Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

These are the 4 photos I had printed for our Christmas cards. Everybody except our mothers and sisters got only 1 of these.

What do you do with the cards and photos people send you for Christmas? (I won't take offense if you tell me you toss mine :)


  1. Merry Christmas!
    I keep them all together using those binder rings that I got!

  2. I got the one of you guys, one behind the other. I love it!!! :) :)

    Last year I did the binder ring trick, and it is awesome. We've so enjoyed looking through it all year. I'll definitely do the same again this year.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, too, Marcia!!!!! Many hugs to you, D, K, and C!!!

  3. Thanks for our lovely photo. I toss all the " bought " cards but I keep photo and some handmade ones in a box I have.

  4. Oh yes, that is after Christmas- before and during I hang them on a ribbon above our one window almost like bunting

  5. Your photographs are stunning, totally stunning... your children are beautiful and love how you all match up!!! So special... keep on with those family photographs - you totally rock at it!!! I hope you have had a special Christmas amidst all the extended family chaos!!!

  6. I add them to our photo albums. :-)

  7. Those are gorgeous.

    During the holiday season, we hang them all over our kitchen cabinets. Afterwards, We keep them in a decorative basket and put them out each Christmas by the door. We (and bunches of our guests) love to look through the old ones.

    I'm not sure what we'll do next year, since we get lots of them, and my basket is going to be full after I add this year's batch...

    Maybe I'll copy you. :)

  8. I keep them! I have boxes of cards!! When I moved in with D I did do a clear out because I had a lot addressed to my ex and I so those got tossed but I keep the one we get in my Christmas decoration box :)

    These are all lovely :)

  9. Beautiful pictures! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

    I am keeping my cards this year for confetti/spare paper crafts throughout the year.

  10. We actually save all the Christmas photos we are sent every year since we've been married. I have them in a box. I'm thinking after I graduate, I want to organize them and put them in photo albums.


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