Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Prioritising and a few cute things from the kids

1. I've been working through my December goals list so this will be a quick, 24-minute blog :)

Actually, I need to reduce my blogging time.

I've been thinking a lot about how to do everything I want to do and still keep sane, and friends, there's actually no way.

I thought about stopping my business totally because of the non-financial success but I've worked hard to increase visibility and become known as an expert in my field over the years (I also wrote a book) so it seems like a waste to just give it all up.

And then I realised that I just need to re-prioritise.

I don't ever want to stop this blog (truth be told, I don't think I can) but I need to blog smarter and stop imposing such pressure on myself to comment on each and every post out there.

Anyway, these are all the things flying through my mind.

2. Tonight I told K & C to go fetch books to read and K takes sweet forever because she has to look through each book carefully (she is D!) before deciding.

I came up behind her and kissed her sweet little neck and cheeks.

Do you know what she said?

"Ooh, thank you, Mummy, for the nice kisses"

Yes, I melted.

my favourite pic of K taken in November

3. Then I was a bit shouty this evening because they just don't listen the first 3 times even.

I was praying over them at bedtime and I said, "and thank you Father for giving me patience with the kids" and Connor pipes up "and not stamping your feet" (which I did earlier when I told them to come in from the very wet paving and they didn't listen - see above) and Kendra pipes up "and not shouting".

Yes, I was kind-of mortified.

Do you shout and stamp your feet?

(time for me to read 123 magic again... for my behaviour. Also, I MUST blog about the disequilibrium thing!)

4. And last but not least, my work had a family fun day a few weeks back. I took pics as I do... and I eventually sorted them out this weekend.

I emailed a couple to the three people whose families were captured on my camera and one person emailed me back to say "wow wow wow Marcia, these are fantastic. You're so talented and I can't wait to frame them"

That made my day yesterday. Just some validation and that she LOVED the pics of her daughter just like I did.

Kind of fitting because it's been a year since I bought the big camera and this was just what I needed.


5. I'm seeing these Christmas wish lists everywhere. At first I said I don't need anything. That's true - I don't.

So things I would love....that fall into the want category
  1. yellow or red Converse takkies (sneakers)
  2. jeans that make me look thin (well, right there is a miracle!)
  3. breadmaker
  4. experience gifts (tea and a scone/ muffin while chatting with a friend = heaven)
  5. a really nice desk for home or better still, built-in shelving
  6. Seinfeld DVDS
  7. a lens for my camera
What kind of gifts do you like?

Mrs FF had a great list on her blog. She said "just don't get me anything on the NOT list". Ha!

What I really don't need any more of are notebooks, mugs, flip flops, lotions and potions, chocolates, books and cards (although I'm a sucker for monogrammed/ personalised anything). I got mugs last week and I love them but they don't count in the NOT pile as they're Christmas mugs :)

When you start decluttering, you realise how much you have and what a schlep it is to find space to store new things. I've been chucking out (K loves when I say "chucking") tons of surplus stuff.

What's on your NOT list?

Are you decluttering yet?

Are you doing any easy baking? (easy means 1 bowl and drop cookie-style :)) Please share your recipes.

chip and dip

I love seeing these two love the building and grounds I love so much. Weird?


  1. Looking at your list of December goals, I was thinking that I have NO idea how you get all that done. I would be a nervous, overwhelmed wreck just thinking about trying to get all that done in a month that also includes Christmas. You need some downtime, my friend!

    See my post today for a mention of my decluttering. : )

  2. I love love love K's outfit, it's so cute!

    We need to declutter. I doubt I'll have time before we move, so maybe I'll toss stuff as we unpack.

  3. Breadmakers are only good for mixing bread, don't waste your money and counter space! Should you find yourself this way again I'll happily give you mine to smuggle back home. I do fully support the purchase of another lens. I'm pining for an 85mm!

    I am ALL about decluttering! ALL OVER IT! I've even gotten the ladies roped in, although they refer to it as "going back to babies" which I find ridiculously adorable! I must admit that I started to declutter my cousin's house, how embarrassing and rude of me! I'm just overwhelmed but all crap shoved in the playroom. I've started a donate box so they can each donate things everyday!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful photos Marcia. I need to declutter all my drawers in my kitchen and dining room. Maybe this weekend.

    LOL! Sometimes I wish I can shout and stamp my feet...but people will probably think I am being silly ;-)

  5. You just made me realize that I love the color purple. What Mandy said about the bread maker is true. Mine is also a white elephant.

  6. Lovely photos as always Marcia, I see some more colour coordinating there in this last one - love all the purple too! ;-)

    I do sometimes stomp my feet and shout about something...I hate it...I don't want to be that mom. And I always feel crap afterwards. What runs through my mind is, "I must stop channeling MY mother, and just be the mom I want to be." That makes me feel even worse actually, but it does put a lid on my performance.

    I'm getting better at it I think, that or Nicola is just behaving better? Probably a bit of both.

  7. Marcia - Golden Cloud make a cookie mix - you just add butter - it is SO easy! I cut shapes out but the original recipe says roll into a sausage and cut - SOOOOOO easy!!!! And they are always a win!!! (Maybe some messy fun with the kids??)

