Saturday, December 29, 2012

A lovely, lazy afternoon with friends & C's birthday party

We had a lovely day today with our friends. In the blazing 30-something heat!

They also have twins and the four kids soon found their groove and played very nicely together. I think we were together for 5 hours so that's a small miracle in itself.

I can always tell when my kids reach their comfort point because then they go ask the hosts for things they normally ask us (food!) and at one point the four of them were organising sleepovers :)

Their one daughter came to ask D to help her go to the loo so they were clearly comfortable with us too :)

After the bedtime routine, I came to finish up my mini book (monthly reviews pages) and then I got sidetracked properly tracking my official friend stats:

Turns out I saw 77 different people this year. I only counted people I am actually properly friends with. Like at the fertility suppers, I don't count the people who I just see there and never talk to anywhere else. Three of those 77 friends I saw 8 times and three I saw 6 times...

Had 29 1:1 dates and met up with 12 new people.

My little OCD mind is much happier now that everything is down on my spreadsheet.

What does this mean?

I'm scheduling some lunches with some of our really good friends very early next year :)

Moving on to the pics!

We went to a birthday party three weeks ago - here are the pics!

K with bunny
C with bunny
Bunny starts to scratch and C freaks out
"I don't know about these bunnies"
this little dude was so helpful with my K. At first she asked me "are we allowed to talk to this stranger?" LOL We've been talking to them about strangers... maybe too much?
my gorgeous friend C - I would use this on FB if I were her. Just saying :)
finally, birthday boy!
I think my kids were the only ones who had some hot dogs
and some cake
Sam, the blog reader and her lovely family
not great technically but THE JOY!
spied with the zoom lens :)
my friend, C's daughter G
My C was besotted with friend C's other daughter A

Which is your favourite?
How was your Saturday?

PS Eek - only 3 days before I go back to work!


  1. Agh man look at them holding hands!!!! So adorable!

    My saturday was stressful and it ended with our dog mysteriously being stuffed into our back "wall" - it houses the pipes from the bathrooms :-/

  2. Lovely pictures as always. Favourites are the last 6 pictures. I could do with a splash too ;)
    Connor is such a ladies man and these pictures prove it.

    Your kids were brave holding the bunny, I can only hold puppies and pet dogs, everything else nope

    Saturday was good but busy and too hoooooot. Reminds me why I don't like summer, the heat makes my allergies worse and I end up sneezing all day :(

  3. Looks like you all had a ball :)
    And I'm so impressed with the number of people you got to meet this year!

  4. LOVELY pics. My kids don't touch animals. Period. They can look at them though!
    My favourites include the one of your friend and the ones of Connor holding hands with the girl.

  5. Hi there!!! Catching up on blog reading, procrastinating reading for school next weekend, LOL! But I've missed you!!! These are fabulous pictures! We've been having a great Christmas and getting ready for the New Year!!! I have to go back to work in a few days too. BTW, I cleaned out the boys toys and clothes the other day, putting all their sets of toys back together and packing up their baby toys for their baby cousin, Lily, and I was thinking to myself, "I wonder if Marcia was cleaning out the kids' toys today too!" I always remember us doing the same thing on the same day.

  6. Awe cute! That one with the joy in it is my favourite - you can clearly see they're having so much fun.

  7. Just love the pic of C, so unposed and she looks so glamorous! Also really like the ones of C & K in the bubbles, and C holding hands with G. I love her little dress! C is a real little charmer, where does he get it from???

  8. What a great Saturday you and your family had. Do your kids like hotdogs? Mine loves it as well as us :)

  9. Oh boy, those little hands- just adorable.


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