Friday, December 14, 2012

And so the craziness starts - half year birthday time!

So I'm torn.

Should I have a half year birthday party for the kids or not?

On the one hand I'm feeling a bit worn out but on the other hand I know how this kind of thing energises me and really, it's two hours, right?

So I had myself a little focus group of two - K & C.

Me Kendra and Connor, do you want to have a party when you turn 3.5?

Them YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS they shouted as if I just announced, "chocolates for all"

Me Okayyyy. Who should we invite?

They started with the grannies but I put a quick stop to that.

And then they proceeded to name every kid we know.

I said to them, "babies, this is not your REAL party, just a LITTLE one" but they were not to be deterred.

I'm still undecided, strangely, but this morning I wasted some time on my beloved etsy looking at all the party kits.


(BTW there's an app for etsy but I was strong - I resisted)

My question for you is really, am I mad? And how would you decide on a few kids?
I'm not up for full-on party stuff, only like 6 kids. It is a half-year party after all :)


  1. I think it's great for a social type of party for them. 6 kids are a great number.

  2. It would help me - in my mind - if I called it a "play date" instead of a party. ;) Less pressure...just fun!

  3. Just do it! A few kids = the ones whose parents I most want to hang out with because it's time for a catch-up.

  4. I agree, call it a playdate and invite kids whose parents you like best LOL

  5. Party, gosh do you really want that stress? Glorified play date- why not?

  6. Party!!! Let's just say I agree with the first part of your question to a teeny tiny extent. A play-date, yes, aside from being less stressful and less pressure, no one would get upset for not being invited to the kids' party. And the kids have fun with a few friends. Everyone is happy. WIN WIN

  7. I barely handle 4 parties a year - 8 would be .... unfathomable. LOL

    But if you love the party thing (I know I do!) and you want to do something fun - go for it!

  8. I struggled just to keep up with the annual birthdays...never mind half years;-) You are a sucker for punishment my darling friend.

  9. LOL I like Julia's suggestion! Up until 2 years ago I would let the kids choose a set number of friends and then I would choose "my" friends so I would have people to chat to - they have both stopped that now though :-/

    Yours are still small and would be happy with just having kids over so you choose 6 kids/adults you would like!

  10. There is no way I could do a half-year party too! Took me two days to recover from the full year one. ;-)

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