Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Montecasino and kiddie boot camp

We went to Montecasino (you should hear Connor say Montecasino - soooo cute) on the long weekend in September.

We weren't all that impressed by the event on show (I can't even remember what it was called) but it was nice to get out and do something different for a change.

The plan is to go to the bird gardens one of those days between Christmas and New Year if anyone wants to meet up there.


love the colours in this pic
I love this one too
remnants of baby...
loveeee this one too. Actually this was a good photo-taking day :)
gross! My kids both touched it though.
kiddie boot camp - I am all for tiring kids out physically!
and to think we were a little concerned that K was too timid at the start of the year
my boys
 So we had some freaky tourists who asked us if they could take a pic with our twins....

We said ok (mainly D) but I wasn't concerned because nobody can get those two to look at the camera at the same time.

Has that ever happened to you?

Which is your favourite pic? Would you have touched the snake?


  1. Big NO on the snake. Yikes I hate anything that crawls, I can't even look at the picture of one without freaking out. I love the pictures from the boot camp, Connor once again looks like the protective big brother :) and of course the last picture of the men in your life ;)

  2. Your photos are stunning!

  3. You really know what works in a photo....these are simply divine.

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