Monday, December 03, 2012

Hello on a cold and rainy December morning

A quick note about the font on this pic. It's called SF Carissa and I love it. It's my absolute favourite font for writing on pics :) I had it on the old computer and could not for the life of me find a download link on the internet!!!!

Do you know what I eventually did? I had to go into my old computer to find the font file (and I'm really technically challenged so it was a big deal) to install here... and now I'm happy again :)

So, November goals... I got 19.47 done out of 20 which is 97% and my best this whole year.
  1. get Vitality fitness assessment done
  2. work out 10 times only went 5 times
  3. good performance appraisal preparation
  4. continue with new job networking
  5. blog 10 times on K & C blog
  6. make 31 days book and put up for sale 97% done
  7. make brunch date with LAD and SU
  8. take nice pics of the kids' baby books and toys, and then donate!
  9. finally put my USA pics in a photo album
  10. engage fully in Love Languages training
  11. declutter last two shelves
  12. start thinking about business direction and goals for next year
  13. make Christmas card list and start writing out the cards
  14. write and read blogs for only 2 hours a day
  15. read 5 books - including 1 non-fiction better still, 3 physical books :) I also reached my reading goal for the year (60) - have now read 63.
  16. make a craft for Christmas gifts
  17. buy 2 seinfeld dvds
  18. two dates with D
  19. four friend socials had 5
  20. sort out new computer - completely
Moving onto December...

I made a list during church announcements this morning and it is epic. I've also started thinking about my word for next year but I'm still very undecided.


What's on your list for December? 
PS who else is enjoying the rain? :)
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  1. Goodness me but your December is busy! My goals for the month = relaxing a lot and not getting overwhelmed by all the stuff, getting through a wedding in two weeks without tossing out with my family, wrapping gifts and posting cards etc by 13/12. Going on holiday and having a good time connecting with my little family, swimming a lot and reading even more. No rain in CT but A LOT of wind. Eish.

    1. I love the rain, rather that than heat...

      I am exhausted just looking at your list for Dec. How do you get so much done?

      Goals for December - go with the flow, avoid too many outings, read, read, read and do not over-eat during the holiday.

      I am just waiting for Jozi to become a ghost town :)

  2. Holy cow! That's a long list! But you did SO WELL in November...fantastic!!!

    I love the reflection of you in the Christmas ball in that pic! ;)

  3. Oh I loved the rain! My Decmber list is organize, organize, organize!

  4. Your list is overwhelming me...LOL! Our social calendar for December is so hectic that I think I am going to need a holiday after this month is out.

  5. You did everything except one thing. Now that's wonderful and inspirational. Your life sounds so hectic with these lists you make but understand why you do it as well.
    I ALWAYS enjoy the rain. Love it, love it, LOVE IT.

  6. OH wow, that's a lot to do in one month!!

    My December list: try not to jump out the hospital window because of boredom.


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