Monday, December 10, 2012

{Messy Monday}} Window paint and canvases

This was another one of those projects where I tried to reward the kids for napping weeks and weeks on end, and eventually just said, "do your morning stuff quickly and we can do window paint".

The key is in making everything sound exciting.Which I'm good at, judging from how excited mine are to cook and clean :)

If I could record their expressions when I said we're going to paint on the windows...priceless. They checked a couple of times with me to see if I was really going to allow painting on the window :)

love the colour in this pic
and then when my windows were messy, I got out some canvases
masterpiece 1
more windows
masterpiece 2
precious baby hands
this is my favourite pic :)
Have you ever used window paint? 

Remember I'm not into the messy but I'm trying to be more fun at least once a month :) I figure I can do anything for 20 - 30 minutes, right?


  1. You are getting good at the messy stuff! I haven't used window paint and I have no intention to ever use it - remember, I'm the one who has to wash them afterwards - cleanings windows is VERY different to cleaning a work surface or a counter. Cool set of pics.

  2. Love the texture on those canvases! What do you plan to do with them?

  3. Window paint, window markers, and our new favorite-gel window clings! There was a time just opening the front door would ensure 20 minutes of entertainment just watching grass grow!!

    The ladies did canvas paintings too this weekend. I should post! Not because canvas paintings are anything extraordinary, but because I left DH to handle this activity alone! Mwhahahaha!!

  4. My boys window painted with their yogurt from their breakfast one morning while I was dealing with my morning sickness in the bathroom... but that's probably not what you mean LOL

  5. Ah that looks like great fun!

  6. These look so interesting. My kids will LOVE this.

  7. I think I need me some window paint :) You buy it from any old craft supply store or do you have to order online?


  8. That looks awesome! We have a big sliding door that would be great for this :))

  9. You're doing great! Love that master piece 2. I haven't ever used window paints - so far I just have my hands full getting Nicola not to draw on the walls already so I'm encouraging paper as a medium for all things creative.


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