Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I have a font (well, two) and a few other things

1. So it seems like more than half my company but definitely half of Joburg is on leave.

It's quite glorious - home in 15 minutes :) I can also find parking (prime "you have to be at work at 7.30" parking) easily in the basement at work.

And with that head space it seems my focus is better at work because I actually got some good work done today despite having to split my day and bring the kids home at lunch.

2. Speaking of kids, I've been deliberately not following the entire Sandy Hook story. I was never any good with this kind of thing and it's much worse now I have kids.

I'm not going to talk about the issues surrounding guns..... but this morning while driving to work, a caller on the radio said it's amazing (as in not) how when kids die in America there is a big reaction but kids die all the time in other countries (Iran and similar) and nobody makes a fuss. I do find that to be true (personally I think Americans are excellent marketers :)) but I just thought, "how sad that you can't feel compassion and empathy for these kids and teachers too". Of course I feel huge sadness and empathy for any kids who die unnecessarily, most especially preventable deaths.

3. I was decluttering like crazy in my study this weekend (actually in the kids' bedroom, the kitchen and my study ) and found my World Vision card (a card with a picture of my kid with his details). I felt immensely guilty that I hadn't sent a Christmas card so I wrote out one quickly, made him a little notebook with cars all over it, stuck those in an envelope and sent them off. It will not get to him on time but hopefully he'll get it early in new year.

And then I remembered the item on my 38 things list to sponsor a second child. So I wrote to World Vision again. I'd phoned in August, the person was out to lunch so I left a message but didn't hear back for whatever reason. Hopefully we get that sorted too so some of my increase goes towards good :)

4. Speaking about money, I've been soooo wasteful this year and I'm afraid it's not going to stop til I order that Seafoam kit for Project Life. Last night I sat and did my new budget with my new salary. I like to do this immediately so I can "tell the money where to go" instead of letting it all happen and wasting it away.

Notice how I ever-so-smoothly mentioned I've decided to do a version of it. A cheap version by the way because I have no intention of buying the binder and plastic pockets. Will blog next week.

Well, once the budget was done, I started doing my 2012 financial review, the personal one. I have to work up the strength to do the business one.

As an aside, I met with a new client today who outright told us "2012 has been a terrible year for business". True for me too but you don't go into a meeting with people you hopefully want to impress saying that. *sigh*

I set a big, juicy money goal beginning last year (to pay off our house) and we did it... by June.

This year the only big, juicy goal was the USA trip. And you can see that reflected in my wild spending. I'm so glad I set another big, juicy money goal in August (a savings goal) because I'm there already. The key will be to keep it untouched! I actually want to move that money out from under my very greedy eyes. It's far too easy with one-click shopping and the like!

5. I have a little problem with my phone. When I delete messages there, it still shows on the ipad, and vice versa. Freaking me out. I love the simplicity of the apple system the most and at the moment it's complicating, not simplifying my life.

Has anyone had this problem?

6. Have I told you I reached my reading goal of 60 books early in November? So I set a new goal of 70 because I'm an overachiever. I'm on 66 as we speak, busy reading books 67 and 68.

This is an excuse to be a somewhat lazy bum....... I love it!

I should manage it if I stick to my two hours reading and writing blogs a day :)

7. And then to end on a very light note, I decided to go goth. I've been trying to wear red nail polish because it's nearly Christmas but I'm not feeling it. The minute I press publish, I'm taking off the red and putting on black. Had a meeting with yet another person today who said she only wears black or red! :)

PS I always get pics of these two kissing :)

What colour nail polish do you like wearing?

What's on your mind?

PS see the writing on the pics? That's mine - I have fonts!!!! The top two are me writing freehand on the ipad and the next two is me using a stylus.

They both don't look very much like mine so I'm going to redo them and when I'm happy I'll let you have them too (if you want :))


  1. Hahaha...I keep going back to black. I'm on black at the moment and I plan to stay with it for a while. Fonts are LOVELY! And the pics of course!

  2. ps...I wore red to a RED function that I went to last week and I had to remove it after about 2 days because it annoyed me. I'm planning to go yellow for Christmas!

  3. Lesley10:22 pm

    I know what you mean about not being able to read/see stuff about kids dying or being hurt. Since i had kids i cant do it, it really upsets me. If i could do something to help, i think i would feel differently, but when it is just a matter of listening i find it very disturbing.
    On a lighter note... well done on paying off your house - what a fantastic achievement! Also, well done on the book total. I am hosting our book club on Thursday so am thinking i really need to get in the kitchen and make seasonal treats : )
    I'm not wearing any nail colour at the moment, but i really like chocolate brown, black and deep reds. I dont do pastel colours, though i do like French manicures.
    On my mind at the moment is - what colour to have my hair done on Thursday??
    All the present/food shopping i have to do :(

  4. Lovely pics :)

    Nail polish - I rarely wear it, as making jewellery just destroys it (and my nails!) When I do wear it - usually a pale/natural colour - so boring!

  5. I love the photos. Your kids grow up each time I see photos of them.
    I can imagine how great JHB traffic is with everyone on leave. Glorious! It's almost time for you to go on leave :)
    I like neutral colors on my nails most of the time but at the moment I took off my nails and nail polish. I have to give my nails a break for at least 8 weeks now.

  6. I love silver and blue and pink. Never did black though - not sure why? In setting make sure that messages sync between the two, also on icloud. Maybe that is the problem

  7. And I can not even think about the shooting - I just want to cry. So close im age to mine - in between.

  8. I wear various shades of pink or blue. I don't often put on my fingers though - it chips too quickly!

    These are some of the best pics you have taken :)

  9. I do not have a favourite nail polish colour. I love the fonts.

  10. Just LOVE those pics of C & K! They are worth framing!!!

  11. Such beautiful photos...and such a beautiful font too. My heart breaks for the parents who lost children in the shooting. It is so senseless and so violent.

  12. I like blue nail polish, atm I'm wearing a gorgeous turqoise

  13. Loooooooove the pictures. Pure joy!!!

    Door to door it took me 20 mins today from home to office. Can't everyone stay where they are forever and ever :)

    I love dark colours for my toes (plums, red, wine, ox blood etc) and for my finger nails (when I use polish) I like pastels (the last one I used was called ballerina pink -almost nude) at the moment though I'm wearing ox blood on both my finger nails and toe nails.

    It's so heart wrenching reading or hearing about the killings or any senseless killing for that matter. May the souls of the departed rest in the bossom of the Lord. I cringe just thinking about it :(

  14. I like funky and fun colors - currently there are bits of pink glitter polish left on my thumbs ... I've got to sneak into the girls rooms and find something fun before the weekend. LOL ... My favorite though ,,, is the glow in the dark ... because it always makes Tim freak out when we go to bed. Heh Heh Heh .... my sneaky side coming out.

  15. I hardly ever wear nail polish. I can't seem to go even 10 minutes without chipping it and that just annoys the hell out of me so I just don't put it on. I do have some silver and a dark maroon that I like the colours of, just not wearing it on my actual nails.

  16. The font is adorable!
    I really only paint my toes, I can't seem to keep from picking at my fingers when they're polished. Right now I'm wearing sparkly red- just did them tonight actually :)


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