Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finally, some twin romance!

When I was pregnant, my Dr C told us that his brothers are twins and his mother said after the twins were 3 months old, it was lovely because they played with one another and she didn't serve as their entertainment.

Well, 3 months came and went and I'm convinced that either 1) she lied or 2) 3 months meant 3 years.

Our kids are playing together SO nicely these days. Together instead of alongside.

They don't even come look for us in the mornings unless they're hungry.

Of course the flip side is that they FREAK out if they can't see their twin (like when one wakes and sees the other bed already empty).

Yes, there are glorious fights too but 99% of the time they are best friends who can play without us :)

they're looking at rabbits
Here are some of their chatter, the bits I can remember:

Just peeked in to check on the kids (they'd just been put to bed) and Connor says to me, "Mummy, I'm sleeping on my white pillow [a continental pillow which I still need to write about because it was the best baby shower gift ever] because I wasn't comfortable on my green and blue pillows".

Kendra earlier to Connor, "thank you my darling boy" (this is me!)

Kendra when she saw an old but rarely used ring on my finger, "Mummy! I like your ring!"

This afternoon after his nap Connor told me that Friday is the daddy, Brown bear (a water bottle they got when they turned 1 - my kids are winter babies, remember?) is the mummy and Aunty Angie Bear is the baby.

He took one of my baskets from their bedroom, put Aunty Angie Bear in there and when I was tidying and tossed Brown bear in the basket, he freaked. "Mummy, Brown Bear is NOT a BABY!" (turns out the basket was the crib)

I asked Kendra what happened last night and she says, "Mummy, it's a long story but I'll 'splain" :) (It was a very long story!)

It's scary when the kids pick up your verbiage.

Connor has started saying "obviously" which is a word I often use. I asked him something the other day, "have you done ____?" and he said,"obviously!"

Kendra told me today to say "righty ho". I said, "where did you learn that word, Baby?" "Daddy"

And then later today I said to Kendra, "will you please focus?" "What does focus mean?" "It means to concentrate on doing one thing til you're done" :) Time management 101.

Today Connor got an extra star for being very kind to his sister.

They got two balloons each at a party yesterday and this afternoon I wrote K and C on the balloons because I knew time was running out on the balloons' life cycles. Well, they were playing outside and one of K's blew off and popped on a branch. She WAILED.

I heard talking (I don't go running for every little thing) and eventually they came back inside.
Connor had 1 balloon and Kendra had 2.

When I asked them what happened, Connor explained that he gave one of his balloons to Kendra to cheer her up. Then he looks at me and says, "but I don't think it's working".

Oh my sweet boy. Then there was a bit of a love fest because Kendra told him again, "Thank you for giving me your balloon, Connor. I love you" and they were both hugging and kissing. I actually got teary :)

So today is Sunday but it's like a Saturday because we have a public holiday tomorrow - YAY! One extra day to get things done off my to-do list. About to tackle some computer stuff now, fun things like budgeting :)

How was your Sunday?


  1. Ahhh, I know what you mean. Mine are definitely not hitting 99% yet but right now they are talkingto each other in their beds wwhile I sit in mine :)

  2. Ahhh, I know what you mean. Mine are definitely not hitting 99% yet but right now they are talkingto each other in their beds wwhile I sit in mine :)

  3. That is really so sweet. We have a very much have a love/ hate thing here but I do think the older sister complicates things

  4. Cutie pies man! When they are so sweet to each other it really is a tear inducing moment :)

    Our Sunday was good - we had a braai with friends and it was really great!!!

  5. Three MONTHS?? Yes, I think she was seriously lying. : )

    Age three has definitely been a big turning point for us as well. My girls play so well together, and will now get lost in their own little world. I love it!

  6. Ah man! Very cute. I think that your Dr meant 3 years - a 3month old can barely lift his head, let alone socialise with a sibling!
    My Sunday was lazy and involved lunch with my parents (we ate leftover wedding food, church and generally just doing NOTHING.

  7. Sweet ;)

    Connor is so protective of his sis!

    Sunday was good, quite relaxing. Saw a Christmas play at church which was great

  8. This is the best part of twins, I just love watching them interact.

  9. That is so sweet! Love that last photo, so cute.

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