Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 Infertility Christmas party & dress codes

I wrote a nice post about money but something went wrong when I published from Picasa. There are + signs between each word instead of spaces :(

I'll have to retype it this weekend but for now, let's talk about dress codes.

I have a personal policy that I don't buy an outfit for an event if at all possible. If I do end up getting  something, it will have to serve double and triple duty.

Well, our theme for the party this year was Red Carpet.

I don't even own a dress, let alone a fancy dress. And I own one skirt (straight black one for work).

But I had the (I thought) brilliant idea  - instead of going as a star, I'd go as the paparazzi in jeans, a t-shirt with my camera around my neck.

Which is exactly what I did but I don't think anyone got it. Boo!

Anyway, how many dresses do you have? Do you like dressing up?

And here are some pics of the night. Please be kind - it was night and I can't take pics at night without a flash yet.
I loved the colour of that necklace; toes and strappy sandals
blurry pic of Caren. Only one of her that night so it stays
K in the pink is our fearless leader
twin mom on left; girl in black is pregnant
girl in mauve is pregnant and glowing
I did my first IVF with the girl on right. When I'm with her I feel kind of guilty with my 3.5 year old twins. She hasn't been pregnant yet.
we each lit a candle and said a word we wanted for our lives for next year

I still don't know who took this pic of me but I love it! Amazingly I look good :)
this was a favourite that I took that night
Christmas platters
When I walked in and saw C pregnant, it made my night. Seriously! Look at her - glowing!
gorgeous baby bump


  1. Lesley1:03 am

    Ha,ha! I am so not a dressy person, i have a few dresses but i am always in jeans. My wardrobe is very sad! But today in the spirit of christmas and the fact that i will be at my in-laws for christmas day, i went forth and bought a dress - actually i bought 2!!!! A short gold one (dont worry will be worn with leggings) and a cute red one (probably worn with leggings also : )
    Then at our book club tonight a lady gave me a pair of gold sandals!! She said it was serendipity!
    Love the photo of you! Gorgeous. x

  2. Lovely photo of you, i love dresses, and mu little Big Blue skirts even more (I have 3 that I wear all the time). As to evening t
    Stuff I have about 3 dresses that I have worn over and over again for years and years. I whip out one of them when I need something like that.
    I think it is because I work in such a male dominated world ( and H really likes me in dresses). At times I have weeks where I have to wear pants and safety shoes so I love it when I can whip put a dress

  3. I do have a few summer dresses. They are PERFECT for hot hot hot days in CT - I usually wear them with flip flops and beach hair! I have never owned a formal dress but I've recently acquired a black one from the Little Black Dress Company. I figured that there was ALWAYS going to be an event popping up where a dress was required and that's why I bought it. For me, it's a basic item like having a decent pants suit for interviews or a few basic white t-shirts in different styles. The black dress can be dressed up or down which I liked about it. Having said that, I DO like to dress up but only if I don't have to go out and buy something - the only thing that I will make a point of buying (if necessary) is a bag to complement my outfit and maybe nailpolish. I also don't buy something if it won't match with AT LEAST 3 outfits in my cupboard. Doesn't matter how much I like it.
    I think these pics are BEAUTIFUL - love the one of you and the one that you say is your favourite.

  4. Lovely post and beautiful pics of our xmas party! It was a lovely evening!

  5. I am a "dress" girl. In summer I can't tolerate things around my legs....and I love floating dresses that makes me feel cool. Lately I have also found a new love for the sandal and toes photos.

  6. When I met David all his friends were getting married - we had a wedding a month almost and I owned one dress that I wore to my brothers wedding a few years earlier but all the weddings were all the same people so I couldnt wear the dress more than once and jeans weren't going to cut it :-/ I now have 3 dresses that I alternate - thankfully most of the weddings are over now!

    Because of my hips I am actually skew so dresses never sit right but I found 2 recently at me local Chinese shop that look lovely :) Possibly because I am less skew now!

  7. what a good idea to go as a paparazzi! :)

    but wha??? you don't own a single dress? and only own one skirt? that's crazy times! in the summer it is all i wear!!! :)

  8. I love that picture you took with you projecting on the Christmas ball. Stunning and so creative thinking there.
    This is a stunning event you went to and all you ladies looked spectacular. Love the decor too.
    You took great photos in the evening.
    I don't have one dress in my closet. I'm not some one who wear dresses, only pant suits.

  9. I don't own any fancy dresses anymore. Mostly mine are blue jean prairie skirts, and I have a few button up shirts from my mom's closet.

    Absolutely love the self portrait!

  10. I have four dresses and five skirts, which is an extraordinary amount for someone who hardly wears dresses.

    I like the idea of dresses more than how they actually look on my (I have no hips), and in general I'm very uncomforatble in them.

    Still like having them though... ;-)

  11. Gorgeously dress women all. Ok, I think I own some fancy dresses, while I like to be dressed up I don't like to dress up. Let me explain, I like to look good because I want to, but to minute there is a requirement to I kind of become a rebel LOL - though with good intentions. That said I hardly have any reason to be dressed to the nines!!!!

    The self portrait is beautiful. Interestingly I have something similar, though I wasn't intentionally taking the picture. And that picture of you that you didn't know who took it is lovely

  12. That's a gorgeous photo of you! I think going as the paparazzi was a brilliant idea!

  13. Beautiful photo! I can see you not having that many dresses, you are so cute without them. Love the nail polish colors and all the pics! I do have a lot of dresses. I've even loaned some out to my neighbor when she was going to Italy and needed something fancy to wear. We played dress up in my closet and it was loads of fun!!! I still more of a black pants, jeans or yoga pants kind of girl.


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