    I can never have too many flip flops - I am not a shoe person but flip flops? I will ALWAYS buy flip flops :)) And PnP has theirs for like R29.00

    I have actually done a lot of decluttering through the year - so we are ok there - now I need to organise the rooms on the house better!!! Maybe Father Christmas can bring me storage boxes and baskets?

  8. Anonymous12:23 pm

    The pictures are lovely as always and that picture of K, pure exhilaration. Considering the quality of your pictures I'm not in any way surprised your colleague likes the pictures too.

    You've seen my no list (ha ha ha ha)

    Seriously I usually don't expect any gift so anything I get I'm very grateful even if it is on the no list. Interestingly the first Christmas gift I got this year is something on the no list - how's that for irony :)

    Guess shouting and stamping your feet only happens when dealing with kids, imagine me talking to my hubby and stamping my feet, he'll probably think I've suddenly developed restless leg syndrome!!!

    if you take Mandy up on her offer to take her breadmaker just remember it might cost you more to buy a voltage converter than to buy a new breadmaker. I was also thinking of getting one but with the comments I'm reconsidering :)

    I've decluttered my house in my mind for the last 12 months. Time to take physical action

    PS: K and C are just too funny, love their additions to prayer time - he he he he

    Mrs FF

  9. Yikes, you have all these expensive things on your list! Nothing for the locals who stay too far to give you an experience gift? Maybe specify which seasons of Seinfeld you are after so you don’t get duplicates?

    I only comment on about 3 blogs every night – I even have a schedule – are you proud of me? And for the most part it’s a catch-up where I do batch commenting. This works really well for me because it means that I can read for a full hour and then still get a decent amount of sleep.

    I don’t shout and stomp my feet but I do slam doors and throw stuff and then get into bed with my book or something. I should learn to channel my anger into exercise or cleaning or decluttering or something. Maybe I will try that approach in 2013.

    Speaking of which, I AM decluttering. A lot. I haven’t been delivering/donating the decluttered stuff – am too lazy to drive around with them and I also don’t have time for that. I just leave it next to the bin on a Tuesday – we have people who check out what they can salvage before the dirt truck comes. They are at my place EARLY already. Like before 6:30am – they just wait for Lance to leave. They already know that they are going to get some really good stuff from number 58. And they take EVERYTHING that is not dirt.
    Am hoping to go into my cupboard this weekend but if I’m too busy then I’ll save it for the week before Christmas – still early enough for the salvagers who seem to be having an early Christmas. I suspect I am going to dump about 80% of my current clothing – I figure there’s no need to hold onto clothes that firstly don’t fit me and secondly take up WAY TOO MUCH space. Am past keeping stuff for just-in-case I lose weight. Will just buy new stuff.

    I am going to be doing some baking. While I’m home I’ll do 2 no-bake things. Am thinking a fridge cheese-cake and maybe a peppermint fridge tart. Am dying to do peanut brittle or peanut clusters as well. When I go away I am going to bake up a storm (it’s going to be one thing for every day that we are gone) because I’m going to be in a place with an oven that works properly! Must just remember to take baking utensils along just in case they don’t have anything at the place where we’ll be staying. Am too excited about this!

  10. Eish, I didn't mean to write an entire blog post in your comments. Sorry!

    I do have more to say though so let's make this a ps.

    Ps...in my decluttering frenzy I found a “create” notebook which I was OBVIOUSLY meant to send you. I know you said “no notebooks” but please let me know if you want this particular one? I really won’t mind if you say no because I LOVE it enough to keep it for myself.

    Pps...Just like there is a product or treatment for every single hair type on the planet, there is ALSO a jeans for every single shape. You just have to find it. I’m currently wearing something from Merien Hall’s range and I plan to go to Woollies for my next jeans purchase (they have MANY different styles) but if in doubt, get a pair of Levi’s. They are expensive (well, expensive for me) but there is a style that is bound to flatter you.

    Oh, and can I just say that you have TRULY grown in your photography this past year? You seem to get better and better. I LOVE it!

  11. LOLing at number 2 and number 3 right next to each other. Hee, hee.

    By the way- have you considered cutting down the days on which you blog? You know I only blog about once a week, and that works for me, but Maybe three or four times? I dont think it would lose you any readers, and it would give you back some time!

    Oh, and I want a book update! When can I buy it??

  12. The work family day looked like LOTS of fun! You really are lucky to work for such a great company. Your photos really are lovely!
    I love baking but find it quite stresdful these days cause the kids want to help and it's chaos. And like you, I don't like mess!!!

  13. I too want a lens for my camera :) Just so darn expensive :(
    You do take great photos, that woman's words are true. Love your photos.
    I do stomp my feet sometimes for my kids, just like you, after they have not reacted on the first 3 times I asked something. And sometimes I do regret it because son is interpreting it wrong by stomping his feet when he get cross AT ANYTHING. So I need to stop doing it though :/

  14. I love that pic of K in the tub! I have some tub pictures that I really, really love, too. :)

    I don't have anything in the way of lists for me, but for my kids, my NOT list would definitely include stuffed animals. STOP!!!! I have not bought one single stuffed animal, and we have a couch full of them! The girls love them...but we have ENOUGH!!! ;)


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