Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflecting on my 2012 word - create

Mrs FF just sent me this pic - I love it!
I honestly couldn't have chosen a better word for the year.

Here's my post when I wrote about what I wanted for 2012. Have a quick squiz - it's worth it :) - especially for the why I believe everybody needs a word of the year.

This year my word helped me surpass all my expectations.

I intentionally created fun, spontaneous, messy and memorable times for the kids, and our family.

I created a lot of crafty things too - too many little projects to count (I stopped counting at 25 and that was months ago) and really found my crafting style - for those who haven't twigged, it's definitely stationery-based :)

I don't think I fully reached my create goal with my marriage - this year has been hard. This morning I got to the end of my 70th book for the year (yes! I made it) this morning and read about another book of Gary Chapman's called the 4 seasons of marriage. I think I want to get it :)

I created the best work environment I could... under the circumstances. I haven't written much here for the last 2 months or so... I've had coaching, really hard conversations and networked my A off. As a result, I got two fantastic increases (relative to our crappy economic climate) and a wonderful big bonus. The nice thing is this was all after the USA trip so is mostly untouched except for paying tithes.

I created two things in my business - my book (thank the Lord it is DONE!) and another little ebook. If you're read either of these and it's inspired/ impacted you positively, can I ask you to send me 2 - 3 sentences to put on the website (big project for next year)? You can even write under a pseudonym "Cassie" - Cape Town :)) if you don't want the world to know you.

But I would say the thing I'm most pleased about creating this year has been beautiful photos.

I walked into the camera shop at Bedford on 1 Dec last year and on a whim decided to just buy the darn thing and stop thinking too much about which one was best, etc, etc.

It was the best decision of 2011 (besides getting that Newtown photoshoot). Taking pics and putting myself out there with this blog and with Superhero Photo and to a lesser extent, Elevate the Ordinary, has been a GIFT to me.

Interestingly, I've always been a big goal-setter so Mondo Beyondo didn't have the same effect on me. With Superhero Photo, I had to let go of who I am naturally and be prepared to fail and try different things not knowing if they'd work, and just take chances.

These days if anyone asks I just say, "buy yourself a camera; you won't regret it". I've consciously lugged the big camera almost everywhere except work and with taking hundreds have gotten the one or two that make me SKIP and DANCE with joy. I don't see it as a failure that I take 250 and get 10 that make me truly happy; it's just part of the process and I embrace it.

Your comments on my pics have brought me such joy this year and it's been another way to connect with some far-away friends like Mandy 2 :)

I'm going to brag a bit - Andrea said this one was just about perfect :)

These 5 pics are some of my favourites this year and are the 5 favourites from Superhero Photo.

So tell me, on a scale of 1 - 10, how did your word work out for you?
Any guesses as to what you think my 2013 word will be?

PS I'm sending a prize to anyone who guesses correctly (no joke), no matter where in the world you are.

The competition ends 11 am SA time tomorrow (5 am Eastern)


  1. You've had SUCH a fantastic year CREATING. I will never ever be able to look at the word "create" again without thinking about you. I have LOVED your photography journey this past year. Your pictures just get better and better.
    I believe that I could have done better with NURTURE but I am happy with how it all worked out. I'd give NURTURE and all that it has brought to my life a 7.

  2. Lesley12:45 am

    You have done amazingly well with CREATE. I'm really looking forward to knowing what your new word is. C....C...C..mmmm?

    I think i would give WORSHIP a big fat 8 out of 10!
    My word for 2013, I have stolen from Julia - NURTURE - looking forward to what it brings!

  3. Mmmmm...if it starts with a C then could it be Challenge?

  4. My guess is Purpose

  5. I'm guessing spontanious, or messy wait that's two words. Spontanious. ;-)
    (I have visions of window paint and doughnuts while I think of this).

  6. One of my favourite pic of yours has to be the one of Connor at the party recently!

  7. I need a word. I want something that means to stop and enjoy and just relish in the moment. I think.

  8. I must love how ypur photography has grown. It has be phenomenal to watch. And HOPE has served me very well indeed


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