Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Lunch at Leon's and Project Life

A few months ago (two tomorrow!) we had lunch at a friend's place.

Incidentally, he and D worked at the same company way about 20 years ago ...... and he is the friend who first took us to our church in 1993 so I will forever love him for bypassing my prickliness (I know, you can't imagine me ever being prickly :)) and helping us to get to know the Lord.

And he's from PE, which is always a good thing, right Lynette? :)

We hadn't seen his new place so I had to take some pics. Isn't it all gorgeous? I told him I'd house-sit when he goes on holiday... without the kids :)

quinoa! delicious :)
chicken pies!
salad - he makes the most delicious salads. I first learned about putting fruit in salads from him.
the 3 amigos - it was crazy hot that day - about 32... (where are those days? I slept in flannel last night!)
my kids exploring - this is so them. Connor the instigator and Kendra checking things out before jumping in :)
Which photo is your favourite?

(I love the stones and the salad)

So onto Project Life.

Do you do Project Life? Do your know what it is? What do you think of it?

Confession - I LOVE the kits (no surprise with my stationery obsession) but I kind-of hate scrapbooking.

However this post is making me think... a lot... about doing a really easy version for next year.

Another confession - I paid about R750 to buy and get a core kit to South Africa which makes me die a little inside. It was a huge mess because I thought all the Amazon things would ship the same time... it didn't ... so I ended up paying two sets of shipping. Kills me!

Okay, over to you. Let's talk.

Do you scrapbook? Why or why not? If you do, I want to know how long it takes you.


  1. Lesley9:23 pm

    Has to be the chicken pies - they look totally yum!
    I've never scrapbooked - though I've got a lovely book about it. I always wanted to do it, but when i looked at the book I thought the whole thing looked quite expensive. You see, I liked all the embellishments and gorgeous bits :)) Also, looked fiddly and time consuming.
    But, I looked up Project Life and felt inspired! I might do something similar next year!

  2. The stones and the last one of C&K. I just LOVE her shadow in that pic. I actually want to try to scrapbook but I don't think I'll do the fiddly stuff. Laura mentioned a link in one of her posts a few days ago where you subscribe for 3 months and then they send you EVERYTHING you need for a layout. That's more my kind of thing. It's temporary and I don't have to look around for too many embellishments.
    I could NEVER do project life. I simply don't have the attention span for it!

  3. Wow...I love the look and approach of PL!

    In theory, I'm a scrapbooker...but not in practice. It's something I want to sort through for next year (as a part of my Happiness Project).

    I did an awesome scrapbook for my BFF Alison -- all three of her baby showers. I LOVE the way it came out.

    Why can't I do that for myself???

    In short, I think my issues are "scope" -- the baby shower was finite; whereas "my life" is anything but (thankfully!).

    And I became AWARE this past year that I can kind of be paralyzed by perfection. I don't mean that literally...but I know I get behind on meaningful correspondence, for example, because I'm waiting for time to sit down and think and compose. At times, it would be better to at least drop a "hi, how are you" note, instead of going two years without writing to someone. Sigh.

    Wow...that was a heavy response, huh? ;)

    Your friend's house looks amazing. And I love that you took "Marcia" pics! My faves are the one of the salad, and the one of K&C - love K's shadow!!!

  4. I've started several scrapbooks. They're all unfinished

  5. I am far too much of a 'crafting perfectionist' to scrapbook. It would take me FOREVER. I like the idea of PL, but I know I would get way too involved, then overwhelmed with it.

    Sidenote: That is my cousin featured on today's post (about the baby kit) of the PL blog you linked to...she's kind of famous in the PL world, I guess! : )

  6. Was it cheaper getting it abroad than from the local supplier? I looked at it a little while ago and was really considering getting it. I am not a scrapbooker though and worried I would loose interest.

  7. I did, for about ten minutes, but then I decided that I like watching dvds more.

    And wow, I LOVE your friend's house! And how great to be able to look back on 19 years with the person who helped you know Christ!

  8. I loooove scrapbooking :)) LOVE IT!!! I blogged about it a while ago on one of my crafty posts!!

    It depends on what I want to do - some days I know exactly what I want and then its quick. Using the kids I posted about really makes it so much easier. I can do 2 pages in less than an hour!

    I have tried, unsuccessfully, cooking quinoa - it went like pap!!!!

    Yes your friends house is stunning!!!

  9. What a stunning house and yummy looking food! Weren't ypuo scared the kids would break something, or mess on the furniture? I would have been with my 2!

  10. I love the one of the stones and the second picture of the couch. Love how those cushions are placed.
    I can imagine how great it was to catch up with an old friend like this, especially if he brought you to a church and nearer to God. So awesome.

  11. Your friends house is stunning - but then he is from PE (good taste). I love the protea cushions!!

    I am not a scrapbooker. Theoretically it should be something I would love, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I am obsessed with paper, card, photos, words, washi tape,and the list goes on..... but scrapbooking no. I like making cards, wrapping gifts, making things but not the formal thing that goes on with scrapbooking (and of course there is the expense). Also I just cant see what I would do with the pages once I had completed them.

    I do have a full cupboard dedicated to craft stuff, and have just bought myself a Silhouette cutter... Maybe I am a scrapbooker in denial? I think it is more the crafting that I like though

    1. Oh got your new toy...yay.

  12. Anybody from PE MUST be just wonderful. I love the photo of the pebbles.

    I am a scrapbooker. I tried my hand at project life and it just didn't do it for I passed it onto Bianca.

  13. Love the rock roses and candle holders. Shayne has almost convinced me that I can do PL. but I have not moved to order it as yet. But I love photobooks. What puts me off scrapbookimg is the lots of little bits of things. With PL it seems that I will not need to do it

  14. Your friend's house is beautiful. Looks like it's about to be photographed for a decor magazine. My favorite pic is the last one with the kids. They look like little explorers with K dishing out instructions to C on what needs to be done (LOL)

    Scrapping big NO I feel like I'll be adding clutter to my life and it just looks like something that requires a lot of time patience and creativity all of which are not my strong point. I actually have a kit bought 2 years ago I think it is still sealed

    What is project life?

  15. Your friend has a gorgeous house!

    I don't scrapbook because I take too much photos that I love and I would need another house just to keep the scrapbooks in. ;-)

  16. Ok, so I just lost a comment.

    Am finally catching up on my blog reading. YOu know I love PL - it is a super easy way to document each week of your life - no bits and pieces required (unless you want to). simply fill out the cards included, slip into the sleeves and off you go. dead easy, and obviously the photos need to be printed, but I do that at home.

    I used to order via takelot, but they have closed their imports. How did you manage to order via AMazon? they won't ship to me. Am devastated as I have no idea how to continue next year, plus I am so keen to get the Childhood editions too. Could i get them to ship to you? Or is that being super cheeky!

    Love yoru friends house, all your craftiness (you never seem to stop) and I cannot believe how big your kiddies are getting. They are super cute. x


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