Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year in review - best of 1, 2, 3 blog

Well, I've just spent a good hour trawling through my blog.

Here are my top 3 posts of every month. Where you see 4, it's because miraculously post 3 and 4 tied and had the exact number of page views 

Word of the year
Do you need more friends?
The half birthday 
How I organise my craft supplies (which incidentally has since changed!)
Mini scrapbook travel journal
Easiest cookies ever

MandyE's hands

Have you ever been dumped by a friend?
Nail polish on little girls?
While I don't look for confrontation
When he went off me

So, you've all been asking about the new nanny
Parenting fail - my plan backfired 
Photo canvas art 
I caved under the pressure

Frugal and creative gift-giving  **most popular post on my blog this last year
DIY paper/ washi tape ** 3rd most popular post
Sweets, sobbing, sewing, scrapbooks and scones

So this was the best wedding gift ever :)
New, Pinteresting recipes... just for Laura
The new nanny S

What is the deal with these u-shaped toilet seats?
How do I tell the kids?
{Friendship Friday} Is she blowing me off?

So, let's talk about some of my impressions of the USA..
So I had a little birthday lunch today
{Friendship Friday} From blog friends to IRL friends..

Cat's boys' pre-school teacher

Goals linky, a new recipe and a sassy boy
Five Love Languages of Children - part 2 - the ang..
Anti-wrinkle cream needed desperately


A post about infertility, parenting twins and marr...
The school debate 1- my schooling background
{Create} washi tape notecards

pic taken by Cat
A newsy post ** 2nd most popular post
Christmas to-do list... and my wish list
Now that I've calmed down a bit, I can tell you wh...

Special mention - It's addictive, I tell you - also got lots of views!

Holiday drama with the in-laws
Addicted to cuteness
Lunch at Leon's and Project Life

Pic taken by MandyE in Charlotte

Which was your favourite post? (even if not mentioned here) 

I don't think any of these were my favourites to write, by the way, except for my word of the year post.

PS top posts of all time....

So what do you call your husband/  (this one is ALWAYS on my blog sidebar)
Milk tart & grocery shopping (I think because the Americans don't know what milk tart is :))
Easy washi tape crafts


  1. I've just shared my top posts of 2012, and a review of my blogging year too.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Lesley1:00 am

    I have just spent over an hour reading your old posts - on NYE! lol
    The one i liked most in this list was 'Do you need more friends?' I loved your vulnerability.
    But the post i loved most this year was about your school days. I think you said there would be another part to it where you would discuss home schooling? Would loved to read the second part. x

  3. what a fun breakdown!!! :)

    happy new year!

  4. Oh Wendy would love her picture here! I loved your creative posts but really, I love all ours because I feel you always have something to say that I enjoy reading - like talking to a friend every day.


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