Monday, December 03, 2012

{Messy Monday} Doughnut-making with the babies

So I'd been trying to reward the kids with making doughnuts if they napped well but that was just not working... for about three weeks.

Eventually, they had a good nap one Sunday and the first thing Connor said to me when he woke was, "we're going to make doughnuts today?"


 They look cross but they're not cross about the doughnuts, only about the pics, because they want to get on with the action :)

Of course I need to document it because it takes real mental effort for me to purposefully be messy.

check the fashions - Kendra loves her slipper socks...

okay, there we have a laugh
mixing is serious business
look at that concentration
both getting in on the action
and the result? gorgeous little doughnuts
the kids had them just as is... but D and I had ours with cinnamon sugar
Marleen blogged months ago about a doughnut maker that she won and I became obsessed!

So I bought one next time I was at Clicks.

The recipe says that it makes 24 mini doughnuts. I made mine too full for the first round (see pic above) so I got exactly 21 (3 sessions of 7).

I can thoroughly recommend it - it's totally non-stick - I didn't even have to use Spray and Cook - and it really cooks in just 2 minutes... perfect for the toddler patience :)

Do you bake with your kids?
Is it easy for you or do you have to psych yourself up?


  1. Lesley8:19 pm

    I do bake with my children but i do have to pysch myself up a bit to do it ; )
    I'm not really a fan of mess either.
    My two girls now can bake independently - especially the eldest, which is so handy if i need a cake and have no time, lol.

  2. Ah...I LOVE these pics. And their outfits! I don't really bake so I obviously don't do it with the kids. I reckon it wouldn't be an issue if we made a mess. These things can be cleaned up!
    Must look out for the doughnut maker at Clicks.

    1. Looks like my internet problem is never ending. I can only comment by replying to someone else's comment....

      Even when they were being "Miss and Master Grumpy" your babies look so cute, I love the concentration look.

      Mess actually doesn't bother me as long as I know someone is going to clean it very soon but most importantly that someone is not me :)

      The doughnuts look so yummy. I also love cinnamon sugar on most things and at one time my favourite bread was one with cinnamon and raisins YUM YUM

  3. I LOVE the hats and the aprons!!!!!!!

    I do get in the kitchen with the girls, but I definitely have to psyche myself up. ;) It's worth it...and I really, really want them to learn to love being in the kitchen (it's a HUGE treat right now, and they get so excited!). But at times it can really try my patience. I just try not to show it. ;) But...there are sharp things and hot things and so many things to make a mess of. We haven't had any big issues to date, but I'm probably due at some point. ;)

    Are the donuts like cake donuts? Or just like cake in a donut shape? Do you have to buy a mix, or make your dough (or is it batter?) from scratch?

    I see several little "makers"...for donuts, pretzels, cake pops...but I haven't talked to anyone who has bought one.

  4. Looks like a great idea! I am contemplating a waffle maker - got some Bday money so maybe?

  5. BTW - I love everything with cinnamon sugar -even my French toast

  6. Oh my word...those two little ones look so cute with their chefs hats.

  7. I love baking and baking with kids is the best.

  8. Ooooo, what a fun family task you all had with the donut making. Love that photos of them in their serious faces - hie hie hie.
    Glad you all had a great time making it and thanks for linking back to me. We're still obsessing over our donut machine.

  9. Yip I do now with the older 2 - we make the packet mix muffins for school and Cameron does them often - lol - minimal mess :-p

    Also if we do cookies then they cut them out with the cutters etc! I actually also don't enjoy the mess so generally bake while they are at school.

  10. I love those pictures, especially that first one! It looks like an advertisement for "baking with kids" or something. : )

    I'm still struggling to let go of my fears about letting the girls get too involved in the kitchen. I like to do my cooking ALONE!

  11. Oh they're such cute little chefs.
    I do bake with my kids. Mostly Ryan and Ethan, those are the two that are interested. Ryan gets the same serious mixing face LOL

  12. Love the hats! That doesn't look messy at all Marcia - *ahem* I bet it could be messier with chocolate glaze? ;-)


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