Saturday, December 15, 2012

Addicted to cuteness

This is a pic of my ipad.

How cute is it?! I love how the icons fit neatly between the Christmas trees because it kind of bugs me when you can't see your icons because of the wallpaper.

 If you also want your ipad to be decorated for Christmas, google The Crafting Chicks and you'll find the links in a post from a few days ago.

In other (cute) news, I've downloaded all the freebie Seafoam iphone wallpapers from Becky's blog. I currently have the yellow hexagons on my phone... a few days ago I had the brown chevron. And before the old iphone was stolen, I had wallpapers from the turquoise kit.

The cuteness is too much.

That's the technology.

I also have very cute notebooks I use at work. I just can't bear using ugly things so happily buy my own stationery so I'm happy at work.

What makes you happy?

Do you care about cuteness or is stationery just stationery?


  1. Oh heavens no, pretty stationary makes my day. I simply can not work with ugly stuff.

  2. I love your delight at the little things, Marcia!

    On a different note, I was just thinking last night how one of my favorite things in the world are the salt and pepper mills I got from Williams Sonoma. I know it may sound trite to some, but they make me so happy!

  3. Not much cute in my world ... other than my kids - especially the grins of the 2 little ones. BUT I do love cute things! I've got several notebooks that I can't bare to "mess up" because I like to look and touch them, and if they are used up, I won't be able to do that anymore.

  4. HA!!!! I have this wall paper on my phone :) I LOVE it!!!!!!

    I care for all stationery but the cuter the better but I am happy with plain too!

  5. For personal stuff I like cute notebooks but if a notebook is too cute or pretty, I end up not using it :) I have some notebooks I bought years ago, that I have only used 2 or 3 pages of because I don't think I would be able to replace them. So I look for cute but not too cute.

    Though for work, I like a plain black notebook

  6. I don't do cute at work - plan black notebooks and hb pencils. However, for personal stuff I do go overboard on the cutesy factor.

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