Thursday, December 06, 2012

Christmas gifts for the kids & Saturday's photo challenge - yellow

Today is the 4-year anniversary of the Rod Stewart concert where we triggered :)
So we’re doing this new thing this year – something to wear, something to read, something you want and something you need.

Don't you think that's a great idea?

I do. We're buying the kids most of that stuff anyway, but now there's a focus.

We always have new books stashed away so that's not a problem, I bought some beach wear (dresses and slip slops/ neon shorts and t-shirts), need will probably be sun hats/ sunglasses/ water bottles for school next year (!) and so we're left with something you want.

I considered one of the following:

  1. Tricycle
  2. Watch
  3. Kiddies camera (one of my regrets is not buying them cameras at ToysRUs in NYC)
  4. Rolling travel bag (this may fall in the need category too since we’re travelling with them at least twice a year)
So I said, Connor, what do you want for Christmas?

Me A bicycle?
Connor YES!!!!

Me Or a watch?
Connor Bicycle!

Me or a camera?
Connor Bicycle!

Me or a rolling travel bag?
Connor Bicycle!

I guess he wants a bicycle!

At least he’s clear and decisive, right?

When I had the discussion with Kendra, she said, "I want an iPhone".

D and I burst out laughing but then I gave her a talk about how iphones are inappropriate for children and if they ever want one (when they're teenagers), they'll have to earn that money themselves.

Of course they all nod sagely like they're actually taking it all in :)


We had our work Christmas function today. The venue was lovely but the food and service was absolutely nothing to write home about. However the company was great and thank goodness, I got one of the better presents.

We did a secret santa but it was so random. We each picked a tag with male or female so I had to gift a female. Then this afternoon, we each picked another tag and I was number 33 of 35 to choose my gift.... which means there was 1 female gift left - a wooden fruit bowl. Judging from the fake "oh thank yous" I heard, most people are still not happy with the stuff they're getting! They didn't do those "no" lists :) :)

I took tons of photos and the people are already badgering me because they want to see the pics. Aaarghh.

The venue was out in the sticks (Fourways :)) so it took me a whole 1 hour 40 minutes to get home. I am SOOO glad I work close to home because I could never in a million years do that kind of commute daily.

What is your commute like currently? What's the longest you've ever travelled to get to work?

(mine was 1 hour each way when I first joined this company and we weren't yet in our fantastic building. I only took the job because we were moving - in my opinion, a long commute is just not worth it in terms of quality of life... for me :))

In other fantastic news, we got annual increases. These are normally linked to the cost of inflation which is nothing to get excited about but I got above average so I'm happy, happy, happy. I'll definitely hit all my mondo beyondo savings goals on my 38 things list.

Don't forget to post tomorrow on how a friendship becomes a best friendship.

PS happy birthday to my friend Dee's gorgeous triplet girls. They're two! Here is my post from when they were born and the one last year.
PPS I think I have my word of the year. Came to you while listening to praise and worship on the way to work this morning.


  1. Lesley11:43 pm

    Looking forward to tomorrows post about friendship - sounds good.
    Are you going to tell us the the word? I'm so nosy, lol :)

  2. Oh he will love a tricycle. I bought some for our boys this past spring and they cruise around the street like pros.

  3. Bikes are always a win!!!

    LOL at Kendra! Jack loves the iPad - he can unlock it himself and spends ages playing his games!!

    Cameron is getting stuff he needs and Kiara is getting stuff she wants - they are such very different child - Kiara needs little but with Camerons sport there is always something he needs!

    I used to travel from Pta East to Braamfontein - I did it for over a year - it was horrid!

  4. Thanks for remembering my friend :)

  5. I'm laughing about the bicycle and the iPhone...outta the mouths of babes, huh? ;)

    And my longest commute was about an hour, for two months when I did an internship in college. It was BRUTAL! Not only did it extend my day by so much, but the traffic could be horrendous, and it was just stressful all the way around.

    I do think I would handle a commute better now, as an adult, but I'm with you...the closer I can live to work, the better. These days (to my former [and hopefully future!] company), I'm 10 minutes at most. :)

  6. We are doing a R200 max gift this year. We always go all out for birthdays and my family is just getting to big to go all out over Christmas.

    Travel in PE...a breeze my friend;-)


  7. Great idea! We got them things they need.. jammies and hat/mittens, socks/underwear, slippers (based on who need what- 3 of something on that list) The boys got a tablet computer and my 3 year old got a toddler tablet, then they each got a craft thing to make with me or their daddy :)

  8. We try to do less gifts - we used to go a bit overboard, so now we do one from mom and dad and one from the siblings. Normally things they want or that we know they will love. Go for the bikes, but do not buy tricycles. Think two wheelers with small balancing wheels. Tricycles are harder to pedal because of the position and small rotation on the pedal. And you will get longer use out of them.

  9. "So we’re doing this new thing this year – something to wear, something to read, something you want and something you need". – I like this. I’ll be doing it for their birthdays from next year.

    I work about 10km from home. I drop both kids (they are approximately 7 minutes away from my workplace) before driving myself to work and it takes about 30 minutes including the two stops – I do avoid the highway because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to use it when I drop them. Have to use an off-ramp and then get back on and then use another off ramp – too complicated and lots of wasted time.
    During school holidays when there is no traffic then it takes me about 10 minutes on the highway. I LOVE it. Btw..this is ALSO why I am struggling to find work. Being in Rondebosch has spoilt me and I simply cannot spend a lot of time in traffic ever again.

    Do you email each person only the pics that they are on? Because it would make more sense to load them one time onto a shared drive so that everyone can have access and have a look/take what they want?

    1. we're all different teams so separate shared drives. It's MUCH more of a schlep to give everyone access than to just email them out team by team.

      when i take pics of just our team I put on our shared drive

  10. Connor is a boy after my heart he knows what he wants. And K typical female ;) I think 3 year olds just love wheels. Y's niece got a tri-scooter or something not sure what it is called it's her new favorite thing goes with her everywhere possible ;)

    Commute hmmmm brings back bad memories I've done a 40km commute in over 2 hrs each way. And on bad days think leaving work at 5 and getting home after 9pm never again. Now I take the train which sometimes takes longer but I do less driving and I can read on the train while listening to music. Pure bliss

    I hate that four ways area because of the traffic even on weekends the traffic is bad. Our office party was in that area too and I have promised myself I shall not attend another office event if it is not held in a more sane area.

    Happy birthday to the triplets

    1. Ps: I like the idea of a camera too (of course)

  11. Hahaha! I bet an iPhone would make almost any kid happy. ;-) I am sooo excited to see Nicola's little face when we put up the trampoline. I just know she's going to love it.


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