Thursday, December 27, 2012

{Create} Gift-wrapping kits

Well now, this is the last wrap-up of creating things for the year!

Can you believe it? I can't either!

I'm ending off the year with something I absolutely loved to put together and from the sounds of it, the recipients also loved receiving - gift-wrapping kits.

It's quite fitting, really, because I had to create at least two things for each of these sets. 

The interesting thing is you can give someone all these things and it will be just okay but the minute you put it in a cute container, put a label and call it a kit, it ups the cuteness ratio tenfold.

I made 9 of these in total - all in different colour schemes.

  1. Glass jars - I bought some from Pep and I had some nice jam jars too
  2. As many of these items as you have at home:
  • Ribbon
  • Twine
  • Bakers twine
  • Washi tape
  • Pens
  • Gift tags - bought or free ones from the internet
  • Clothes pegs - I washi taped mine using this tutorial
  • Notecards - you can do them this way or this way
  • Christmas decorations :)

  1. I worked conveyor-belt style.
  2. I decided on the colour schemes that I wanted to do - e.g. red/ silver/ grey, blue/ green; orange; pink/ purple; pink/green, etc.
  3. I then set out about 5 little baskets on my desk and then I added each item to each of the baskets - e.g. all the bakers twine, all the pens, all the notecards, all the washi tape pegs, etc.
  4. I'd previously ordered mini wooden spools of washi tape so I had some of those left but then I just carefully wound washi tape onto pegs. They all looked very cute.
  5. Some sets had slightly fewer items because of the size and shape of the jars but most of them got everything.
  6. Arrange in a way that looks visually pleasing from the outside.
  7. Write out labels and attach with bakers twine or satin ribbon.
  8. I also added labels to the top.

I popped them in brown paper bags with the tops folded over.

A couple of people emailed me to say they were thinking of me as they were using their kits to wrap presents (which I love!) and my boss said "I love it - only you would give me something like this" :) which is my favourite type of compliment. I do like my presents to feel like they came from me.

Here are the labels I attached. I simply hand-wrote them (more personal and easier than faffing around with getting text aligned on a label but if you like to be fussy, go right ahead).

So what do you think?
What have you created lately?

PS my kits were inspired by Cathy at Paper Peony


  1. What I think - lovely and very very creative! And very handy and practical and would definitely be used!!!

    My last creation - wrapping papers for gifts for kids and gift labels for adult using pictures I took. I should blog about it and link up with you

  2. Oh Mrcia, you are brilliant! I loved the similar gift You sent for my birthday and I actually used a lot of it. I love those white paper bags most of all! I popped in a roll of my favorite birds on a wire washi tape for my BFF in one of them today when I saw her ( all the way from Oz). Btw, it was so great to see her - amazing how you can see each other once a year but the intimacy stays.

  3. Those are just gorgeous! Gift-wrapping stuff ranks right up there with stationery for me! :) :)

  4. These are very cute! Mmm...I've actually not been creating lately. And I had some really big plans to create stuff in the week before Christmas. I ended up swimming and reading a lot instead!

  5. I have no words! That is amazing! AMAZING!

  6. You need a "pin it" button! Had to pin this the long way...


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