9. What did I miss about the phone?

    As much as they scare me I did love the storm last night :)



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