Saturday, December 08, 2012

December photo challenge - yellow

Can you believe it's already here?

The last photo challenge of the year. Don't worry - I'll definitely be carrying on with these. Even I can do a monthly photo challenge. But next year I want to see TONS of you participate!

The "rules" are:

  1. Link back here in your post so we can all come see your pretty yellow photos
  2. Please choose only 5 pics.
  3. Use any camera - I want to see some phone pics next year (maybe that's our first challenge)
  4. Don't get caught up in perfectionism.
  5. Have fun and look for the beauty!

And... here are my 5 pics. This was so easy. Clearly I'm yellow happy at the moment (I am!).

my yellow T (with a necklace Mandy had made for me - Mandy, I get rave reviews everywhere I go)
NYC fire hydrant
NYC taxis
Puffer's gorgeous little boy - one of my favourite favourites of the year!
my buttery yellow bag - oh this bag makes me so happy :)

Over to you. Which is your favourite pic? Why?


  1. I just forwarded this link to my friend Emily, who made the necklace. I love seeing you wear it...I'm so glad you love it! :) :)

  2. Picture 3 there's something about kids at play oblivious of the paparazzi! And your bag, it is very YELLOW.

    Looking forward to the photo challenge in 2013 ;) :)

  3. Lesley9:43 pm

    Love the contrast of colours between the T-shirt and the necklace.

  4. Oooh I love your bag. And those cabs. In fact all your lellow shots are cool. Child2 STILL says lellow. Last week he told me every day after school "need a lellow t-shirt Julia". They needed to wear one for the concert. Isn't he clever to remind me every day? VERY unlike Child1 who remembers things only in the mornings when we are packing bags and getting into the car already!

  5. I love the fire hydrant! I think the bits of orange peeking thru the yellow is what does it for me.


  6. Oh I love these - but the hydrant best of all. I look terribel in yellow - possibly the only colour I never wear.

  7. I like the shirt best - love the contrast. But the bulldozer is a close second.

    Finally got my yellows up. It's been hectic this weekend, babysitting 8 kids Saturday night and a day full of events Sunday. ... Can I go back to sleep now?


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